The Greek Revival house was built in 1869 and sits in the heart of New Orleans’s historic Garden District. Exterior painted in Farrow & Ball’s James White.


The Status Quo Synagogue of Budapest

The synagogue in Rumbach Street was built in 1872 to the design of the
Viennese architect Otto Wagner. The Moorish Revival synagogue has eight sides and while the interior as of this writing (2008) is badly in need of restoration, the octagonal, balconied, domed synagogue intricately patterned and painted in Islamic style is exquisitely beautiful. It was built not as an exact replica of, but as an homage to the style of the octagonal, domed Dome of the Rock Muslim shrine in Jerusalem.

It is also called Status Quo Ante Synagogue, as it served the Status Quo Ante community. The Schism in Hungarian Jewry was the institutional division of the Jewish public in the Kingdom of Hungary between 1869 and 1871, following a failed attempt to establish a national representative organization. The Orthodox, fearing their Neolog rivals would dominate the new organ, seceded and formed one of their own.

A third faction of “Status Quo” congregations refused to join either and remained independent. While many communities retained their cohesion after determining their affiliation, numerous ones split to form two or even three new ones.

photos by Helen Betts

koto-wari asked:

Did I just catch that you want to watch/play Hakuouki? Please do! It's a great series and a great game (I have the 3DS version). Every route is overflowing with feels and it's a very good introduction of the Bakumatsu era (1864-1869). I had watched Rurouni Kenshin prior to watching the anime, so it was really nice to see everything from the other side. I saw someone compare the characters to BM, but Kenshin would be a better comparison. And Chizuru is a great main character. :D

Yes, I’m interested in it and will probably watch/play when I find the time for it. I gave a very subtle look at some of the characters, but nothing deep yet. But wow, 4th person to recommend it, I need to go for it soon ^^
Thanks for the ask! It helps a lot to have a base of people that I already know that like this (I’m assuming I can’t get attached to the character, right? I have a feeling that they’re all going to die - not that this stops me anyway lol)