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There are exactly 37 days until I go back to school, and its the middle of July and I'm still 185 pounds. If i want to lose about 1 pound per day, then what exactly should I do? Exercising doesn't seem to be helping me any.

I’m sorry but you probably won’t lose 1 pound per day, you’ll probably lose about 1-2 pounds per week if you exercise a lot with switching to a healthier diet!

Just remember you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Wishlist for Criminal Minds Season 13

I was going to do to predictions but I don’t want to even get my hopes up!

  • If Stephen Walker’s character is to be written off, I hope they do it well and make it credible. I’m still disappointed over losing Damon Gupton.
  • That also includes storyline continuity - let it have an impact on all the other characters, particularly Emily Prentiss (she knew him best out of the team and will feel a unique responsibility as Unit Chief).
  • Obviously show the effects prison has had on Spencer Reid, but don’t let it drag on - I really don’t fancy the storyline being drawn out any longer. Plus, like he said, his home is in the FBI - let him rejoin his family and do what he does best.
  • Same goes for Mr Scratch - don’t dedicate another entire season to him.
  • Revisit Daniel Cullen - providing an opportunity to expand on Luke Alvez’s backstory in the Fugitive Task Force.
  • Lots on Alvez’s backstory (I’m biased but so what). Especially about his time in the 75th and Roxy. I mean they’ve already gone through the effort of taking photographs of his time in the Rangers, so why not use this angle?
  • Let Penelope Garcia be inspired again. It was upsetting to see her so downtrodden during Season 12.
  • Also decent development in hers and Alvez’s relationship. After what the team’s gone through, they should become genuinely closer.
  • Have Prentiss confide in someone about the difficulties of her new role - this must have been a major step up at the most challenging time. Also what happened to Mark?
  • More of badass Tara Lewis. I rewatched Season 11 and I remembered how much I adore this woman. Anyone else remember the ‘I lost 185 pounds last night’ when she and her fiancé broke up?
  • I’d actually like to see more of JJ’s past as communications liaison incorporated into her character in Season 13. I loved her in this role and it almost feels as if the writers have forgotten about her history.
  • More of Diana - this storyline is fabulous and the two actors do it perfect justice.
  • More of David Rossi’s family. It’s adorable and I love seeing that side of him.
  • More of JJ’s family. 12x02 was a really fantastic episode and very different, it stood out in a good way.
  • More information on the team’s families in general - particularly Alvez (he’s only mentioned that his father served in the military and inspired him to join the Army).
  • More bonding between Alvez and Rossi - they’re both ex-soldiers after all.
  • I’d actually like to see Matt Cruz again.
  • Skilfully incorporate Matt Simmons into the team - it could be great but if it’s not written well it could just feel strange.
    • Alvez’s becoming a SSA. Garcia throwing a celebration party.
    • More dinner parties at Rossi’s house.
    • An actual scene of the team drinking in O'Keefe’s. Plenty of funny drunk moments.
    • Plenty of snark from Prentiss, Lewis, JJ and Rossi in particular.
    • A ladies night (similar to JJ/Prentiss/Garcia’s).
Doctors | Part Six

“Went on a diet last night, lost 185 pounds.”

a/n: this chapter skips around a lot, i did it on purpose to introduce some new smaller plots within the bigger one. i didn’t proofread this but u all know by now that i don’t do that anyway. please excuse any inaccuracy as i’m trying my best. gif credit: @toyboxboy

warnings: swearing and mentions of sex

character list. | tag list. | doctors masterlist.

Two days after your eventful night with Dr. Reid you were back at work. You’d been off for those couple days and they were blessings, you loved your job but couldn’t pretend you didn’t enjoy almost every second away from it.

You were currently in the cafeteria with Luke, eating lunch with him as per usual. “I have news.” you said to him with a lowered voice, before putting a spoonful of yogurt into your mouth and then putting the utensil back down. He raised his eyebrows and put down the medical journal he had been reading, it seemed as though he always had one in hand. “Spill.”

“You know that thing we were talking about?”

