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Ankita,,,, I'd put all my songs on shuffle and December 1963 came on, and I didn't even recognise the song at first but it physically hurt before I realised why,,,, Is this what 'cursed song' means....

That song has been written in our genetic codes. Your brain knows before you know. Cursed song. Forever ruined.

You reminded me of that song and now I am not okay.

Mark Rothko, Dark Grey Tone on Maroon, 1963

I scanned and then cleaned it up as best I could and it’s not perfect, but finding it felt like a real victory. I’ve been looking at a lousy washed-out cropped scan that circulates on Pinterest for years and refused to post it here because I knew it was compromised. This is the first scan of the full painting I have seen on the internet of any size or quality. It’s a beautifuly dark work.


Photos of the Beatles taken by Angus McBean at EMI house, London, firstly in 1963 for the cover of the Beatles first album, Please Please Me and in the same location again in 1969, originally intended for the Beatles Get Back LP. The Get Back album was shelved (and later salvaged and turned into Let It Be) so the photo was only used for the Get Back single, and later the Beatles ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ albums respectively. Note the clothing change in the later photos.

Pics: Angus McBean.