1860 1900

Construction workers at a railway tunnel site in the Netherlands stumbled upon a shiny object that appeared to be old. Cool, call in the archaeologists. When they arrived, the historians were amazed to find that it was an old can – with a prized delicacy inside. Turtle soup, dating to somewhere between 1860 and 1900, was once high-status enough to be eaten by European royalty! When the turtle supply ran low, however, the delicacy disappeared.

The can found in the railway tunnel was made in the Netherlands, but intended for export as the writing was all in French.

Analyzing the Snicket Aesthetic

A few little observations in regard to time period, location, etc. that I’ve written down as guidelines for my fanfic/art. I doubt Handler was working from any set rules, so these are just patterns that I’ve noticed and use as a starting point for research.

(Above: Stylistic differences between Asoue and Atwq)

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1) Memento Mori rosary, early 1500s.

2) Full mourning dress fashion plate, 1780s, France.

3) Mourning ring, 1773, England.

4) Mourning apron fashion plate, 1860s.

5) Mourning brooch, 1800s.

6) Mourning fabric and paper, 1890.

7) Mourning locket, 1800s.

8) Details of a half mourning dress, 1892-95.

9) Memorial brooch, late 1800s.

10) Woman whose relative died in WWI, 1917.