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Salazar Stats (because researching someone this interesting is fun as fuck) :P

Name:           Armando Salazar 

Height:          181 cm (5′11″)

Weight:          84 kg (185 pounds)

Gender:        Male 

Eye colour:   Brown (orange/amber colour as a ghost)

Hair colour:   Brown (turns a dark grey as a ghost)

Nationality:    Spanish

      El Matador Del Mar (The Butcher Of the Sea)

Occupation:   Naval Captain and Pirate Hunter

Ship:              The Silent Mary (La Maria Silenciosa) 

Weapon:        Rapier

Personality:    Though he was no doubt seen as a hero to law-abiding                                     citizens. and was polite when in the public eye, he was at the                            same time, prideful and strict.
                       He kept everything on his ship in perfect condition, including                               his uniform. He also made sure his men kept their appearances                        acceptable, too.  
                       To a pirate, however, he was someone to be feared; cruel and
                       ruthless, he sees it as his duty to rid the world of pirates, and his
                      hatred for them is so strong, that if a pirate tried to plead or
                      reason with him, they would go ignored.

Enemies:       Pirates, the British Navy (he’s Spanish, after all, they were                                  enemies at the time)

Allies:             His own men

Powers:       As a ghost (cursed-undead) he is able to move through solid                             objects, can possess the living, and has inhuman strength.                                 Apparently, he also has the ability to control the dead (hence the                       sharks).

Random Trivia:     -Is right hand dominant

                             -Walks with a cane in his left hand, indicating a possible
                               injury to his right leg (strange thing is, though, he does
                               not seem to have this cane when was alive, which begs
                               the question, where did he get it from once he was                                              cursed?)

                              -Is left eye dominant 

Leo Robert

Five-feet seven-inches and weighing 185 pounds. His arms reportedly measured 19 inches. He stated, “It is with heavy heart I’ve watched steroids take over bodybuilding, a sport that has given so much to me. I’m not talking financial gains, rather the undeniable exhilaration of a powerful, healthy body bound by hard work and discipline.”

Fitblr start

April 1, 2015 my neighbor asked me to do something called “Eat to Live” with her. It was the only meal plan that ever worked for her, and she swore by it. Problem is…it’s vegan with elimination of processed foods and I enjoy things like sour cream, ice cream, cheese, chicken, cheeseburgers, etc…

She was desperate, and said she wouldn’t succeed without an accountability buddy. I was at the highest weight I’d ever been at (non-pregnant) of 243 pounds, so I agreed to help. I didn’t expect much. I had yo-yo’ed on a LOT of diets for 9 years.

Best agreement ever. She lost weight, enough to allow her to get healthy and pregnant with her second even though she had PCOS and had been trying for over a year without success. 

Additionally, I lost weight too. Over the next 5 months, I went from a size 18 at 243 pounds, to a size 10 and 185 pounds. October 2015 was my lowest at 183 pounds. I felt healthy, I loved my body, my energy was amazing. I could run on the soccer field again, clothes fit better. It was fantastic!

I gradually got “off plan” when my neighbor got pregnant and my accountability buddy was gone. I edged up to 208 and 218. I freaked out thinking this was all going to end up back at 240 again. Slowly, over the last 2 months I’ve gotten back down to Onderland again. If I can maintain in the 180′s I’ll be happy. BMI calculators say I should be under 164, but I look at my body and think that’s not what I want. I want muscle, and boobs, and a great ass. I think if I get down that low, all those things will be *less* than I want them to be.

So, here’s to 180. It’s right around the corner. And thanks to the fitblrs who are helping me get there.

Can we talk about JARED SPURGEON FOR A SEC??

First off, this lil motherfucker is fucking 5’9” and 185 pounds (though he says he’s “probably really 5-8 and a whopping 167 pounds”) which makes him BY FAR the smallest defense man in the league

I mean LOOK at him

(lol trying to take on patches..)

and then you look at his face

and he looks like 14, right? (I won’t mention the awful mustache that he is currently trying to grow)

(okay here it is)

but then you find you he’s MARRIED?? And has TWO (count em) TWO KIDS?????

