In Defense of Eirika (FE8 Ch. 18A)

The fandom is known to constantly shit on Eirika for giving Lyon the Stone of Renais in her route in Sacred Stones because they think it was a stupid, naive thing to do. I disagree. While it’s certainly bad writing and another example of how the narrative of FE8 treats Eirika like dirt in comparison to her brother, character-wise and even story-wise it does make sense.

In Chapter 17A Lyon approaches the twins, not acting like himself. Ephraim gives Eirika a short rundown of what he discovered while he was in Grado - that Lyon’s been manipulating them the whole time, etc. Lyon, or really, Formotiis, reveals that he’s been possessed by the Demon King. However, the regular Lyon does shine through at times during this cutscene, which leads Eirika to believe he can be saved.

This brings us to the Chapter 18A cutscene. Lyon tells Eirika in his brief moments of control that he can be saved, but only by use of the Sacred Stone. Eirika is a tad skeptical, but chooses to trust him, giving him the stone.

Now, let’s break this down, starting with why this fits character-wise. Eirika is shown to be very compassionate and cares deeply for her friends, especially Lyon. She’s also shown to take risks in order to help people - in Chapter 6, she’s willing to hand over her bracelet to Novala to save some citizens until Seth stops her. Not only this, but Lyon said he’d die if she didn’t give him the stone. Eirika’s choice was this: risk the stone to save Lyon (one of her best friends), or refuse and let him die. It’s very in character for Eirika to prefer to risk the stone and live with those consequences over risking letting Lyon die when she could have helped him.

It also makes sense when we consider two things: one is Magvel’s mythology, which says that the power of the Sacred Stones can purge the Demon King. Eirika knows this, having learned about it in school, and also knows that Lyon’s been able to perform a miracle using the stone before.

The second thing we need to look at is how Eirika finds out Lyon’s possessed. Unlike in Ephraim’s route, Lyon doesn’t reveal that he’s been manipulating the twins, instead playing the ‘I’m possessed against my will’ route. Ephraim does tell her smatters of it, but it happens right in Chapter 17, while Lyon is there. It’s a bit of a stretch, but we can’t guarantee what Ephraim said really registered with Eirika, and again, Lyon was playing up the possession side of things, so for all Eirika knew, that was just the Demon King spreading lies.

TLDR; based both on Eirika’s character and the circumstances of the scene, while it’s bad writing the fact that she gave Lyon the stone shouldn’t reflect so badly on her.

Amerindian signs

The Otter  January 20 - February 18

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A little original, adventurous and unorthodox, the Otter is an animal difficult to identify. His methods are perceived as unconventional, and they are often not the first ones chosen by the rest of the community to carry out a task. This is a serious mistake on the part of the others - because even if they are sometimes strange, the ideas of the Otter are actually, in general, rather effective.

Yes, the Otter has an unusual way of seeing things, but it gives humans an extraordinary imagination and brilliant intelligence. Often very intuitive and capable of a great sense of perception, the Otter makes a very good companion, and can be very attentive and loving.
In a positive environment, with love and attention, the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous and honest. When left out, the Otter may be unscrupulous, rebellious and isolated.

The Wolf  February 19 - March 20

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Deeply emotional and passionate, the Wolf is the animal par excellence of love and passion, both in the physical and spiritual sense of the term. The Wolf knows that love is the greatest of natural forces, and he is entirely capable of supplying it with all his might.
If one considers his desire for freedom and ferocious independence, one realizes that the wolf is full of contradictions. He may be Solitary Wolf, or Mother Wolf, protective and filled with love. The Wolf needs his freedom, but he is also gentle and full of compassion.

In a positive environment, the wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate and gentle. When left out, the wolf may be recalcitrant, obsessed, vindictive and resentful.

The Falcon  March 21 - April 19 

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The Falcon is the animal of the born heads. It can always be consulted in order to have a clear and impartial judgment in delicate situations. The Falcon never loses time, knows how to strike / act at the right moment and beat the iron as long as it is warm. When something has to be accomplished, he knows how to realize it and act accordingly.

Very persistent, and endowed with a strong sense of initiative, the Falcon is a born leader and he wants to triumph. He is sometimes considered vain - but he is often right in his opinions, so this little touch of arrogance is understood and accepted by others.

In a positive environment, the Falcon can accomplish great things, and he knows how to feed passion and fire in relationships, while keeping some compassion. When left out, the Hawk may be vain, impolite, intolerant, impatient, and too sensitive.

The Beaver  April 20 - May 20

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Take charge, adapt, to overcome the obstacles … Here is the Castor’s motto. Very talented for trade-related things, the Beaver knows how to do the job with maximum efficiency and plenty of aplomb. Strategic and cunning, the Castor is a force that can be relied on for everything that is business, diplomatic and combat.
You have to think twice about whether you want to challenge the Beaver verbally and play the smartest with him - because his mind and mental acuity are sharp as razor blades. The Beaver seems to have everything for him, but his tendency to want to always do things the way he wants otherwise nothing can get him into trouble.

Yes, the Beaver is clever, but the bearers of this Totem may have to work their sense of tact. In a positive environment, Beaver can be compassionate, generous, helpful and loyal. When left behind, the Beaver may be nervous, cowardly, possessive, and somewhat arrogant.

The Stag/Deer  May 21 - June 20

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This Totem animal is in a way the muse of the Amerindian zodiac. The Stag inspires, it is filled with life and its spirit turns a hundred per hour. Featuring a “tailor-made” sense of humor, the Deer has a certain amount of talent to make almost anyone laugh. He can speak and speak verbally, and he loves conversations in general.
This, combined with his natural intelligence, makes the stag a guest of choice for parties and dinners, as it will always set the mood and entertain others. He is particularly aware of the things that surround him, and he is also very conscious of his own appearance … Some will say of him that he is a little self-centered. However, they will not blame him because he is very sympathetic and affable, which tilts the balance in his favor.

In a positive environment, the natural joy of life and the sparkling personality of the deer radiate even more around it. It emanates a force of inspiration for all positive and affectionate relationships. Left, the stag can be selfish, impatient, lazy and have mood swings.

The Woodpecker  June 21 - July 21

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The Woodpeckers are in principle the most attentive of all Totem animals. They are always listening, with a strong sense of empathy and understanding of others. It is a sign that one must seek when one needs comfort and help.
They make very good parents, friends and partners. They also tend to be naturally frugal, resourceful and organized.

In a positive environment, the Woodpeckers are devoted, loving and very romantic. When left behind, they can become possessive, edgy, jealous and embittered.

The Salmon  July 22 - August 21

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Electrical but concentrated, intuitive and intensely creative, Salmon have fishing, to say the least! Their energy is palpable. Naturally motivating, their confidence and enthusiasm is very contagious for others.
Even when their ideas seem too far-fetched to function, they still manage to embark with others. Generous, intelligent and intuitive, it is no wonder that the Salmon have no difficulty in making friends!
This Totem also express a deep need to have a goal to achieve, a function, an objective. And when they embark on adventure, they know how to find volunteers to rally them to their cause!

In a positive environment, the Salmon is stable, calm, sensual and able to give a lot. When left behind, humans born under his sign can become selfish, vulgar and intolerant.

