afsffd I’m in the kitchen and my parents are watching come dine with me and I just heard one of the guys say ‘uh, actually, I’m gay.’ and the tv went silent. for at least 3 whole seconds. until they all did that high-pitched faux-pleasant ‘O-oh!’ and one of them awkwardly laughed and said 'I, uh, guess I didn’t have my gaydar on tonight! Hahaha!’ Then it cut to their individual interviews and one of them was like 'I had no idea! I mean, there was.. nothing… in his topics of conversation that would… indicate that he was… gay.’ they’re all shocked and now they’re discussing how surprised they are that he’s gay. Not to be dramatic but…. Are The Heterosexuals Okay


I’ve been drawing for a year!! Heyyoooo~ It was around last October that I bought my first Wacom tablet for a year 12 school project. I don’t draw Undertale anymore but it was one of the first franchises I drew fanart for. I knew my work was super ugly but I was motivated to continue because I wanted to improve. I drew as much as I could in the past year and I think it’s safe to say that my work has improved! Of course I have a longgggggg way to go until I’m completely satisfied with my work but I’m still happy with my progress so far. I’m currently working on a few projects so if I can find the time I might eventually colour it. I’m excited for the day when I can look at my work and actually be proud of my art!!! 

Darcy/Spencer, 1, 17

for @kjs-s

1.  “Can I kiss you?” 
17.  Nervous

Spencer drummed his fingers on his knee.  And then stopped because Darcy was likely to notice.

Well.  She DID notice.  Her hand came up to cover his, slipping underneath and lacing her fingers with his.  Tightly. To keep him still.  

A well timed jump scare in the film they were watching had her clutching his arm, burying her face in his shoulder.  

And he had to smile, because it was a cliché.  Man and woman watch horror film.  Woman gets scared. Man protects her.  

So cliché, and yet, here he was, playing into it.  Allowing her to drape his arm around her shoulder.  Inhaling sharply when she wrapped her arms around his middle and snuggled up against his chest.  He stroked her arm absently with his thumb and tried to plan his next move.  

Darcy kept shifting…moving around and trying to get comfortable.  

At one point, she sat up, turning to face him.  “Spencer? Can I kiss you?”  

He blinked, taken aback. “Yes? Please?”