- Sarah Goodridge, Beauty Revealed. Self portrait miniature on ivory. 2 5/8th inches by 3 1/8th inches. American. 1828.

Let me just type that year again: 1828.

A variation on a Lover’s Eye, this was a gift from Goodridge to Daniel Webster (he who bargained with the devil in Stephen Vincent Benet’s short story) and discovered in his possessions after his death. Most descriptions of the duo’s relationship depict them as “friends and correspondents.”

Right. She painted 12 portraits of Webster over the years. He burned her letters. She kept his, and never married.

Here’s the rest of Sarah Goodridge, in another self-portrait from a couple of years later.

This little piece kills me. Cell phone porn and texted seductions are nothing new. We just keep reinventing ways to tell each other we’ve fallen in love.

Johann Zoffany or Francesco Renaldi

Major William Palmer with His Second Wife, the Mughal Princess Bibi Faiz Bakhsh 

England (1785)

Oil on canvas, 101.5 x 127 cm.

Purchased by the India Office Library in 1924, this striking group portrait features Major William Palmer, Bengal Artillery (1740-1816), with his wife, Bibi Faiz Bakhsh ‘Faiz-un-Nisa’ Begum (died 1828), on his right and her sister Nur Begum on his left. His children in order of age are William (baptised 20 March 1782), Mary (b. 1783), Hastings (baptised 27 December 1785). Three women attendants complete the group. Major Palmer wears a red military coat and yellow waistcoat and the women and children are wearing cream dresses. They are seated on a red carpet in a courtyard with palm and plantain trees.

-The British Library

If You’re With Me

Word Count: 1828

Pairing: Mark Fischbach/Sean McLoughlin

Warnings: Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts

A/N: So.. hey. I spent about four hours on this, and I’m not really sure how it turned out. I got a major burst of inspiration and decided that I needed to write this. This is mostly platonic!Mark/Jack. Please listen to the warnings, though.


Jack never meant for anyone to find out. Especially not Mark.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you need your best friend to tell you that it’s going to be alright.

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Detail : The Death of Nessus.  1870.

Jules Elie Delaunay. French 1828-1891. oil/canvas.