Rossville, Iowa
Population: Unincorporated

“Rossville was platted in 1855. It is named for William F. Ross, said to be the first settler on the townsite in 1850. By the 1880s, Rossville contained three churches, a schoolhouse, hotel, and two stores.”


Utagawa Yoshitora  (歌川 芳虎) (Japanese, active 1850 - 1880)

Contemplation of cherry blossoms, 1847-1852

Polychrome wood, central part of a triptych, 36 × 25 cm

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I came across your blog a few minutes ago, and I gotta say, you're art is amazing, with a capital AMAZING of course. Was that dumb? I feel like that was dumb. Either way, I'm really sorry to hear that you're sick, and I hope you feel better soon! Also, one last thing: if you're ever up for a hunt, you can message me!

// Oh  my! Thank you very much for the compliments! Naw, that wasn’t dumb! :3 I’m feeling a lot better now, thanks! Also a big thanks for following me! I hope you’ll enjoy the future pictures I’ll upload :D.
Oh, I’m not sure if you would want to hunt with me, haha, I’m a big noob x3 But if you want to, here is my FC: 1693-1850-0417. Just drop me a note with your friendcode. [And sorry for the blurry picture. While taking photos my handy transformed into a potato somehow ]//