There’s a special advertisement for Re:Zero Episode 18 in the Tokyo subway.

Episode 18 is called “From ZERO” and will be 25:45 minutes long. The text reads “The worst, the best, the despair, and the hope, and…this 25 minutes and 45 seconds which burns your heart will start”.

Author Tappei Nagatsuki also stated that this is the episode White Fox spent the most budget on.


Aw Natalie was telling Bridgette and Frank last night that she needs the money from jury to pay her bills and that she’s been sleeping at her friends house. She said she doesn’t have the ability to travel and see her family. :( I really want Natalie to get AFP now because 1.) she actually is my favorite houseguest and 2.) she needs the money

I’m really proud of Da'vonne upping her social game this season. She bonded with Natalie last week and now Nat trusts Da'vonne.

Now she is bonding with Bridgette and hopefully Bridgette will be more comfortable and trust Da'vonne. She is doing what the other girls (I.e. Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah) aren’t doing, talk things out and find a a common ground and not be passive aggressive and petty.

I’m so disappointed though that Tiffany and Da'vonne did not fix their relationship because I think they would have done great, but I guess it was not meant to be.

Okay but Paul honestly is in such a good spot right now? Like, literally no ones targeting him and he handled the Victor situation so well, both protecting Victor and himself and somehow spinning it around to use as an advantage for him. And as much as I hate Victor I gotta admit that Paul is really smart keeping him under his wing for his own game and convincing the rest of the house to trust him. Now if you would’ve told me this on week one that Paul was actually kind of smart but also at the same time liked to spend his time baking muffins and overall just being a complete delight and excellent piece of entertainment I wouldn’t have believed you

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