George Washington didn’t know dinosaurs existed, but he probably thought giants were real. America’s first president died in 1799, and science didn’t prove the existence of dinosaurs until 1841. Before then, fossilized dino bones were often thought to belong to an extinct race of giant humans. Source Source 2


Eliza Schuyler Gown: Getting Dressed! 

My goal with this project was to create the original gown from the show using period-correct methods.  After studying extant gowns, I decided to make a robe a l'anglaise/round gown with a quarter-back. To get the right silhouette, I also had to make several pieces of underwear: a shift, stays, bumroll, and a petticoat.  (Plus an embroidered pocket, just for fun!) Besides a few of the long seams in the petticoat and shift, everything is hand-sewn with cotton thread and vintage silk thread.

Because of all those layers, getting in and out of this costume is fairly complicated. After practicing several times, though, I’ve got it down to around 15 minutes! Here’s how it works! 

Check out my Facebook page ( Two Rivers Cosplay ) for more pictures/construction details! 

(Pics were taken after I’d worn the outfit twice at SDCC…the gown definitely needs a good pressing!) 


I finished another thing! This is a dress made from a pattern by Norah Waugh - it’s called a round robe and based on a gown from the 1790s. It was kind of challenging to put together and I don’t love how it looks from the front, but I’m fond of the silhouette and like how light and summery it is.

It’s made from a striped pale yellow cotton, with a front panel that was formerly a curtain. The bodice is lined with muslin and closes at the front with hooks. The skirt closes with a drawstring - also at the front.

It’s paired with pearls and a straw hat that I altered. 

More photos and construction notes are posted here