He’s 24 and they’ve known each other since they were in high school and it’s adorable

But the real reason for you NEEDING to know Spurgy isn’t cuz he’s tiny or has a weirdly advanced family for someone who “looks younger than probably half the high school students in Minnesota” (his words, not mine), it’s because he’s A GOOD PLAYER

It’s stuff like the fact that he was drafted 2008 in the 6th round by the Islanders and was eventually cut loose so he came on a tryout to the wild camp and now he’s one our best defenders

It’s stuff like this and this or the fact that he had 80 hits last year or the fact that he’s 24 and only getting better

he assisted on both goals last night in 2-0 win. You better remember this little guy because despite his tiny stature, he has the potential to be one of the best d-men in the league. He’s only getting better people


Talk about speaking truth to power…

I want to applaud Ashley Williams, the #BlackLivesMatter protester who confronted Hillary Clinton and demanded an apology for Clinton’s use of “superpredators with no conscience and no empathy, who need to be brought to heel” when she used dog whistles to refer to Black youths as little more than animals, as she advocated for Bill Clinton’s notorious 3-Strikes crime bill (which disproportionately targeted and imprisoned Black people).

Clinton replied, “You know what? No one has ever asked me about this before. You’re the first one to ask me about it.” 

Besides noting the obvious problem with Ms. Clinton apparently needing to be publicly prompted before it ever even occurred to her to apologize for saying something so casually racist, if there are people who have spoken to her about this, then I hope they feel sufficiently empowered to step forward and make Mrs. Clinton have to explain her obfuscation.

I find it very hard to believe that no one at all has ever spoken to her and never asked about this before.

And once again, all respect to Ashley Williams. Disruptive action protests take a lot more than planning and coordination - it also requires guts. I’m a soon to be 32 year old Black man who is an inch shy of 6 feet tall, tipping the scales at 185 pounds, and I seriously doubt that I would have had even half the courage needed to do what Williams so bravely did.

From Bree Newsome to Sandra Bland and beyond, my people are stepping up and speaking out, and I am so proud.

Thank you.

Title: Sleeping WIth The Enemy
Rating: Mature Audiences
Relationships: Rick/Michonne
Characters: Michonne, Rick Grimes, Brief mentions: Carl, Lori, Daryl, Andrea, Glenn
Word Count: 3,070
Summary: Michonne is a notorious White Collar Criminal that actively pursues a night with Rick Grimes who happens to be a renowned agent with the FBI. An agent completely oblivious about just who it is he has invited into his bed. What was meant to be a simple night of pleasure and blissful irony turns into something Michonne wasn’t prepared for in the slightest. And as feelings for Rick begin to surface, and the realization of his feelings for her become more prominent, her life becomes a steadily complicated balancing act.
Parts: Prologue

To be honest she probably frequented King Cole Bar too often, even by her own standards. On any given night she could let her eyes roam over the length of the swanky joint and easily pick out fellow regular patrons and they, in turn, took to greeting her upon her arrival. Which, despite how it might’ve sounded, was anything but pleasant.

No, it was teetering dangerously close to sad. There was nothing particularly enthusing about the idea of being on a first name basis with these people regardless of their rather high-end and respectable statuses. It just went to show that they all, collectively, spent far too much time at the establishment. And if that wasn’t a clear cut sign that she had gradually become a little too reliable and constant than the fact that the bartender would have her drink waiting for her before she had the chance to get good and settled onto her stool was proof enough. 

Which was why tonight she’d decided to stray away from her habitual, drab routine and give another bar a chance. Andrea had suggested she try going to Death & Co, and Michonne had to give it to her she usually knew what she was talking about when it came to bars and eateries, but the name had shot off several red flags in her mind.

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“You save my life. I save yours. That’s how we work.“

Robbie had not expected for things to go this wrong.

He had created a machine that stood on a high platform and showered the town with icing until it blanketed everything like snow. He had thought that if Sportacus couldn’t go out to save people without risking a sugar meltdown, he would leave town.