The Bear  August 22 - September 21

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Pragmatic and methodical, the Bear is the Totem to be called when an inflexible and upright hand is needed. Its practical, placid and weighted aspect makes it an excellent trading partner. It is often the voice of reason, in most scenarios, and it works well in duo with the Owl, which it complements and with which it restores balance. The Bear is also endowed with an enormous heart and unbounded generosity.
However, many do not even realize it because the Bear tends to be very modest, discreet and a little shy.

In a positive and loving environment, this Totem abounds with love and generosity in return. He also has a capacity for patience and a temperate character, which makes him an excellent teacher and mentor. Left behind, the Bear may be skeptical, slow, petty and reclusive.

The Raven  September 22 - October 22

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Extremely enthusiastic, naturally enterprising, the raven is a sacred charmer! It seems natural to him. One recognizes in him his energy and his lightness, and one often asks his ideas or his opinions.
It is simply because the Raven is a great idealist, and he knows how to be diplomatic and ingenious and clever.

In a positive environment, the Raven is easy to live, friendly and open, it can be as romantic and sweet. It is endowed with a certain patience and a natural intuition. When left out, the Raven can be inconsistent, demanding, vindictive and corrosive.

The Snake  October 23 - November 22

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Most Shamans were born under the sign of the Snake, and it is the fetish animal of those who are devoted to the world of spirits. Those who are guided by the Snake are naturally spiritual and connected to the other worlds. They are easily attracted to ethereal kingdoms, and make excellent spiritual guides. The Snake is also respected for its ability to heal and heal, and it excels in the medicinal and medical field.
The preoccupations of the serpent for the unseen and the untouchable often lead others to find them mysterious, cold and even frightening, for they seem detached from the real world. True, the snake can be secret and have a dark side - it is also extremely sensitive, devoted to others and thoughtful.

In a positive environment, the snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, helpful and vigilant. When left out, the Snake may become depressed, violent, and prompt to abnormal mood changes.

The Owl  November 23 - December 21

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Changing and light as the wind, the Owl is difficult to pin down. With a warm, natural, sociable temperament, the Owl seems to be the friend of the world. Those born under his omen are known to throw themselves headlong into life, a hundred miles an hour, and adore adventure.
This can turn against her, for the Owl can be thoughtless, negligent, dizzy or even unconscious. The people guided by her make excellent artists, professors and environmentalists. However, they are extremely adaptable and versatile, allowing them to focus on virtually any field they want.

In a positive environment, the Owl is sensitive, enthusiastic, and has a great ability to listen. The owl may be excessive, too indulgent, and inconsistent.

The Goose  December 22 - January 19

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If you want something to be done, go to the Goose. Persevering, determined and ambitious, the goose sets goals to accomplish and knows how to achieve it. The Goose is determined to succeed in what it wants to achieve, no matter what the price is - not to have the approval of others, because they are fighting against themselves and their internal enemy.
People born under the auspices of the Goose are naturally inspired and seem driven by an invisible force that drives them to realize things.
When their character is tempered by the loving presence of their family and friends, they can excel with the support of others and achieve virtually everything they undertake.

In a positive environment, the Goose can be very passionate, funny, sociable and even sensual. However, when left out, the goose may fall into obsession or addiction, which can cause its loss.

For her time, Tess literally got:

  • Papped with Harry 1 time only
  • A picture of herself wearing a shirt like Harry’s in the Sun
  • A trip where her random friend was papped and not herself because nobody knows who she is
  • 1 Full Stop Management Hat valued at $18
  • A ton of negative reviews on her book

But at least she got Instagram verified. 


“Legendary Pokemon” Non-Oficial Fanzine.

夏コミ新刊情報です「Gran Ataraxia」伝説ポケモン中心同人誌 新作短編四作と、ゲストの皆様による漫画・イラストを収録予定です。 価格未定 2日目 M-18a「GRAN ATARAXIA」にて頒布いたします。

Gran Ataraxia is a unofficial fan book with Illustrations
and comics about little adventures of legendary pokemon.
A collaborative work with 7 amazing artist, showing their love
for this amazing creatures. 


セイリュ /  New / Netiel 暗狐 

Kurisu Leon / Komanyachi / モンスターXY

夏コミ 2日目 M-18a “GRAN ATARAXIA”

Comiket92 day2(Sat) M-18a “GRAN ATARAXIA”


Photo Series #13

One of the most known multirole fighters of the world is here, yes, it’s the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
This beast of an aircraft is a twin engine, multirole, carrier-based fighter with one seat for the E variant and a tandem-seat for the F variant. The Super Hornet was developed from the F/A-18 Hornet, it is bigger and more advanced, one of it’s features is the capacity to carry 5 external fuel tanks and be configured to act as an airborne tanker with the addition of an external aerial refueling system.
It also has an internal 20mm M61 rotary cannon and can carry air-to-air, air-to-ground and anti-ship missiles as well as bombs, the newest weapons in the US Navy can be installed on the Super Hornet including the AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120D AMRAAM, AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW), AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), AGM-84 Harpoon, Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), JDAM and others.
The Super Hornet entered service in 1999 with the United States Navy (USN) to replace the F-14 Tomcats which was fully retired in 2006, it currently serves alongside the F/A-18C Hornet. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) also operates F/A-18A Hornets but in 2007 the Super Hornet was ordered to replace the older F-111C the RAAF Super Hornets entered service in December 2010.
It’s capacity and technological advancements makes the Super Hornets be one of the most efficient and effective carrier-based multirole aircraft in the world.

That’s it for this photo series, as always don’t be shy to send me suggestions or contributions for future photo series!
Have a great day, everyone!


Peaky Blinders

Telling Alfie that you love him

Alfie telling Tommy that you’re are with him

Tommy showing up at your work

Polly tries to match you up with Tommy

Being an old friend of Michael and going to see him in Birmingham

Tommy confronts Alfie about you….


Dean staring at you when the Winchester brothers come to your house to interview your parents.

Being lost in a forest with Dean

Leaving the Winchester brothers behind   part 2   part 3   part 4

Dean hears you got injured…

Dean confesses he likes you…

Meeting Crowley for the first time

Facetiming with Castiel after he got out of a hunt

The Originals

Elijah getting jealous of Klaus for checking you out

Klaus, Elijah, and Kol come help you after you saw some vampire’s following you

You fell asleep at the Michaelson compound    part 2

Elijah finding you almost dead

Elijah feeds of you for the first time…

Elijah try’s to teach you how to fight …

Leaving Elijah for his own good

Meeting Klaus

Escaping the party (Klaus)

Your smile (Elijah)

Broken (Elijah)

The Avengers

Clint telling you to sit next to him

Meeting Clint for the first time

Steve getting angry because Tony asks you to dinner

Seeing Steve again after he thought you were dead   part 2

Your first day working for Tony

Meeting the Avengers for the first time

Clint being there for you after a bad day….

Steve Rogers… Always hone


Waking up next to Four after your first night with him.

