1870's fashion


The Bowes Museum The Art of Dressing

“We filmed the highly acclaimed historical costume specialist Luca Costigliolo, dressing a model in an exact replica 1870’s dress, made by his students at the National School of Cinema in Rome. The video was subtitled to enhance visitor accessibility and is one of several audio visual pieces which Indigo created and produced for the new Fashion and Textile Gallery at The Bowes Museum.”


Profile portrait of President Ulysses S. Grant with his mustache and chin beard shaven so a cameo portrait could be made of him, 1875.

Source: National Archives and Records Administration.


Dresden woman wearing a velvet choker by Suzanne

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />I found another cdv online with the exact same front and imprint on the back and the date 1873 had been written on it.  Someone has written on the back of this one, but it's in German and the only word I can figure out is 'Bombay'.

Stereoview scene of a group drinking tea in a room probably in a photography studio, British, c. 1860′s/1870′s.

Source: Rijksmuseum.

Portrait of Ulysses S. Grant by C.M. Bell of Washington, D.C., c. 1870′s/1880′s.

Source: Library of Congress.

Animated stereoview of the President’s Bedroom in the White House during the Hayes administration, Washington, D.C., c. 1878. At this point in time it was used as the First Lady Lucy Webb’s bedroom.

Source: New York Public Library.

Animated stereoview portrait of a man identified as a hermit posing in the interior of his house in Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1875. By C. H. Shute and Son.

Source: New York Public Library.

Animated stereoview portrait of a US Army officer and his family at Fort Garland, Colorado Territory, 1874. By Timothy O'Sullivan.

Source: Library of Congress.

View of people, buildings, and a hydrant shooting water into the air in Providence, Rhode Island, July 4, 1873. By the photography firm Manchester Brothers.

Source: Boston Public Library.

French stereoview scene titled “Coll.6. - Le Deshabille de la Parisienne,” c. 1800′s. Attributed to JB.

Source: Rijksmuseum.