Hannigram Origin Story!

Happy Hannigram Day, Fannibals! To celebrate this Holy Day (praise be to our Lord and Savior Bryan Fuller) lets look at some facts about the word Hannigram! (Long Post)

Reposted as Tumblr ate the first one

1)      Urban Dictionary define Hannigram as

2)      The first use of the #Hannigram tag appeared on this post in Tumblr on 18th March 2013. It was for a fic written pre-series posted on A03 on 17th march 2013. 

3)      On 19th March 2013, this post appeared 

4)      The first episode of Hannibal aired on NBC on 4th April 2013. 

5)    By May 2013, the Hannigram tag is filled with crack, fan videos, fan art and fannibals is a new word. Searching for Hannigram on Google gives 427,000 results on 22nd August 2016  

6)    Google trend for Hannigram showed Peak interest in September 2015 (TWOTL aired in August 2015). What happened in Nov 2009 though? 

7)    Honarable mentions: 

A search on A03 shows the earliest fic tagged with #hannigram is http://archiveofourown.org/works/773043 posted on 24th April 2013

Hannigraham as a tag still exists

And lastly, Hannigram is canon!