Ending up in a fight with Eric

The Vampire Diaries

Matt teases Tyler because he likes you…

Teen Wolf

Catching Peter’s attention…    part 2   part 3

Meeting Derek…

A moment of Jealousy (reader x Derek)

Sons of Anarchy (Samcro)

I don’t want to keep it a secret (Chibs)


Save Me… (Dean, Sam, Castiel x reader)

part 1      part 2     part 3      part 4 

Charming (Samcro x reader)

part 1      part 2     part 3       part 4

part 5      part 6     part 7       part 8

part 9     part 10    part 11

Remember (Klaus x reader x Dean)

Part 1     part 2       part 3       part 4

part 5      part 6       part 7       part 8

part 9     part 10     part 11      part 12

part 13   part 14     part 15      part 16

part 17   part 18

A little secret (Tom Hardy x reader)

part 1     part 2      part 3

Imagine Request

Valentine day with Elijah Mikaelson (reader x Elijah Mikaelson)

Dying in Dean’s arms  (reader x Dean Winchester)

Elijah lost you (reader x Elijah Mikaelson)

I will come for you (reader x Alfie Solomons)

Show me different (reader x John Shelby)

I can’t lose you (reader x Elijah Mikaelson)

I’m falling for you again (reader x Klaus Mikaelson)

Prompt Request

#2   “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

with  Finn Shelby, Peaky Blinders

with Alfie Solomons, Peaky Blinders

#20  “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

with Alfie Solomons, Peaky Blinders

#28  “Don’t fucking touch me!”

with  Lucifer, Supernatural

#67  “Please don’t get up, I just want to cuddle.”  

with  Michael Gray, Peaky Blinders

Sex With Kyle Spencer [HCs]

Request: “HC of things pre death Kyle would like in sex ;)” - Anon

Count: 18

A/N: I feel so bad about the Kyle thing last week but nobody sent another thing to my inbox. Does anyone still want it?

EDIT, 6/17/17: There’s two variants of this post. The first one is hidden from my masterlist. You can access it here.

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  • We’ve already established that Kyle is a huge sweetie
  • He’s almost always gentle
  • The only time that he’s rough is when you’ve asked him to be
  • And he 100% puts your pleasure over his
  • There are some nights where you’ll come two or three times, but he won’t even once
  • But both of you are totally fine with that, because it’ll all get evened out
  • He can be kinky, but not too kinky
  • Because he mostly just makes love, which is a more passionate thing in his eyes
  • I could totally see him being into spanking, and probably orgasm denial when he’s in the mood for it
  • If his partner liked something particular, I think he’d give it a try
  • He’s a boob guy, no doubt
  • They might’ve lost their charm a few times from how many pairs he’s seen (c’mon, he’s a frat boy), but it always bounces back
  • And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he has this adorable accent???
  • It sounds amazing when it’s moaning your name
  • Especially if it’s one of those quiet, soft ones
  • After sex, cuddling is a top priority, if the two of you have time for it
  • But sometimes, it’s a “oh God, we’re going to be late for class” moment
  • No matter what, though, he always tells you some “always and forever” type shit before you part
Warm - final part

Warm - part 3/3 | Joe Sugg | imagine
Word count: 5229
Request: The reader meet Joe randomly in the street and then they start to date and are really in love but they are both worried about the difference age because Joe is 25 and the reader is 17-18
A/N: In case you forgot what happened, you can check the part 01 in here and part 02 in here! I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you liked reading it! See you all soon!
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open 

“You’re dropping it! You’re dropping it!” Joe exclaimed and you couldn’t do anything but laugh at his despair about your ice cream. “I’m serious, Y/N! It will fall!”

You two finished your dinner and he took you for a walk after that. You had an enormous ice cream, with 4 flavors in it just because Joe dared you. He got himself a normal one, which you bought because he already paid dinner and it was probably the only thing you could ever buy to him with your amount of money. He thanked you and you started walking in the sidewalk of the beach, something not appropriate to do with your heels, but you were having such a good time you didn’t care.

“Y/N! It’s going down, it’s goin down!” He shouted and then, as if it was his instinct, he licked your ice cream.

“Joe!” you complained.

“It would fall!” he argued and then gave a big smile. “That taste really good.”

You laughed again of his silliness. “Yeah, I know. It’s the finest flavours together, nothing could get wrong.”

“I wish I got that.”

“You can take as much as you want of mine.” you offered with a sweet smile, you were so happy this was your first date with Joe.

He gave you a cheeky smile. “And what about you?”

You frowned. “I’m still getting my ice cream, I didn’t say you could have all of it!” you joked.

“No,” he stopped walking and turned his body to you. “I meant what about having you?”

You blushed, grateful because it was dark. “Well…” you raised one eyebrow “you can have as much as you want of me too.”

“Yeah?” he smiled and put his hands in your waist.

“As long as you don’t drop me.” you teased.

“That’s your job, dropping things.” he stated, getting closer.

“We’ll be fine then, I don’t intend to let this drop.”


And just like a movie scene, you two kissed. You could feel the ice cream melting and running in your hand, but you moved your arm so it didn’t get in your clothes and you were fine, after all, during that kiss, everything in the world was fine.


“I can’t believe you were on a date with Joe Sugg!”

“Shh, Y/F/N, no one can know.”

“It’s not like people would think it’s real, Y/N.” your friend rolled her eyes.

You giggled, she was right. “You have a point.”

“And how your parents are dealing with it?”

You bit your lip. “Hum…”

“Oh no, Y/N.”

“I actually didn’t tell them yet.” Y/F/N sighed, you were getting in trouble for that. “They know I’m seeing someone, but they think is someone from school.”

“Y/N!” she complained. “I’ll need to deal with your shit afterwards!”

You forced a smiled. “I’m sorry?” she rolled her eyes. “But, for real now, I intend to tell them. I’m just seeing where the things are going to, you know? I mean, he can have any girl in England, I really doubt he’s going to stick to me.” Your phone rang, interrupting you, a new message arrived. It was Joe.

Zoe and Alfie are out today, wanna hang?

You smiled, forgetting Y/F/N was beside you. Okay. I can’t come back late, though. Homework is something you don’t like, but something you gotta do, unfortunately.

“I’m guessing it’s he.” She said.

“Yeah, he’s still in Brighton.” the device rang again. You can come here and bring your study stuff, what about that? “He’s inviting me to Zoe’s house.”

Y/F/N raised an eyebrow. “And you are worried about him not sticking to you.”

“It doesn’t mean a thing, Y/F/N. I like him, apparently he likes me too. I’m happy about this. I can’t risk thinking I’m special or something.”  That sounds great, actually.

Ok! Send me a message when you can come.


You were trying to convince yourself it wasn’t a big deal, however as you jumped out of the car, you couldn’t control your nerves anymore. You were fucking 17, you were in your right to freak out over a boy, but when the boy is 25? Chill, honey.

You heard the doorbell inside the house after you pressed the button and watched Joe come to let you in. He gave you a little smile and you smiled back, the bubble of anxiety popping and letting you breath.

“Are you lost or something? I think your house is not around here, Y/N.” Joe joked.

You rolled your eyes. “Hello to you too, Joseph.”

“I’m kidding, sorry” he said laughing, grabbing your waist and giving you a soft kiss on the lips.

“That’s a better reception.” you approved.

“Yeah, I thought you would like that more.” he took you by the hand and started moving around.

