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Im truly fascinated by how much some of these ppl know, like ppl who are experts in rugs… i wanna be an expert in something like that. I wanna be able to look at a rug and tell u exactly where it came from, and how much its worth

i like to imagine that they keep their power levels concealed in everyday conversations but after three or four drinks they just start talking nonstop about knots per square inch and restoration methods

Tumblr Crushes:

I believe this is the only one that has ever seemed somewhat accurate.
I want to scoop you all up and bring you here so we can be bestfransforever

‘cept kate because you live here and I just suck and never hangout with you ( ._.)

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internet explorer anime personification :(

ok but how can u tell between the new porn of the anime ie gal and the old porn of internet browsers people were already drawing? fucked up. 

another question: which group is more pathetic, those who are drawing porn of ie anime person, or those who drew browser anime porn beforehand??

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it rarely happens because i try not to follow ppl who i think are stupid but sometimes it does and that sucks! also im starting calculus on monday

i agree, it rarely happens to me too bc i usually do a thorough investigation of the blog before following but sometimes ppl fool you :// and OH MY GOD calculus is my son have fun omg if u like math u will LOVE calculus! it’s basically just algebra 1 on steroids, my calc teacher likes to say

I didn’t see that post but ignoring genders I’d just say its cause she was making a generalization opposed to a specific attack

Like saying “all people are gross” is very different than “you are gross”