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need refs/inspo for period clothing?

here you go:

lots of periods in one spot/fashion through centuries:

it indeed is western/european centric, I’m sorry for that, but for other cultures I simply don’t have so many references

ALSO note that most of the pictures show historical clothing from the upper classes or more festive clothing of the lower/working class because normal working clothes wouldn’t survive for such a long time, and the clothes were often re-used over and over again!



These books were pulled from the stock because they’re in English and we don’t sell English.. BUT–! They’re also really kinda cool: They’re nothing but British women’s fashion plates from 1828-9 and 1843-4.

The question all of you out there is whether it be helpful or interesting for anyone for there to be a side-blog to post a bunch of these plates? 

(These kinda-crappy photos are just from a phone camera but I can easily take better photos with a better camera.)

I think people from these fandoms might be interested? : les mis, jane austen, american civil war (maaaybe if it’s a figure’s youthhood or something)

…There’re probably other fandoms from ~1820 to ~1850 that I don’t know about too.

Anyway, just checking for interest. Might do it anyway, but wanted to see what other people had to think first.



Jean-Pierre Boyer (15 February 1776 – 9 July 1850) was one of the leaders of the Haitian Revolution, and President of Haiti from 1818 to 1843. He reunited the north and south of Haiti in 1820 and also annexed newly independent Spanish Haiti (Santo Domingo), which brought all of Hispaniola under one Haitian government by 1822. Boyer managed to rule for the longest period of time of any of the revolutionary leaders of his generation.


John Martin (1789–1854, England)

Dramatic landscapes 1

John Martin was an English Romantic painter and one of the most popular artists of his day. He was celebrated for his typically vast and melodramatic paintings of religious subjects and fantastic compositions, populated with minute figures placed in imposing landscapes. His dramatic and subjective style of composition was in stark contrast to the emerging schools of naturalism and realism, which led his work to fall out of critical favour soon after his death, however a revival in interest has occured towards the end of the 20th century, and now his major works are popular pieces of many museum’s collections.


Collection’s Highlight: Camisole 

Our donor file indicates that this was a childs undershirt, hence the title “camisole”.  Although, I am open to other ideas about the piece. So let me know what you think.   

Camisole, ca. 1820-1840, cotton, L: 17 x W: 16 in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Dr. Janet K. Smith, N0142.1974. 

Period guys (and gals!) in glasses

A special post for Combeferre today.  You’re not alone in poor eyesight!

^^^This Belgian fellow couldn’t settle for just one set of magnifiers.

^^^Awesome lady!  Rock those glasses, girl!

^^^Don’t know what to say here……….>___>

^^^Another hip lady!

^^^Some of the spectacles themselves.  Tinted spectacles, like today, were used for a variety of protective purposes, usually against light or chemicals, while clear lens were mainly for reading.  Good luck getting long-distance spectacles!

^^^And, because we know men have always been lazy.  An 1832 cariacature promising “living made easy”: revolving hats that had all the gadgets men needed attached to their brims, from cigarettes to eyeglasses. Because “the intolerable trouble of holding them” was just too much.

So, see, Combeferre!  Lots of hot 1820s-1840s guys in glasses!  There’s still hope for you yet…!  :D


Tobi-Oiran 飛花魁 (Flying geisha) - Japan - “1820-1840″

Fuji Airways company 富士飛行社 air hostess advertising - Fuji-Q Highland 富士急ハイランド theme park, Fujiyoshida 富士吉田, Yamanashi Prefecture 山梨県 - 2014

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