“I do, actually, thanks.” Joe leaned you to the sofa and both of you sat down. “So, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing?” Joe suggested.

“So you usually bring girls to your sister’s empty place without a plan?” you teased and Joe laughed.

“Let’s just say this is not something that usually happens, alright? Especially because my girls don’t usually have school homework to do.”

“I’m one of your girls now, Joseph?” you asked with one eyebrow raised, ignoring the jump of your heart.

“You know what I mean, like, girls that I go out with.”

You nodded, pretending you were okay with him being more casual than you liked him to be. “Yeah.”


“You need to stop being so insecure of yourself, Y/N.” Y/F/N argued, walking side by side on the hall.

“I know.” you grumbled. “I just don’t know how I should react to things. I never had this kind of stuff and suddenly I am dating a 25 year old.” you sighed. “Not any 25 year old, by the way, Joe Sugg. I mean, what the hell? There’s a manual for this thing? It should have.”

“Take it easy.” she recommended.

“Trust me, I’m trying to. It’s so hard!” you complained. “I don’t know how he is used to lead a relationship.”

“You know that he probably is afraid of what you think too, right?”

“Well, I’m hoping so.”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. “I think he really likes you, I mean, there’s no reason why he would take you on dates or even stay in Brighton if he didn’t.”

You couldn’t help but smiled, you could feel the butterflies on your stomach having a party. “Stop it, Y/F/N. You are raising my expectations by doing this. Let’s stay grounded, he’s going back to London today and you and me need to finish that Chemistry essay.”

“You want to come over my house to do it?” she suggested.

“Fine, let me just check out if my mom lets me.”


You and Joe were walking in a small park near to the centre of Brighton. It was in the middle of the week and Brighton was starting to get really cold, so you guys should be covered.

You talked to each other everyday on Whatsapp, but it wasn’t the same thing. He tried to come and see you at least once in two weeks, something that you found amazing. He would stay at Zalfie’s and you would go out to do something that would be safe to do if you were just friends. The last thing you wanted was midia freaking out because Joe Sugg was dating a girl who still didn’t finish high school yet.

“How clingy it would be if I say that I missed you?” You asked.

Joe stopped walking and held your both hands “Really clingy.” and then he smiled. “But I missed you two.”

You laughed and then kissed. “Are we dating or something? Because we are really cute together.” you joked.

“I don’t know, we are?” he played along.

Your heart sank with his question, even if it was a joke. Although the dating thing went really well and you were together for almost two months now, it was something official for him? You didn’t know. You knew that he would go out and have some drinks and you were totally fine with that, but you still had your insecurities about your status… Did he go out, have some drinks and be with girls too? Because you could date each other and see other people, right? And why on Earth he would be just with you? You two didn’t have anything more than a few kisses… The things hitted sometimes, but he would stop everything before it could lead to something more than just kissing and you just were lost in the tracks.

“What?” Joe asked, concerned about your worried expression. “I said something wrong?”

“No.” you answered, walking again. He didn’t move.

“Y/N.” he called, holding your hand and pulling you back to where you were.

“Yes?” you pretend you were fine.

“Can you please tell me what I did wrong?”

You sighed. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Joe.”

“So why are you like this?”

“Like what?”

“Suddenly, all nervous.”

You bit your lips. “Okay, I will tell you.”

“Thank you!” he said ironically.

“Don’t judge me.” you asked.

“Never.” he promised.

“I know we are dating, but it’s not like I’m your girlfriend or something serious and I’m just wondering…”

“Wait.” he stopped you. “I thought you were my girlfriend.”

Your eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yeah… I mean, it’s not like I’m going out with anyone else and, I totally get it if you want to, but I don’t want to share you…”

You smiled. “It means that if you had to introduce me to someone you randomly met on street you would say ‘Hey, this is Y/N, my girlfriend’?”

Joe smiled too. “Yeah.”

“Good.” you nodded, happy enough to start walking again. “It means that I can introduce you as my boyfriend too.”

“I hope so.” Joe thought the situation was really funny, you were kind of crazy sometimes.

“But Joe…?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Why don’t you want us to have sex?” you asked. Now that your biggest fear was clear out, you weren’t afraid to ask anything.

Joe gasped. “For who was thinking if we were girlfriend and boyfriend two minutes ago, you made a huge evolution asking about sex, don’t you think, love?”

You laughed. “I’m serious, Joe.”

“Fine…” he agreed and ran his hand through his hair.

“What I’m trying to say is that is not like I’m virgin or something so why you…” you tried to help him.

“Oh, you are not virgin?”

“Hum… no?”

“For real, Y/N.” he asked.

“Yeah, Joe, for real, I had sex, it’s pretty awesome, why don’t you want to have some?”

Joe laughed. “I know is pretty awesome.”

“So why don’t you want to have it?” you asked, getting frustrated.

“I thought you didn’t had sex before.”

You rolled your eyes. “I can’t believe it.”

He hugged you, interrupting your walk. “I’m so happy right now. I wasn’t able to think how to do things in the proper way.”

It was your turn to laugh. “I can’t believe you are this happy about getting laid, for fuck’s sake, Joe.”

“Literally.” he pointed out, making you two laugh. “Also, it’s not only getting laid, but it’s getting laid with the most gorgeous girl around here.”

You rolled your eyes, not believing in his words. “So that means that we can have sex now?”

“Now? In the middle of the park? What kind of perverted are you?” he joked.

“Shut up, you know what I mean.”

“I know.” he smiled “I will see if I can stay until the weekend.”

“Oh, who is the perverted now?”


Joe didn’t want to admit to himself, but dating a 17 year old putted a lot of pressure on him. He was trying to take things slow and you would come and hit him hard like a truck by showing more maturity than he or he thought something was okay and didn’t realise you had insecurities about it. Not only the sex or being his girlfriend, but simple things like flirtatious jokes or what you should wear for this or that. So when he found out you weren’t sure you were his girlfriend, he thought that he should make things official for real (and work out the sex thing too).

When it was friday, you said to your parents you were getting out on a date again, because if you were Joe’s girlfriend for real, your parents probably should know that soon. The safest way for telling was saying you were seeing a boy (as they knew already), then you would tell Y/F/N knew who the guy was, later you would tell that he was kind of famous, next you would spit that he was a youtuber to finally reveal his name was Joe Sugg and he was 8 years older than you. If you and Joe were still together by this time, you would be fine, the relationship was meant to last.

So Joe picked you at your house again. You dressed a little more relaxed than the first time, with a high waisted flared jeans and a white blouse. Now it was winter for real and, as consequence, you needed to add a huge coach over all your clothes.

“Hey, babe.” You said, getting in the car.

“Hello, love.” you smiled. The first time you said to Joe that you like when he called you “love”, he found that odd because he called everyone “love”, however he called you that more often now. “You look lovely.”

“Yeah, you too are not bad, Sugg.” you admitted, giving him a smack.

“I do what I can.” he smiled and started driving.

He was really nervous about what he was going to do, after all, not even when he was 17 he did something like that.

“Are you ok?” You asked, seeing him a little tense by the way he grabbed the steering wheel.

“Fine, yeah.’ he nodded.

“Honey, you don’t seem fine.”

“I am.”

