18th birthday

Hey, @taylorswift! My 18th birthday is in a little over a month (March 26), and I really wanted to get a heart tattoo it your handwriting for my birthday. I know it’s kind of a big thing to ask, but do you think you’d be able to send me a picture of your drawing of a heart? I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a super long time, and I figured, why not get a tattoo in one of the most important people in my life’s handwriting? It would be absolutely incredible if you saw this. Love you lots. 💕

birthday wish

hello people of tumblr I am humbly asking you to take the time to read this before you scroll down. I’m turning 18 soon (February 21) and I’m planning on flying to Singapore for 3 days on my birthday. The reason for this is because I have a long distance friend (I kind of have a crush on him too) and he lives in Australia and I live in the Philippines. I would fly to Australia but the visa costs too much for my budget and it takes a while to get approved. So I decided we could meet halfway which is in Singapore. It’s very close to my heart and when I moved to the Philippines (after residing for 6 years), the friendships I formed and treasured so dearly, diminished in matter of years. Turning 18 is a special tradition in my family; we call it a debut. I wanted to spice things up with mine so I saved up a year’s worth of allowance just for this trip. I got the plane ticket covered but for some of the activities, I found myself short of money. So if anyone wants help raise money for my 18th birthday, message me! I’ll let you know how you can help :) I’m gonna sound really cliche right now but this isn’t a scam, it’s just a desperate call for a girl who so badly wants to see her friends because our paths may never cross again. I’ll give you all the proof you want. I’m short of 500 USD - it will cover everything like my food + transport + accomodation for 3 days. But if that money is too much to ask for, 250 USD or 400 USD will suffice. One dollar or ten cents, it means a lot! I don’t know if I’m breaking any laws by asking you this, I don’t intend on doing that.

Thank you guys!