18th century humor

Gaston and his chickens

Gaston’s Chickens aka Reddit did not disappoint


Let me put my hand to it, I will soon make it bigger

18th century dirty joke coming up (added bonus–it’s a music nerd joke):

“A music master teaching Lady L—-R a piece of his own composing, they came to a note with a dot, which make any note where it is placed half as long again: this not being fully intelligible, occasioned the lady to miss her time, which the other observing says "madam, you have forgotten the prick”. 

“Lord sir, I did not see it.”

“I beg pardon madam,” says the music master “for my prick is too small.”

The lady merrily said “Never mind it sir, let me put my hand to it, I will soon make it bigger.”

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