You didn’t say anything anymore, eventually he would tell you what was going on. You weren’t the kind of person who would pressure someone to say something even if you were dying inside to know.

“Can I put some music, then?” You asked, trying to light things a little.

“Of course.”

You turned the radio on and tried to find a music you liked. Joe was refusing to talk and you weren’t sure of what to do, so you sang along to the tune was playing and scrolled through you Instagram’s feed. You were used to just be with Joe, even if there was nothing to say, so you were fine.

The car pulled over and you thought Joe was picking his wallet and stuff, so you still were in your cellphone when you realized he wasn’t moving. You looked at him to find him starring you. You giggled.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing.” he said with a smile.

“Joe…?” he ignored you and opened his door and got out of the car, he bypassed the automobile so he could open your door for you too. “Joe!” You exclaimed as you took the hand he was offering as help.

“Nothing, love.” he said, conducting you to where you were meant to go. “I was just thinking how beautiful you are.” he admitted and gave you a kiss on the head while entering a hotel.

You smiled, it was really sweet of him. And what he didn’t tell you was that not only he thought you were beautiful, but he was lucky to met you and things just worked out.

You didn’t know why you were having a fancy dinner again, but you thought it was Joe’s way for “doing things in the proper way” as he originally wanted to do.

“So…” He started, looking away from the menu to face you.

“So…?” you encouraged.

“I think the last time I did this I was 16, so please be nice to me? I might mess things up but let’s just play along, I don’t care. Fuck it.”

You laughed. “Joe, is only food.”

He rolled his eyes. “No, not this, Y/N.”

You laughed again, what was going on?

“Okay, so what is it?” You asked, holding his hand in the table.

“You asked another day if I was introducing you as my girlfriend, right?”

“Oh, fuck, you are breaking up with me.”

“No! Y/N, no!” his eyes widened and you sighed. Thanks gods.

“Fine, continue then.”

“I want to make things oficial.”

“What? I thought we were oficial already.”

“Yeah, I know, but I mean, really oficial. Because you thought we weren’t and I don’t want you to feel that way, so I bought this.” he took a small box out of his pocket and placed on the table. You were shocked. “Calm down, it’s not a wedding ring.” you sighed again.

“Joe, you can’t do this kind of thing to me, I can’t handle this stuff.”

He laughed of your reaction. “Relax, Y/N.” you nodded. “Well, you know I can’t use a commitment ring without freaking everyone out, so I thought it was fine if I just give you a bracelet instead.” he took the package and opened it, revealing a delicate silver piece with little sparkling spots in it. “See? I bought one to me too.” he said, showing you a bracelet similar to yours but without the shining bits.

“This is amazing, Joe.” you smiled, holding the little box to see it closer.

“Let me put it on you.” he asked.

“Of course.” you agreed, giving it to him so he could put in your wrist.

“Perfect” he approved, you couldn’t smile bigger than you did.

He seemed a lot more relaxed now.

“So this was the reason you were acting strange before?”


You giggled. “You’re so silly sometimes, Joseph. You thought I would say no?”


“Fucking adorable you are.”


“You’re more than welcome.” you said as you got up to sit on his lap and give him a kiss.


After two weeks Joe gave you the bracelet, you were at Zalfie’s house again. The couple was in the kitchen and you were upstairs with Joe, he was watching TV and you were doing your homework.

“Y/N.” He called.

“Yes, babe.” you said, not really focused in your boyfriend, compenetrate in doing your History task.

“Are you done?”

“No, honey.”

He grunted and then you felt arms wrapping you. “C’mon, you can watch whatever you want.”

“Sounds tempting, babe, but I can’t. I have to finish this first.”

“You don’t need school, Y/N. I didn’t go to college and turn out just fine.”

“Yes, you are a youtuber, Joseph. We, mere mortals, need college to have a future.”

“No, you don’t. I can support both of us.”

You laughed as you finished doing the exercise. “This is the way you are going to make me be dependent of you so you can have me for the rest of our lives?” you asked, finally looking at him.

Joe smirked. “Maybe.”

“I should watch out, shouldn’t I?” you asked, kissing him.

“Yes, as soon as you possibly imagine, I’ll be kidnapping you.” He pulled you to the bed while kissing you.

You giggled. “Your sister is just downstairs ready to hear me scream, Sugg.”

“NO, I’M NOT!” Zoe yelled.

“Please don’t fuck in our bed!” Alfie asked.

You and Joe laughed hard. “It’s not that kind of scream, guys!” You cleared.

Joe whispered in your ear: “Although I can make you scream in this way too”

You blushed. “Fuck off, Joseph.”


“You can’t have this much in one bite! It is not fair!” Joe complained as you took a large spoonful of petit gateau with ice cream from the dessert you two shared.

It’s been a week and a half since the homework afternoon. Things never were better. Now you two were having dinner in a charming little restaurant on a thursday night.

You laughed “It’s not my fault if you are a little slow, Joe! And I’m not saying this only for the sweet issue.” you joked, you always were making fun of Joe being afraid to have sex now that you two were completely established as a couple.

“Wo-ho, someone is playing dirty!” you smirked. “But I’ll take that, because I kinda was.”

“Kinda? C’mon…” you were interrupted by someone coming on your table’s side. Your eyes widened, you cleared your throat by seeing who it was: The man was really tall and just one or two years older than your companion. “Hi mr. Daniells.” You blinked, Joe was confused, and you got up to hug the stranger.

“Hi, Y/N!” the man said.

“This is Joe…” you swallowed hard. “ I mean, Joseph.”

“Hello!” Mr. Deniells said with a big smile in his face. “Nice meeting you.”

Joe continued to be lost, but he stood up too and shook the man’s hand. “Same.”

“Ér… Mr. Deniells is my literature teacher.” Joe got your nervousness.

“Oh.” that was all your date said, a little remind you were 17.

“Sorry, am I interrupting something?”

You forced a smile. “Of course not, Mr. Deniells.”

“We are out of class, Y/N. You can call me Steven.”

I prefer not, Mr. Deniells. “I can’t, it’s inevitable.” you noticed Joe being in completely silence. “And where is your wife? Or you are by yourself tonight?”

“Actually, I was parking my car. She should be in here somewhere, but I guess she’s at toilet… It’s our wedding anniversary.”

“Congratulations!” you said, Joe followed you and cheer up too.

“Thank you.” he said.

“How many years?” you asked.

“Six.” the teacher answered.

“Oh my God, already?” you were surprised. “You’re so young!”

“Well, I’m 27, you’re 17… I’m old.” he joked and you almost cried, for fuck’s sake, he could make things worse?

“Joe is 25 and we get along like we are the same age. I don’t think you’re old, mr. Daniells.” you tried to make things a little sweeter.

“I mean, I’m your teacher.” he laughed, you could see Joe’s thoughts of wanting kill himself in that exact moment.

“You’re just being harsh on yourself” you guaranteed.

“That’s nice of you, thank you, Y/N.”

“Any time, Mr. Daniells.” you smiled for real, thinking he would go away.

“So, this is your cousin that you always are talking about?”

He must be kidding with you. Fuck off, Mr. Daniells!

“No, actually…”

“I’m her boyfriend.” Joe answered, grumpy.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” your teacher said.

