Happy 24th birthday to my sunshine, Joseph Michael Graceffa Jr. He’s the reason why I wake up in the morning. He’s the reason why I still smile. He’s the reason why I still try. He’s the reason why I still care. My love for this little dork is so amazingly big; words cannot describe. Over the years, we watched him and his channel(s) grow right before our eyes. It amazes me how a 24 year old man can do so many amazing things at such a young age. And while doing these amazing things, he’s taught us so many things.

Thank you so much, Joey for being YOU. You’ve taught me so much over the years and made me so much happier. I seriously cannot thank you enough.

Here’s to another year of happiness. And as you told me on my birthday: Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

twenty four.
  • Devan:Sorry I didn't come over last night, I got swamped helping out at the station and didn't get back til like 4am, but I figured you were asleep.
  • Devan:I haven't heard from you, though. He didn't beat you up again, did he?

Каза, че обичаш дъжда, но отвори чадъра си когато заваля.

Каза, че обичаш слънцето, но намери сянка когато то изгря.

Каза, че обичаш вятъра, но затвори прозореца когато вятърът задуха.

Ето затова се страхувам, ти каза, че обичаш и мен.