Week 2 RECAP of 181 Days

It has been two weeks since I began my “181 Days” Challenge, so here is the weekly recap on how I handled my goals.

SW: 222 lbs; CW: 196.7 lbs; GW: 135 lbs



1.  Workout for at least 35 minutes, 6 days out of the week.

I worked out only 4 days.  Some of those days more than 35 minutes, some under 35 minutes.  My goal again for the coming week is to workout for at least 5 days.

2.  Water! Water! Water!

I did fairly well on this one.  Not as great as last week. I tend to forget about my water intake which isn’t good. My goal for this coming week is to do better with Water! Water! Water! And to drink more green tea in the hopes of sparking my metabolism.

3.  Post to tumblr every day for accountability.

Again, using instagram/tumblr to post my food and workouts worked out very well. I did fall off the grid on some of Saturday and Sunday which is something I need to continue to work on in the coming week.

4.  Track calories every day.

Like with posting to my photo diary, I fell off the grid during the weekend.  My goal this coming week is to make sure I track EVERYTHING this week. COMMON WEEK TWO!

5. Limit sugar & processed foods / Avoid it at all costs

I’m not really sure how I did on this.  I would say I avoided a lot, but also my cheese and carb intake went up.


This second week has been sort of a weird week.  Filled with cravings and being on my period.  I’m upset that I gained weight.  I truly felt I had lost weight, so I am just going to focus on how I feel and not the number.  BUT I do need to pay attention to the food this week, as always.  Less cheese and carbs, more protein and veges.  I want to do really well this week because I am going home next week seeing friends and family which is always a time when it is super difficult to stay on track.  I just have to remember that at the end of that week I am in a wedding and want to fit in my dress!


Posting a selfie from this weekend where I felt beautiful. I haven’t worked out friday, saturday, or sunday so I’m very nervous about weigh in tomorrow. I’ve drank this weekend, but tried to stay away from the sugary mixers in drinks. I like to go out, dance, and have a good time which unfortunately involves drinking. I need to watch the alcohol intake when I go out and most definitely have to keep up with tracking my food #trackfood #weightloss #181days #beautiful

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