1892: Two Indiana Women, Beautiful and Accomplished, Who Cannot Live Apart

“Richmond, Ind., now furnishes a story of a woman’s strange infatuation for a woman. Charles Worrell and wife separated because of Mrs. Worrell’s unnatural love for her sister-in-law, Mrs. Marion Worrell, a widow. The women were heretofore highly esteemed in the community. Mrs. Charles Worrell is a woman of fine attainments, at one time a teacher in Eartham college. Charles Worrell remonstrated with his wife, and tried in every possible way to break off the unnatural alliance between the women, but without effect, and finally an amicable division of property was made and the husband and wife separated. The two women have gone to Lorain, Ohio, to live together. Both are handsome and about twenty-five years of age. They say they cannot live apart.”

~From Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), March 22, 1892