“It’s fine.” you smiled as gentle as you could.

“So I was interrupting something…”

“It was nothing, professor, for real.”

“My wife is here. I will leave you two alone, sorry.”

“See you soon.” you said and sat down as he was leaving, Joe made the same. The silence fell. “Well, that was something…”

“All your teachers are dicks like that?” Joe asked.

“Joe!” you complained. “Don’t say this.”

“I’m trying to have a date with my bloody girlfriend!”

You rolled your eyes and opened a smile, you knew he was pissed for the right reasons and not because of Mr. Deniells.

“Fine, this outbreak is giving me the right of having the last bite of dessert.” You said, raising your shoulders to make fun out of the situation and distract Joe of all the wild things he must be thinking of.

“You wish, love.” Joe said, he didn’t want to spoil the dinner. “And who is this cousin your teacher was talking about?”

“You should see him, he is amazing. He is in college now and…”

And your dinner continued to be totally fine as it should be the entire time, however, you both knew it was a sign that things were about to break down.


Joe took a deep breath, he was sweating and he just couldn’t stand still. You began being anxious because of him.

“Oh my God, Joe. Please, relax.” You asked.

You were hanging at the cafe you met each other after your class. It was Friday and it was time to Joe to meet your parents.

“I can’t!” he seemed scared. “I just can’t okay? I ain’t doing it.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Stop overreacting, babe.” You hugged him, passing your arms across his body. “Everything will be fine.”

Joe held you by your shoulders, cracking your hug.

“You don’t understand how bad it is, do you?” He looked in your eyes, his shades of blue changing. “Y/N, your father is going to kill me. I’m 100% serious about this. I’m not even joking.

You laughed, what would you were going to do with your boyfriend in panic Joe was clearly making noise about nothing.

“Okay, I’ll be crying over your dead body in half an hour then.” You said, taking his hand and opening the cafe door. “We need to go, Joe.” You pulled him to his car and tried to help him. “I really doubt this would happen, people say my dad is overprotective, but I don’t think so.

Joe took a deep breath again. He was moving, but everyone could see he didn’t want to.

“How things went when you introduced your first boyfriend?” He asked, trying to be reasonable for the first time.

You bit your lip, giving him a nervous laugh instead of a fun one. Well, about that…

“I had never introduced a boyfriend to my father before.”

Joe stopped again.

“Oh, fuck.”

He closed his eyes hard. Where the hell he was running to? He would need a lot more deep breaths than the couple ones he took already. He lost your hand, running his through his hair. For the love of God, what he was thinking of?

You were in such pain for seeing him struggle like that. You knew he was rewinding all your relationship in his head, afraid. He was anxious for meeting your parents, however you knew that now he was anxious about the age gap.

“Joe…” You started, being careful. “Please, be calm. It’s nothing, really.”

“Y/N” he sighed “, for real now, you understand us, right? You know how bad the situation is? I mean, it isn’t only the years of difference. You are in school yet, I should finished college by this time if I were in it.” Joe passed his hand through his hair again, don’t knowing what to do. “And now… I’m the first bloody boyfriend your father will meet?” His voice squealed at the end, your worries went away. He was back at the point of being more afraid of your father than the age gap.

“Joe, honey, I know.” You said, taking his hand again. “I swear I do. Right now though, we’re in the middle of the street and I’m freezing. Can we go please and discuss it later?” you asked.

Joe blinked, realizing you were right. He nodded.

At the end, meeting your parents wasn’t a big deal. Of course none of them were happy with the situation, but they expected to Joe be really immature for dating a girl who was 8 years younger than him and a completely empty head because of his youtube career. It was really a delight to find out that Joe Sugg was smart, conducting his professional life with mastery (you didn’t mention that a part of his job included being slapped with a fish, of course) and helped your mom with the dinner, which leaded to a long conversation about how he lived alone in London and had to cook dinner for himself every day, something that he enjoyed. Your parents loved cooking and food in general, so the dinner was spent in talking about this and all the places Joe met before.

Nevertheless, you weren’t naive, you knew the end was near.


“Joe, honestly, stop acting like you are the adult and I am the kid.”

“But you are, Y/N!”

You two were in his car after a movie in Zoe’s house. Things were fine and you were talking with Zoe where you were thinking to be at next fall. It was a few months away yet, it was the beginning of spring after all, but ending high school was a dream to come true. Everything was alright in your point of view, but talking about this meant that Joe was reminded during almost two hours about you being so young, and you two always started fighting for everything when the age gap thing was remembered.

“No, I’m not.” You argued. “You wouldn’t be with me at first place if you thought that.”

“I’m not the smartest kid around, you know.”

“Oh, because this is a mature sentence, right?”

“You know I don’t meant to say that.” he took a deep breath.

“I’m tired about this, Joe!” you said, your voice was starting to get higher. “For fuck’s sake, you know that I’m graduating and you trying to avoid this school topic isn’t fair you know. You start to be pissed off when something like this comes around but guess what? Dating you is not that easy too.” you complained.

“I’m sorry if I am older and have grown ups’ problems, Y/N.” he said ironically. “What should I do then? Because I already spent hours and hours driving to your place so we can be together.”

“I know that! And it kills me that we don’t live in the same city!”

“So tell me, what should I do with this long distance/age gap thing?” he asked as he parked his car in front of your house.

Your air was gone because you not only knew the answer but you didn’t like it at all.

“That’s the problem, isn’t it?” you whispered and Joe looked at you. “We can’t do nothing about this.”

“Y/N…” Joe lowered his voice too, getting where you were going.

You started crying and looked at him, seeing his blue eyes turn as sad as you. You were right, you both knew it.


You sighed. London could get really hot if the city wanted to.

After you finished your high school, you moved to one of the biggest cities in the world and adapting to it was as easy as falling asleep after a long day. You were really excited about it and your classes in university were really good, like you thought it would be.

It was the end of the afternoon and you were carrying your groceries back home when you heard him.

“Y/N!” He called.

You started searching the street after the voice and smiled when saw Joseph Sugg waving at you from the other side of the avenue.

He ran towards you with a big smile in his face. The same smile you missed through months and months, the same smile that he gave that time at the cafe when you switched with him drinks unintentionally.

“Hey, Joe.” You said. “Good to see you.”

And you meant it, because you could feel the same way as you did when you drank that cappuccino in the first time you two met, in that rainy day ages ago; You could feel your chest getting warm.

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Warm - part 1

Warm - part 1/3 | Joe Sugg | imagine
Word count: 3094
Request: The reader meet Joe randomly in the street and then they start to date and are really in love but they are both worried about the difference age because Joe is 25 and the reader is 17-18
A/N: Thank you again for the sweet anon who requested it! I would love to know if you liked it! At first it would be only a small imagine, but I was carried away so… See you soon, sweeties! [Y/F/B/N is for “your friend’s boyfriend’s name”]
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open

There were grey clouds in the sky that afternoon. You had never liked them, but the weather never was up to you and never would be, so you were dealing with it buying yourself a cappuccino after a long period in school.

It was your last year and fools were the ones who thought teachers were being nicer just because you were almost done with it. No, they were only making the process more difficult. Thanks God you could go away soon.

