Gender Neutral Pop-Punk

A mix of pop-punk songs about somebody, that use gender neutral language!

Don’t Go, Don’t Stray - Transit // Home For Fall - Real Friends // There, There - The Wonder Years // I Miss You - Candy Hearts // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // When It Rains - Paramore // Love Your Friends, Die Laughing - Man Overboard // I’ll Give You A Hint, Yes - Mixtapes // Jesus Christ - Brand New // I Miss You - Blink-182 // Hot 97 Summer Jam - Chumped // Losing Teeth - Neck Deep // Sleep Talk - Old Again



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you ever hear one song while listening to an album and angrily think “this is brilliant, amazing. why wasn’t this one a single?!” because you wanted the general public to feel this song as hard as you did?

anonymous asked:

make a list with your favorite songs from your favorite bands

oh damn.. fine. Not in any particular order..

  • Pretty Little Girl by Blink 182
  • Terrible Things by Mayday Parade
  • All Signs Point To Lauderdale by A Day To Remember
  • King For A Day (Not my fav but I wanna include both Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil here)
  • Amelia by Tonight Alive
  • Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  • Walk by Foo Fighters
  • Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  • Robbers by The 1975

This is seriously not fair.. like I left out a bunch of bands and songs that I love :(

Send me anons with whatever you’re thinking right now! 👅💥


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