Borchardt C-93 selfloading pistol

Designed by Hugo Borchardt c.1893 and manufactured until 1902 in small numbers by Ludwig Loewe & Co in Berlin, Germany.
7,65x25mm Borchardt 8-round removable box magazine, toggle-lock short-recoil semi-automatic, detachable stock/holster.

The predecessor to the Luger Parabellum pistol, first selfloading pistol to be mass produced and one of the few toggle lock firearm out there. Arguably the sexiest.


Schmeisser-Bergmann M1893 prototype pistols

Designed by Otto Brauwetter and Louis Schmeisser c.1892 and manufactured by Bergmanns Industriewerke GmbH in 1893.
7,5mm Swiss revolver cartridge, five-round en-bloc clip loaded through a sliding side-plate, delayed blowback semi-automatic

One of the very first self loading pistol designs, and a sexy one at that.