18th centry

So, ladies and gents, I NEED YOUR HELP!!

What you see here are volumes 1 through 6 of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, possibly published by a company called Thomas Nelson & Sons? They are VERY old and delicate, printed on India paper and leather-bound, and kind of falling apart.

What I need help with is if you could possibly help me find out how old these are?? I’m looking as well, but its a big job! It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you, muffins! :)

Ps if you need additional pictures or anything just message me :)


And it’s finally finished: the 1770s handsewn waistcoat.

My buttonholes aren’t perfect, I know. I dread them. But at least they look quite nice, eventhough they're not period. Fortunately, once buttoned, you can’t see that. 

And of course, the laced back, which turned out better than expected. The waistcoat has a very snug, yet very comfortable fit.

Next time: the justeaucorps…