Model: Mademoiselle Karma http://facebook.com/mademoisellekarmamodel
Photographer: Viola Odorata
Headpiece, Collier & Feathershrug: DeadDoll’s Needful Things

Some kinda nightmare...

Your hand gripped around the base of that fat cock staring at the muscled beasts you love oh so much, massaging your own pecs as you felt yourself cresting over the edge of release, as you’d been edging for HOURS it felt like, toes curling shaft swelling as the heat coursed upwards from the base of your balls all the way to the tip of that 9inch beastie..but then…god nothing. 

You feel the heat increase til it almost BURNS, your cock inching longer, thicker, harder in your hands, 9 inches becoming 10 and so thick your fingers don’t even close! The heat from the base of that monster getting more and MORE intense as your body seems to convulse, dry cumming as from the base a second cock stretches up, just as fucking glorious as the first, just as hard and drooling precum over your muscled torso.

There’s shock, fear, wondering what..what the hell is happening to you but..god you just need..you need to fucking CUM your balls so fucking blue, so BIG you have spread your legs a bit to give em space. Stroking with both hands, one fat cock for each, figuring you’re going to be OK..you can call a doctor after you cum..but you’re just so FUCKING CLOSE…building BUILDING and then…NOTHING…

You watch the heads FLARE pulsing growing so fat so FULL and dark purple beating so hard as you grip the bases, the veins pulsing up both shafts so goddamned THICK as they just..they just can’t CUM…god that burning is so incredible you almost think you’ll pass out..it hurts so much you’re crying out as you feel 2 more monstrous cocks stretch out, falling atop the first 2 with a thack as they reach the same 11 inches as the previous!

Your heart racing a mile a minute, the euphoria as the pain fades is…god it’s incredible, but it’s NOWHERE NEAR as intense as you think cumming would be! Lifting the four cocks, feeling two fall against your abs while you stretch the other two downwards towards your thighs it..god it feels so fucking weird..but…SO hot..TOO fucking hot…the veins from the shafts stretching up your abs, across your pecs, all the way up your neck to the top of your head as your body is trembling, toes numb, desperate for release! GOD you just..you need to cum you NEED it more than anything FUCK the consequences, and each time you push it…the quicker it gets!

TIPPING past the edge with just the lightest stroke of those four beast cocks you feel your heart sink as the pain rushes through your cocks, seeing each of the four cocks bulge seemingly DOUBLING in girth as you are desperate for just a fucking DRIP of cum..but nothing..your dry cocks aching searingly hot as your hips thrust, muscled ass flexing pelvis on FIRE as 4 more beast cocks surge outwards, the sounds of them STRETCHING bulging and GROWING drowning out the ringing in your ears!

ALL 8 cocks over a FOOT long and so fucking meaty you can’t even wrap your BOTH hands around ONE of them! you watch the cocks bob, and throb, flexing as they just never go down, never go soft, the pulsing veins as big as your fingers stretching from base to tip as you grip the sides of your mattress..god you can’t.. you can’t touch them..you can’t GO NEAR them this..it’s not ending..your cocks growing more monstrous…doubling every time you fail to cum..and..you can barely LIFT your ass off the bed those weighty meaty cocks have to add 20lbs of bulk to your body already!

You lay there..it had to be for an HOUR just..motionless, sweat dripping down your pecs as you watched the cocks..never go down..never go soft..just grow darker and DARKER so hard so THICK aching at their very core as your balls grew so FULL, so HEAVY you could feel them sloshing. You didn’t notice that the sun had set you’d been sitting there for so long, a cool breeze blowing through the window gracing the very TIP of one of your apple sized cockheads and that was ALL it took!

WRITHING now, head smashing through the drywall as the pain was SO severe..EVERY one of your cocks STRAINING trying SO HARD to fucking cum! stretching longer and LONGER still, 13..15…18inches and then in another pulsing surge you felt your mess of cocks trembling as you wondered WHERE the others could..could even FIT…watching dumbfounded as your hips stretched broader, muscled ass growing fuller to offset the weight..and then there they were.. stretching UP with the previous ones…8 new cocks..16 and each one…god close to 2ft long..you..you were a MONSTER..a fucking FREAK…what the HELL were you going to fucking do!? but..that’s it..the phone..call 911..can..can you reach it on the bedstand beside you? it’s just a little bit of a stretch!