Brighton was a good place to live, you were sure of it. You had really happy times in there, but all you knew was Brighton, this was the only city you ever lived in and now was the time to change things, turning into a new you (or some bullshit like that, you just couldn’t handle living in there).

“Let’s go, Y/N!” Y/F/N called, squeezing her boyfriend’s hand, poor Y/F/B/N. She was impatient because this was your second time getting coffee that week and, in the first, you almost got late for the first class.

“It is not my fault, Y/F/N.” you answered, a little annoyed. “You can go first. I’ll catch you guys later.”

This was all that Y/F/N wanted to hear.

“Fine.” she said, leading Y/F/B/N to the exit even before she finished saying that one word.

You rolled your eyes, toking your phone out of your pocket and checking your notifications. How nice was being abandoned by your friends and having only an electronic device as companion.

Your goal was going to London after graduating, you knew you would struggle, but you didn’t care. You wanted to feel independent and the only way to do that was abandoning your comfort zone for real. You would cry a lot probably with all the effort you would need to put through so you could support yourself, but it would all be fine.

“Y/N.” The coffee lady said.

There were two cups in front of you, but you didn’t saw the other one, grabbing the first that you saw. You needed to hurry if you really wanted to be abble to go with your friends, so you started walking as fast as you could without dropping the drink in your clothes.

Your right hand was already in the door when someone touched your shoulder.


You turned back, looking at the screen of  your phone to try to send Y/F/N a message saying to her hold up a little.

“I guess this is my coffee you are with.” the voice said.

You looked up and you could feel your eyes widening a little.


You always thought that people on Youtube was only known if you were part of the Youtube community and even like that, there were a lot of people you couldn’t know about. Joe Sugg? Joe Sugg wasn’t one of those.

He laughed at your reaction and took the cup of your hand, you didn’t protested. Instead, of doing that, you blinked your eyes, trying to make sentences and then laughed of yourself.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine.”

“No, really, I didn’t see it was your coffee.”

Joe smiled.

“Yeah, you don’t seem to be a coffee’s thief.” he joked, holding another cup to give to you. “Here, this is yours.”

“Thank you.” you said. “And saying I don’t seem a thief it’s quite nice of you.” you commented and turned your cup to see if that was really your name in it.

“Hey, as long as I know, you can be a house’s thief.” I could be a heart’s thief “I just said you don’t steal other people’s coffee…” he tried to see the name that was written in your cup as you raise it. “Y/N.”

You took a sip of your drink.

“Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Joe.”

“I will pretend I didn’t know that so we can talk normally, is that ok?” you tried to make fun, you clearly knew who he was.

Joe laughed. “That’s ok, yeah.”.

Your phone started ringing “Sorry.” You looked at Joe with apologizing eyes. “Hello.”

“Y/N, where are you? We have a test in the first class of the afternoon in case you forgot.” Y/F/N didn’t even bothered of saying hello back. “We’re in school already, come fast.” she hung up before you could say something.

“Oh, fuck.” you cursed.

“Everything is ok?” Joe asked.

You forgot he was there.

“I gotta go, actually.”

Joe seemed a little disappointed, or this was what you liked to believe that time.

“Oh, ok. Cool.”

You smiled at him.

“It was really nice to met you, Joe.”

“Until a next time, Y/N.”

“Bye.” You nodded your head as you were waving a goodbye.

“Wait, I was wondering if…” you could give me your number, but you were gone.


“Y/N?” Y/F/N asked seeing you approaching your desk. “What happened? You are red.”

You laughed.

“You won’t believe what just happened.”


“I just met Joseph Sugg.” you told. “And I’m pretty sure he almost asked my number.


“Joe, honestly, your preference for coffee just can’t be that strong.”

“Shut up, Zo.”

“We drove all across the city for this damn coffee!” She complained, stopping by Joe’s side at the row.

“I know it.” he told, not really paying attention to his sister.

Zoe sighed. “Ok, spit it out.”


“The girl’s name.”

“What?!” he gave a nervous laugh.

“C’mon, Joe, I know it’s a girl.”

“Fine, fine…” Joe rolled his eyes. “Her name is Y/N.”

“Oh, that’s a good name!”

“I know.”

“Parking the car took me ages!” Alfie complained, catching up with the siblings. “So you guys already ordered?”

Zoe grinned. “Actually, Joe…”

“Zoe!” Joe complained. “You just need to tell everyone in the world, don’t you?” he asked.

Alfie laughed. “To Joe get this affected, we’re talking about girls, aren’t we?” It was always fun when the two of them started chattering about Joe’s crushes, he seemed like a little kid. If they were talking about Joe’s hook ups, thought, he didn’t seem nothing like a kid.

“Yeah!” Zoe agreed, bursting into laughs as her boyfriend.

Joe made a frown at the couple, they were really making fun of this?

“Oh, Joe! Buddy!” Alfie hugged his brother in law. “That’s ok, everybody can have a crush on someone.”

“Yeah, well, you crush my bloody sister!” Joe pointed out.

The trio were laughing when the door opened again and in the cafe entered one really special girl, being follow by her friend.

“Third time!” Y/F/N exclaimed. “Third fucking time this week, Y/N! For God’s sake, the week has only 5 days, how can you need that much coffee in your life?”

“Shut up, Y/F/N.” you ordered, looking around to see if you recognized the one you were looking for. From where he was, you couldn’t see him. “Come, let’s order our drinks.” you said, a little disappointed.

When Joe saw you, his face lit up. Yes! His completely stupid plain of trying to see you again worked out! He was a smart lad, wasn’t he? He smiled and walked to you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He greeted, playing cool. Zoe almost laughed out loud seeing her brother’s moves. He was trying to look chill and she knew he was putting all his effort in it because they literally just came across the city to that place.

You grinned, looking refreshed. “Joe!”

Y/F/N almost wanted to give you a slap, calm down, Y/N, damn! Don’t fangirl now, please. She looked at you with that warning look and you coughed a little, taking a deep breath afterwards.

“This is, Y/F/N.” You presented and your friend smiled politely to Joe.

“Hi, I’m Joe.” he said and Zoe thought it was about time to approach you guys. “And this is my sister, Zoe, and her boyfriend, Alfie.”

Oh, fuck. Joe were kidding with you, right? You weren’t such a youtuber fan, but really? You couldn’t handle that much.

You smiled at them and your friend did the same, trying your best to not freak out completely.

“Hi. I’m Y/N.”

“Hello!” Zoe said, she just wanted to jump around and make fun of Joe because he seemed a teenager again. “Nice to meet you!” You nodded.

“Hi!” Alfie shook your hand and Zoe followed his steps.

“Next!” The cafe’s lady shouted.

“Oh, this is us.” Y/F/N said, taking you by the hand and pulling you.

“Excuse me.” you asked, being sorry for such an abrupt reaction of Y/F/N. “Calm down, Y/F/N, please.” you whispered.

“Are you kidding me? The freakin Zoella is behind us! I just know her because of you and I am freaking out, how aren’t you?”

“I am, moron!” you whispered back. “But for what you love the most, don’t ruin it! This is like insane and stuff.”

“So what you girls are going to order?” The employee asked and you two smiled at her, remembering that you needed to actually have something to drink.


