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HITORIE summary log, recent illusts and doodles from Twitter
didn’t post anything to the tag lately since it might be a clog….

ps. hi this is very important


update from the void about the thing i’m currently working on! i had couple of doodles done on my main blog, but sadly they’re too scrappy to be on here >_>

… for the TF2 one, i’ll be doing a 4koma mainly revolving around the support classes for 6-7 pages! after this, i’ll be doing bit of front and back cover and page layout for the entire fanbook ww

tbh i still haven’t started on DS one yet ahahaha…. i might have to chip the pages down to half along with lots of changes (x_x") anyway, let’s wait and see how i’ll get that done in the future…….


compiled doodles of my current megane band obsession in one post └( ^ω^ )」 Merry Shitscram Christmas everybody―!! ((└( ⊙ω⊙ )」)) ←(VERY LATE)

hope you all had a good Christmas this year, and is going to have a good New Year as well! my present (bought it myself and for myself) didn’t arrive on time and now i’m getting literally sick, so please don’t be me at all, it’s no good (crying)

also hey hey my Don’t Starve santa if you’re following this blog can i have Hitorie guys instead of my requests♪ (〃^ω^〃) ←(DO NOT FOLLOW)