You finally get it..but god the effort it took, you’re on the phone to 911 BEGGING for help as you watched your cocks stretch to 4ft..and DOUBLE in number again…”PLEASE GOD MY COCKS WONT STOP GROWING” you bellow into the phone, only for the emergency dispatch to hang up at the obviously fake call..that’s a shame…

(I don’t normally DO the writing big scenes..but multicock and forced growthy stuff have been on my mind a LOT lately!)


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I have a bunch of homemade crystal necklaces for sale! I’m selling these to fund my university studies.

Price for one is 15€ including 1st class shipping worldwide.

Materials vary in every piece, including: Tibetan phantom and Lemurian seed quartz; Aventurine; bone, clay, glass and wooden beads; hemp or waxed cotton cord. Each crystal is different and the shape, size and condition vary in every piece. Crystal sizes are 6-3cm and in most pieces the cord is adjustable: maximum length approximately 90cm/35inch, minimum 45cm/18inch. Ask me about a specific piece!

Contact me at @sxiga for any questions or inquiries!

pssst… If you want to buy one for friend *ahemholidays* I can ship them directly to them. I’ll also include a greeting card with your message of choice!

Few of these have been reserved/bought already! This is the availability:

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I’m willing to change the bead/add one if you want another or the crystal you like has a bead you don’t like. Just let me know. :)


I officially listed these in my shop tonight!


You choose the pin to be turned into a PINdant necklace with matching colored crystals and pearls and a matching charm. All are made to hang on an 18inch long gold plated chain unless you ask for silver instead.

Snow White- red, blue, and yellow with small apple

Cinderella- clear, light blue, and white pearl with small pumpkin

Aurora- pink, blue, and light green (or your choice of Pearl) with small spinning wheel

Ariel- purple, red, and green with small shell

Belle- red, yellow, and clear or white pearl with small red rose

Jasmine- teal, light purple, and gold with small genie lamp

Tiana- yellow, cream, and green with small frog or spoon

Rapunzel- pink, purple, and yellow or purple Pearl with small sun or flower



Okay THIS is my contribution to Day 4: Free Day for Klanceweek2k16. It was originally going to be ALL on smaller paper, but I got excited and with proper inspiration from *Coughs* Timber *Coughs* I ended up going through with the major changes and created this (monstronsity) masterpiece of dorkiness.

It took forever because if you haven’t noticed by now, I mainly draw in black ballpoint pen, so COLORING takes (infinity) a while to get done without damaging the paper xD. IN ADDITION, the larger pieces of paper are actually 18inches by 24inches…whereas the “smaller” paper in here is 11inches by 14inches…

Why did I draw traditionally AND in ballpoint pen on such sizes of paper? Because (I’m masochistic) I wanted to challenge myself and have fun too xD.

It’s really LATE I know, but I do intend to complete the prompts, just to show that I contributed all the way and actually completed a week thing for once in my life xD.

I enforce that you don’t repost this anywhere or try to dub without my permission and even if you do ask, I have the right to decline (This comes from a lot of the recent copyright issues going on in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom).

I want to ESPECIALLY thank @captaintimber for supporting me in making this comic and cheering me on, even when I had little time to work on it as the school semester approached @-@ AND @darkconnoisseurqueen for reassuring me to try and make the comic when I first showed her my quick sketches and for laughing at it. You two are precious and I adore you.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy this and take it as a sign that I’m not dead, just slow xD.

Edit: Reblogs are welcome you guys xD

man…i havent taken any of my s13s for just a night to wander. ive owned s13s for over a decade and yet havent enjoyed one in nearly 8yrs. it was nice to just drive it and eventually calm down. my nerves go mental with stress. i forgot how nice it was to drive. alignment is a little off? or something, pulls a tiny bit to the right, gotta check that out. i forgot how god damn hot it gets in there, damn near melted my shoes. car weights 1190kg with just under half a tank of gas, no weight reduction, SR with bolt ons, sunroof, no abs, no ac, 26mm z brakes front and rear, no spare or tools, with 17inch cr kais and 18inch model t5′s, recaro spg and only weight removal was the rear seats removed.

Watch on crissscortezzofficial.tumblr.com

“I really could die bitch, I’m giving you realness!” @violetchachki I have been fucking waiting for this look for when the season 7 mega trailer came out!!! AND FUCK THIS GAVE ME LIIIIFFEEE! (Or death 😉) but honestly a massive inspiration to me! #rpdr #season7 #corset #18inch #19inch #TeamViolet

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