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Could you talk about early 1700's fashion? Specifically 1715-1725! Like what differences there were from, for instance, the more common 18th century clothing more typically found such as 1770's.

OMG! Excellent question!

We all have wondered what happened to go from here:

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to here:

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I’m not sure if I should make a post for menswear and one for womenswear or a single post with the very key silhouettes by decade from 1690s to 1720s or 30s.

I think tomorrow I’d post it :) I wanna make it short and very clear so you all could use it as reference for the first quarter of the 18th century (maybe if that post gets quite good and nice I’ll make one for each quarter of the century!)

So…as maître d'hôtel, wouldn’t it be chiefly Lumière’s domain to organize all these parties the prince is throwing, with the girls and the glitter makeup? I really need some pre-curse fic about Lumière being all swept up in executing the Prince’s lifestyle, bickering with Cogsworth over the cost of the parties and occasionally having his conscience pricked by Mrs. Potts’ concern about the shallow vanity of it all, and then his own dawning sense of culpability after the Enchantress comes to call.

18th March 2018
Dear Diary,

They’re at it again - ew no, I didn’t mean it like that, I meant they are arguing. Maybe Gabby is right, do they ever stop? Urgh no I don’t want to talk about Gabby either – awkward af, why Liv, why would you do that, you moron. Don’t kiss your best mate, even if she’s upset… and pretty.

Moving swiftly on… Aaron is such a grump when they’re fighting, Jesus it’s a drag, I mean I love him an’ all but god, he bites your head off over anything. Don’t tell me he’d be all up tight if Robert wasn’t being a prat and defending himself, ok so I bought a pear. Without paying, at least I was being healthy.

Ah the shouting has stopped, I knew they’d be fine. Adam’s lost our bet then “even Robron don’t get over arguments that fast” - he’s such a sap, giving them a couple name and everything. He doesn’t live with them, their batshit crazy but I know they’ll always be fine.

Arghh, no, they’re coming upstairs – where are my headphones?! Screw this I’m going to keepers, someone owes me a tenner.

V short one here, I have no idea where it came from, hope you enjoyed x