Diamond in the Rough

Regency Elya art by @feylen! Thank you, she is beautiful!

Chapter 18

Pairing: Cullen x Trevelyan

Rating: SFW

Tags: Nursing to Health, Pining, Longing

Link: AO3

In Regency Era Thedas, Orlais and Ferelden are at war. As an officer in Ferelden’s army, Cullen is entrusted with an important document, one that he must keep secret and deliver it to the right hands at any cost. He is betrayed, someone leaking his position and he and his men are set upon by Orlesian soldiers. Grievously wounded, Cullen flees into the Orlesian countryside. Elya saves his life, healing his wounds and keeping him hidden.  Her manners give her away as more than just a typical country girl. As he grows stronger and they grow closer, he becomes more and more intrigued by the quiet woman and her secrets. Cullen knows that he cannot stay, his duties calling him away.

A world of Thedas retelling of Aladdin, in a Regency Era setting!

The rain clouds that had dogged them the past few days were highlighted by the vibrant peach-pink of sunset. The reflection washed the little village in hue, turning the white paint a pretty color as Elya briskly stepped out into the bustling courtyard. She could still scarce believe her luck, and she and Cullen had no choice but to embrace it and move forward… cautiously of course.

She shivered slightly at the change in temperature; the common room of the inn had been toasty warm, a blessed welcome with the hot tea. Although they were headed for summer, it still would be a few months before the warmth of that season caught up with the nights. And she had left her ruined spencer with Cullen.

She set off at a serene pace, retracing her path through Royan. Outside of the yard there were few people walking around now, instead the residents were safely ensconced home for the night. There was no one to see Elya cross the street and head between two cottages. Well, she hoped that Cullen was watching for her. The shadows had descended on the forest, hiding the secrets it sheltered. Her eyes passed repeatedly over the hollows, looking for her friend, but she saw nothing.

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