90’s Rappers In 2016

365 days later we’ve returned with a sequel to 2015’s popular post. Yes, here at the hotbox headquarters if you are 46 and make a nice record we may profile it at the end of the school year and if you release your music in September then ahh maybe we’re not paying attention like we should. Actually nobody’s really paying attention to this stuff in any meaningful way, aside from Rolling Stone who interviewed Willie D a few months back. I wouldn’t have even known west coast warrior KAM dropped an album recently if it weren’t for Paris’s shoutout on twitter a few days ago. Yes old men = worst demographic ever but there’s still some good rap made by silver-bearded dudes with lowered testosterone and increased back pain despite the occasional rapping about rapping what’s wrong with radio tight jeans Bill Cosby innocent.

A few of these producers like Def Jef and The Alchemist are 90’s rappers themselves. Al has thankfully stopped rapping and although he’s really no worse than the artists he usually works with, this year Spice, Eiht and even Havoc got busy here flipping da script and getting mad props and Meth especially spazzes. At 55, the elder statesman of the zip (and technically 80’s rapper) Daddy-O does his best to bring shout rap back. If you’re not down with the archaic flow at least give it up for the $3000 suede coat he’s rocking on the Sway show and releasing an album titled “Everyone But KRS”. #8 would’ve been #1 to me except all I could find was a lo-fi soundcloud rip. Styles P’s “if you ain’t into reading books I’m recommendin’ it” coupled with this pic of Roc Marciano looking hard af is the old head look I’m here for. The usually limp 9th Wonder tucked his snare and soul mp3 between his legs to reward us with some actual heat, even if the grumpy unkut comment section does not approve.

Admittedly, this comp was harder to piece together than last year’s; Onyx dropped a killer political-rap EP in 2015 but this year they’re back on their bloated Canadian rapper-featuring snow goonery and the Masta Ace track is the only song on his recent album to forgo the high school theme terrible singing chorus concept. These comps will get more difficult to compile as time passes as more 90’s rappers pass away, fall off or have chronic health issues. Word to Styles P and his turmeric, ginger, garlic and reading material!

  1. Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds [Havoc & The Alchemist feat. Method Man]
  2. Cradle To The Grave [Tragedy Khadafi feat. Illa Ghee & Canibus]
  3. What’s F—in’ With That [Craig G]
  4. Old Truth [Bumpy Knuckles]
  5. Trainwreck [De La Soul]
  6. Make Em So Proud (Hold Up) [D.I.T.C. feat. A.G., Fat Joe & Diamond D]
  7. Me & A.G. [Masta Ace feat. A.G.]
  8. Making A Murderer [Black Thought feat. Styles P]
  9. Hammers On Deck [Onyx]
  10. Hustle Hard [Cold 187um feat. Too Short & E-40]
  11. Nowhere [KAM feat. Xzibit]
  12. Supply [MC Eiht & Spice-1]
  13. Cold [The Legendary Traxster feat. Belo of Do Or Die & Tyme]
  14. Original [Grand Puba]
  15. Coon [Willie D]
  16. Blood Got Shot [Daddy-O]