No such luck. The machine had worked beautifully, until one of those blasted kids found out that clogging the nozzle would back up the machine. Probably Poodle or Pink Girl, since they seemed to be the only two with any brains in that group of munchkins.

As the machine backfired, the roof of the control room had collapsed slightly, just enough to prevent him from opening the door. He rammed his slender body against it, but it wouldn’t budge. He was soon reduced to banging on it with his hands and screaming for Sportacus to come and help him.  

He screamed in surprise when the door suddenly wrenched off of its hinges, revealing Sportacus on the other side. For all his plans to get rid of the blue elf, Robbie was always glad to see him when things turned bad.

“Robbie, come on!” Sportacus held out a hand to the villain, obviously intending to pull him out to safety.

He never got the chance. The icing tank had been straining as it continued to produce the sugary goo without any outlet, and now it exploded. A wave of icing covered everything in the general vicinity, including a certain blue sports hero.

Sportacus swayed as the sugar took affect, and Robbie’s eyes widened as he realized that the shorter man was going to fall over backwards, right off the platform. The platform was at least twenty feet in the air, and if Sportacus fell from that height then he’d almost certainly die.

Robbie didn’t think, he just acted. He just reached out and grabbed the front of his rival’s vest, digging his fingers into the fabric and holding on tight. For someone so much smaller than Robbie, Sportacus sure was heavy, and he almost took the taller man right along with him off of the platform. But Robbie dug in his heels, and managed to avoid that scenario.

“Mmmph.” He grunted as he pulled Sportacus back onto the platform and threw him with some difficulty across his shoulder.

Climbing down the ladder would have been a harrowing experience in itself, since it was kind of rickety, but it was absolutely terrifying with 185 pounds of dead weight weighing him down. He let the superhero flop onto the ground as soon as his feet touched the floor, backing away as the children ran over with some sports candy to wake their hero up.  

The sight of the children sitting around Sportacus’ prone form reminded Robbie of the Snow White story, except that the apple would wake up him up instead of putting him to sleep. Robbie knew that he should leave while everyone else was distracted. His plan had failed, and now was his time to skulk off and lick his wounds.

Instead, he found himself pinned in place when a pair of incredibly blue eyes opened and focused on him. He fidgeted and tried not to blush when a slow smile formed underneath that silly mustache.  

“Robbie. You saved me.” Sportacus said, and Robbie fidgeted harder at the tone of wonder in his voice.

“Yes, well…” Robbie shrugged. “You save my life. I save yours. That’s how we work.” He realized that everyone was grinning at him now, and tried to get back into villain mode. “But only this once. Don’t expect me to save you again, Sportakook.”

He hurried away, totally missing the slightly lovestruck look on Sportacus’ face.


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Paramore- Still Into You

An unexpected turn of events…

“Isaac!” you shouted. “Get off me!”

“Not until you say you’re sorry for ripping my jersey!” he retorted.

“I didn’t rip your stupid jersey! How many times do I have to tell you-”

“Oh God, give it up you two!” Scott and Stiles groaned in unison.

“She started it!”

“He started it!”

It was the end of a long day at school and the whole pack was walking through the front entrance when Isaac decide to tackle me to the ground for pranking him earlier.

“Control your hormones Lahey!” Coach snapped as eh walked past us.

Allowing me to get up, I smacked him on the chest, remembering all past events in which we bickered and fought over stupid things…


“I’m telling you Scott, the new witch-bitch you added to the pack? Ruthless. A cold-hearted hormonal freaking- she lit my hair on fire!” Isaac whined.

“Only because you threw your lacrosse stick at my face…” I mumbled, picking at my nails.

“You are such a-”

“Shut up!” Everyone shouted. Isaac and I could only glare at Lydia, Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira.


“Can you two please stop arguing, for once? Just once?” Stiles sighed while rubbing his temple.

“Fine, but as soon as he apologized for walking in on me changing,” I huffed.

“It’s not like anyone wanted to see you naked…” Isaac smirked.

