1894 and early

Alix was an excellent student. By the time she was fifteen, she was thoroughly grounded in history, geography and English and German literature. She played the piano with skill approaching brilliance, but she disliked playing in front of people. When Queen Victoria asked her to play for guests at Windsor, Alix obliged, but her reddened face betrayed her torment. Unlike Nicholas, who learned by rote, Alix loved to discuss abstract ideas. One of her tutors, an Englishwoman named Margaret Jackson – “Madgie” to Princess Alix – was interested in politics. Miss Jackson passed her fascination along to Alix, who grew up believing that politics was a subject not necessarily restricted to men. Alix’s grandmother, after all, was a woman and still managed to be dominant monarch in Europe.”

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie

Princess Alexandra of Weles (later Queen of England), Prince George (later King George V), Grand Duchess Xenia, Prince Waldemar of Denmark with his wife, Princess Marie d'Orléans, Prince George of Greece (I think), Princess Marie of Greece and Tsarevich Nicholas (late Tsar Nicholas II).