Y/F/N was gone to find you a table, you were so anxious about being in at the cafe that you actually got in there really early, so now there was no need to rush to school anymore. She leaved you behind because you were waiting your order.

“So, you are not from here, are you?” you asked Joe, Zoe and Alfie were ordering still.

“Oh, no, I’m from a small village on country side.” He answered and then gave a little smile. “I live in London now.”

“And why would you waste London to come to Brighton?” you looked through the window. “I mean, the weather is not beach vibes or anything…” you sighed, you wish that was. You loved sunny days.

Joe giggled, you seemed so disappointed about the season that he found really cute.

“My sister lives in here, I came to a meeting and now I’m crashing her place this week.” He told you.

“Oh, that’s nice.” You commented, pretending you didn’t know that Zoella lived in your city. Well, Adele did too… But Adele wasn’t buying coffee next to you, was she? Also, you didn’t know who was Adele’s brother, but you were pretty sure he wasn’t that gorgeous as Joe.

Your coffee was delivered, but you stood there and chatted more with Joe, he was really nice and his order wasn’t ready yet, so you could enjoy his company a little more before going in separate ways.

The place had heater and your coffee was really hot as well, so your body started sweating and you took off your coat, revealing your tattoo by your tank top.

“Oh, that’s cool.” Joe said, seeing the black ink on your shoulder.

You looked the way he was looking, sometimes you forgot you had a tattoo. It was there only, you weren’t reminded of it.

“Thanks.” You smiled.

What you didn’t know was that Joe was kind of relieved. The way you talked and the way you moved weren’t the same way as a student would do and, althought you were beautiful, you seemed a little younger than the girls Joe usually found attractive, seeing that you had a tattoo meant you were over 18 and everything was fine.

Well, except by the fact you weren’t 18 yet.


“So there I was, right? I’ve got no friends, no one to talk, my phone was in the bedroom and this huge man, like, he literally was 250 pounds, I swear. And he come and just started shouting things at me, saying I was rude and that kind of stuff.” You told, laughing already. “When actually, she” you pointed to Y/F/N “was the one who came to his wife and asked if she was pregnant.”

“Oh, no” Alfie commented, Joe closed his eyes.

“Guess what?” You continued. “She wasn’t.” All of them started to laugh. “The woman pointed at Y/F/N, but my friend here was gone by the time the man stood up for his wife. It was horrible, I swear.”

“She looked like she was pregnant! It wasn’t my fault!” Y/F/N told, trying to defend herself but failing because she was laughing so hard.

The cafe lady called Zoe’s name.

“Oh, that must be our order.” She said, receiving a look from Joe.

“Let me help you.” Alfie said, standing up and going to get their food.

“Could you help us too, Y/F/N?”

“Okay!” Y/F/N said, a little more excited than she should for just grabbing food, she could see what Zoe was doing there and was pretty happy in not standing in her way or yours.

Suddenly, was only you and Joe at the table. You tried to seem as you weren’t freaking out, so you took a sip from your coffee.

“So…” Joe started. “I guess you were about to tell me your number before ran away yesterday.”

You frowned. “I was? Are you sure?”  You joked.

Joe laughed. “Yes, you were.” You raised your shoulders. “Where you went anyway? I mean, you was in a rush for getting in there.”

“I am a really busy girl, Joe.” you said ironically, not wanting to give him up yet by telling you were heading to school.

“And does a busy girl like you go on dates?” Joe asked.

You smiled. “I could see in my schedule if I have time for that, yeah.” Joe smiled at you too, not knowing what he was going to.


“Y/N/N, we gotta go.” Y/F/N said, you didn’t notice that she, Zoe and Alfie got the food and were in another table, you were talking to Joe and lost the track of the world.

“Again?” Joe asked, he seemed a little upset and you couldn’t avoid liking it.

“I’m sorry.” you told, with a smile on your face. “But you do have my phone now, so I’m a few buttons away.” you winked  at him, something that no one saw coming. Fuck, you were flirting with Joe Sugg!

Joe laughed, he liked your move. “You are.”

You all said your goodbyes and you starting walking out from the cafe.

“Smooth.” Y/F/N approved.

“Shut up.”

“You’re so into him.” she laughed. “I can believe it. You actually have his number. He is not your celeb crush number 247 or something?”

“He might be on the top 10 at the moment.” you admitted and Y/F/N just couldn’t take you serious. You were a lucky girl, weren’t you. “I’m not stupid, though, I know it won’t take me anywhere.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m 8 years younger than him, maybe?” you suggested, being ironic again.

“I’m not saying to you to date him, I’m saying you can have some fun with an older guy just for a change.” she argued. “You don’t like boys at our school and it’s nice having someone to feed your ego.”

“You are with Y/F/B/N just to ‘feed your ego’ then?” you joked, making her laugh. Her idea wasn’t bad at all, you had to admit. Maybe you would do that.


Your phone rang, you received a message. Your eyes opened wide.

“No cells during class.” Your teacher told, looking at you quite angry.

“Sorry” you gave him a weak smile before searching the device in your backpack so you could leave it in silent mode. As you did it, you saw it was Joe sending you a message, something unusual of him, it was so early in the morning.

A couple weeks passed by since the exchange of numbers. You didn’t know how to react, but you were really enjoying your late chats and stuff like that, it would happen every day now and although you couldn’t admit it even to yourself, you started falling for him, something really really dangerous.

Good morning! was the content of his message. It immediately settled a smile on your face. You looked at your teacher to see if he was paying attention on what you were doing, he wasn’t anymore.

Why are you awake this early? you asked.

You turned your head to the board, seeing Math turn into the most boring thing in your whole existence. You missed the time school was easy and you could just forget about it some hours at the day.

Missing you is messing with my head. Joe sent and it made you roll your eyes, he loved to tease you like that.

Right. Now tell me the real reason. You could hear Joe’s laugh because of your answer.

Are you doubting it? you rolled your eyes again.

Yes was all you wrote.

Fine, fine… I have a meeting today. You kind of wished what he told about missing you was truth, but you were determined of being really grounded about this. Ask me where my meeting is, Y/N. he required.

Where your meet is, Joseph?

Brighton. he informed and your heart jumped and you needed to regain control. Fuck, Joe couldn’t just said that with you unprepared. Hum… Y/N? he asked when he realized you saw the message and didn’t answer it.

Well, this is a good excuse for you to don’t miss me that much, isn’t it? you joked, you started sweating waiting for his response.

We can meet and catch up to resolve this problem of mine, can’t we?

Are you asking me on a date? You joked. Be careful, Joseph, you won’t be able to keep up with me if you are…

You are the one who won’t be keeping up, Y/N. You couldn’t believe in it. It is a yes, then?

You took a deep breath, your panic starting showing up.

“Are you ok, Y/N?” Y/F/N asked.

You nodded your head. “No.”

“What happened?” she seemed worried, you just slid your phone to her desk. “Oh my God.” she commented as she read the messages. “You are going, right?” she confirmed, passing your cell back to you.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, c’mon, Y/N! You can’t miss this opportunity.”

You agreed with that, but it wasn’t fair to Joe. He didn’t even knew that you were at school while he was texting you.

You took a deep breath again. It was about time he discover your age. You were letting go now.

Part 02