In a matter of seconds, he was running around the room, flailing his arms wildly as his shirt caught on fire.

“Cut it out Y/N,” Scott said sternly as Lydia and Stiles laughed.

Stopping, I couldn’t help but feel the corners of my mouth tug up into a light smile, grinning at Isaac’s stupid yet cute reaction.

I’m not gonna lie. I hated Isaac to my core. He was a cocky, arrogant, slick bastard that should get a slap every now and then, but screw it- that’s what made me love him even more. Everyone except Lydia knew,


“-you’re okay with it?” a voice asked.

“Huh?” I pondered, snapping out of my thoughts.

“So you’re okay with it? Practicing with Isaac?” Scoot cleared up.

“Practicing what?” I eyed worriedly, being careful not to let my heartbeat rise.

“Well, we thought that everyone needed to brush up on their physical combat skills since it’s getting more dangerous out here. Kira’s with Scott, Malia’s with me, and Lydia’s with Parrish,” Stiles explained.

“And you paired me with that mutt?” I gawked.

“Hey!” Isaac frowned, a look of hurt flashing over his face. “I’m not a mutt…”

“I don’t have a choice, do I?”

Nodding their heads no, we all parted ways.

“Well? Training’s not gonna happen itself,” Isaac sighed. Carrying both of our bags, we walked into the forest and found a clear opening and began doing what we did best- fight.

I’d throw a punch here and there but miss because of this stupid thing called werewolf reflexes, but he’d try to be swift like me and fall flat on his face, making me burst out in laughter.

Seeing it as a perfect opportunity, he swooped in and tackled me to the ground, pinning my arms above my head.

“Not so funny now, is it?” he grinned cockily.

I swung my arms over and exchanged positions so that I was straddling him with my hands over his wrists.

“Actually, I think it’s funnier.”

Getting off of each other, we brushed the leaves off and took some sips of water.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?” he wondered.

“No offence- but you just tackled me. To the ground. And I flipped you over. Bear in mind that you weigh about 185 pounds, so excuse me if I’m a little breathless-”

“You and I both know that’s not exactly the reason…” he said as he edged closer to me.

“Please Mr. Lahey, enlighten me.”

Leaning closer, I could practically feel my heart pounding out of my chest. Seeing as he wasn’t actually going to do anything, I turned around and began walking away when he spun me around and pinned me to a tree, pressing his lips against mine.

As I widened my eyes, he lightly bit my lower lip when I gave no response, enveloping me into a tender embrace.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I smiled as the kiss deepened.

Resting our foreheads against each others, I could sense him grinning and pulled away, smiling a little myself.

“I always knew you liked me,” he said, his lips tugging into a grin.

“You’re such a loser,” I scoffed.

“I’m your loser,” he pouted.

“C’mon. Scott said to come back to his house after we finish practice.”

Gathering up our stuff, Isaac grabbed me by the arm once more and pecked me on the cheek, making me blush.

“You sure you wanna talk to him about practice?”



I’m placing this personal ad in search of a pen pal, a kind friend to help me through this difficult time in life.
I’m 6’, 185 pounds, brown eyes, salt and pepper hair. Before I was sent to prison I was an over the road truck driver which I enjoyed because I love travel. My life began to unravel when I started spending more time sitting on barstools than working. I made some bad decisions which got me in a world of trouble. In November 2014 I was sentenced to twelve years for bank robbery. Wish I could turn back time and undo some of the things I’ve done in life. Guess we all have our regrets.
I spend my days reading, walking and exercising. I don’t receive much mail and at times these lonesome prison walls can fill me with despair. A letter has a way of telling me someone cares, brings a ray of sunshine to my day and so I’m optimistic about someone taking time to write and I look forward to your letter in the near future.

William Miller Jr #06087-067
USP Florence
PO Box 7000
Florence, CO 81226


16 | Michigan

you are all so beautiful along with this page, and it’s making me cry. i’m still struggling with loving my body, but each day i’m loving it a little more. i’m a little over 5'3" and i’m about 185 pounds. but god damn you are all so beautiful.