chabas, paul - Jeune Naiade by Amber Tree

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<br />Paul Chabas  1869-1937  Frankrijk

Repetiergewehr Vetterli, Modell 1871

Designed by Johann-Friedrich Vetterli, manufactured by SIG in Neuhausen, Switzerland c.1871-80′s - serial number 85177.
10,4x38mmRF eleven-round tubular magazine, bolt action repeater.

The short, copper-cased, rimfire 10mm round used by this rifle was - on paper - surprisingly enough barely inferior to the large Chassepot cartridge. With its large capacity magazine, the Vetterli would have swept the floor with any of the remaining Minie rifle armies.
Among the other oddly forward-thinking features of this rifle, the Modell 1871 did away with the magazine cutoff of the Modell 1869, a feature that would remain in most other military rifles until WW1.

Cooper M1863 2nd Model revolver

Manufactured in Philadelphia c.1864-69 - serial number 1135.
.31 cap and ball 5-shot rebated cylinder, double action, creeping loading lever, generally an upgraded Colt M1849 Pocket design.

I can’t wait for affordable 3D printed antique gun replicas to be a thing.

S&W No3 Russian revolver

Russian military contract revolver designed and produced by Smith and Wesson c.1869.
.44 Russian six-round cylinder, top-break single action, 7″ barrel.
Originally intended for the Russian military, gun designers at the Tula armory reverse-engineered the No3 revolver after being delivered the first batch and commissioned it cheaper from every gunsmith in continental Europe - like Ludwig Lowe, not before cancelling their upcoming contracts with Smith and Wesson, nearly driving them bankrupt. What douches.