watching a band grow up and get bigger is simultaneously the happiest and saddest thing

well, uh, it seems like one of my tumblr posts has accidentally led to the guy who voices steven universe’s dad clarifying that he did not, in fact, cover blink-182’s “all the small things” on the first kidz bop album


Gregory Allen Barnes (left) was a columbine massacre survivor, but shortly after, hung himself in his garage with an electrical cord while listening to Adam’s Song by Blink 182 on repeat. On May 4th 2000 he took his own life after struggling with the depression and aftermath of witnessing the murder of William David Sanders (middle) and his friend, Matthew Joseph Kechter (right), at Columbine High School.

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I'm so sad that Rosie and Mischachaslide will never live in ur game like can they just turn up from another planet and be like lol sisters!! hey blue!! because my gay ass needs them in my life and I'm living vicariously thru ur blog omf

i really goofed up man we could have been blesst w angels but we r cursed w peppermint patty lokin rudolph th red nose reindeer lookin 2 ft tall sweaty all time low blink 182 fall out boy trash lookin ass blue woulds……………………….dont worry ill post pix of mischo and rose all the time ok RIP maybe if i ever………..stop this “legacy”……i can start a new one w misch ?????????????????????? idk man who even knos what the future hold can u tell im runnin on low sleep thx bye love u note t o self delete this tomorrow ok xoxoo

I saw Blink-182 last night with my brother, which was the first time we’d seen them or really heard them since Matt Skiba replaced Tom, and we were surrounded by all these teenagers? who were losing their shit over the new songs and we were like “play Josie! Play Carousel! M+Ms!” and no one around us knew what we were talking about and we felt really old.