18th november 2013

Week 52 (November 18th-24th 2013). 

That’s it. I just spent the last year of my life keeping track of every song I listened to, week by week. Each week I would pick six songs I heard to illustrate (with the exception of one week where I did eight). 314 songs = 314 single images created by me. I will be publishing this into a book on my own in 2014. Thank you everyone who ever said anything kind or put in the extra muscle to hit a “like” button. Now go do your own project. If I can do it, so can you.  No excuses. Listen to Iron Chic. “There’s a light there to find you, it’s right there inside of you”

Brits Go Pop Single of the Week - 18th November 2013

GARY BARLOW (@GaryBarlow) - Let Me Go (out now via Polydor)

There seems to be parallels lately between the Captain of Take That and his most famous fanboy of all, comedian and actor James Corden. After unanimously glorious admiration for a good few years - James in his role as Smithy on ‘Gavin & Stacey’ and Gary with Take That’s triumphant return and numerous charity ventures respectively - they have both weathered out searing, nay unfair, backlashes from the British press and public in recent times.

For Gary, this came last year during what was a great year in some respects but not entirely in others. On top of some personal difficulties he faced, the debacle surrounding him and his fatigue with Rylan Clark was almost akin to 'Wagner-gate’ during Cheryl Cole’s last year of X Factor and it suddenly made it 'cool’ to call him boring and old.

Thankfully, that rocky period of last year seems to be all but a distant memory now. And after 14 years away from solo-dom (unless you count last year’s chart topping Jubilee anthem 'Sing’ and his Robbie collaboration 'Shame’ from 2010) he returns, sounding probably the best he’s ever been on his own with the first single off his new album 'Since I Saw You Last’.

A rousing, folksy kind of number that sounds like Mumford and Sons or Paul Simon tackling 'Mull of Kintyre’, 'Let Me Go’ builds up to a trademark, anthemic Barlow penned chorus and is about as un-boring as people have suggested he may be. There’s many reasons why he continues to be the Captain of British pop and this is one of them.

Click here to watch the 'Let Me Go’ video on YouTube

Olly's 'Home sweet home' blog from official site...

November 18th 2013


How are you all? It’s so nice to back on English soil, even in the rain! Australia’s weather wasn’t much better to be honest – we had rain following us everywhere! We started in Japan three weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. I did my first ever showcase there with the band and it was very surreal but great! We then did two shows supporting the 1D boys at ‘Makuhari Messe’ to over 10,000 people a night. It was so nice to see the boys again as I haven’t had the chance to hang out with them much in the last year! They were all on great form and we partied hard after the last show to celebrate their end of tour! I had a big TV show the next morning, so was feeling ever so slightly fragile….but it’s crazy how many people tuned in to watch!! I love the culture over in Japan, and ate enough sushi to last me a lifetime. I saw some very bizarre and crazy things in a restaurant there involving live fish which I wont forget! 

I then flew on to New Zealand for promotion and my first tour date there. I learnt the New Zealand Haka dance backstage which was good fun! I then went on to Australia for my 6 tour dates in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne & Brisbane. I also had lots of promotion to do in-between all the dates to promote Hand on Heart there. It was fun and surreal all at the same time….Australia as you all know, is a place that is particularly special to me having back-packed there before the XF Factor. So to play my own tour there was a great achievement for me.

Fast forward two days and two very long flights…..and I am writing this on my sofa at home. I cant quite believe my special edition album is out a week today!!!Really hope you all like the new tracks and tour DVD – I’m glad I got to release this, as I know you all wanted the tour on DVD so its for you guys!! This whole year has been such a whirlwind, and I’ve only got a month left before I break up for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Cant wait!!!! Lots still to do before then though – stay tuned on here for lots of announcements about TV show’s I’ll be on and what I’ll be up to.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!!! 

Lots of love, Olly xx