1800s jokes


Some Random Guy: *Literally risking his life because he Really Likes a video game*

Prompto: Whoa! What do you think they’re doing?

Noctis: Some kind of contest?

Prompto: All the way up there? Looks a little risky, don’t you think?

Noctis: Nah. I’d be there and back in a flash. 

Ignis: I’d fancy a walk up there.

Noctis: You seriously want to do that?

Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”

Noctis: How do you even know that word?


[day 30“what’s your greatest fear?” they ask. “to be forgotten,” i tell them. “but not just that. to be forgotten by a person who i could never forget”

flowers-and-honey  asked:

What's your opinion on the whole Hamilton/Angelica thing?

Ah, Hamilton and Angelica: the eternal question. I personally don’t think they were having any kind of affair, emotional or otherwise. Their correspondence is definitely flirtatious and playful, but not very different from many other letters exchanged between male and female friends at this time. The key evidence for me is just how involved Eliza was in their relationship. For example, on January 26, 1800, Hamilton wrote a letter to Eliza and requested at the end, “Deliver the inclosed [to Angelica] yourself as it contains a little waggery.” The enclosed letter is a comical, flirtatious note to Angelica, dated January 22, 1800, where he joked at length about having eaten dinner sitting across from her portrait in Albany. He seemed to understand that should the letter fall into the wrong hands, it might be used to slander him by supporting the rumor that he and Angelica were romantically attached. Yet, he doesn’t mind Eliza having the letter. The way they wrote and spoke to each other was fun precisely because everyone involved understood that it wasn’t serious.

The distinct difference in intimacy between Hamilton’s letters to Angelica and his letters to Eliza is also striking. With Angelica, he was almost unfailingly witty, charming and playful. Angelica, likewise, tended to have a very fun, upbeat tone when she was writing to Hamilton. I’m having trouble finding it, but I recall reading a letter from Angelica to Eliza where Angelica explained that she was feeling a little low and would write to Hamilton separately when she was feeling more upbeat and witty. On the other hand, while Hamilton’s letters to Eliza can be funny, sweet, and romantic, he would also write to her when he was feeling sad, lonely, homesick, or even just to complain about having a cold. He was much more open, honest, and relaxed when he was writing to his wife. If Hamilton and Angelica truly had a decades long love affair, I feel like their letters would more closely resemble his letters to Eliza in tone; they wouldn’t constantly need to be “on” with each other when they were exchanging private letters.

Okay but how is Odette any better than Regine all her training methods basically boil down to shoving Felicie onto some death contraption and praying she’s competant enough to not get killed or horribly injured like that pirouette machine??? Balancing her on a rolling barrel?? Making her jump backwards up a staircase?? Forcing her leg up past its limit?? Putting her en pointe after like a week?? She’s flippin’ evil at least Regine uses actual workout machines to train Camille

As far as getting car parts were concerned, you’d think it would be easier. But with makes and models, and a million different parts with the smallest of differences, it took a large inventory to be prepared for any ordeal. Lincoln, didn’t have that kind of inventory, so ordering parts was common for his business. He’d stopped in the park a second, knowing he was early for the estimated pick up time and had some time to kill. As he leaned against a tree about to light a cigarette he saw someone approaching out of the corner of his eye. Without giving them much of a look, he piped up. “Look, I already know what you’re going to ask.” he commented as he lit the cigarette between his lips, releasing a puff of smoke before he continued. “I am more than happy to mug that old couple with you, but I won’t help for less than sixty percent of what we make off them. I mean you’re probably expecting me to do most of the work after all.” he said with a devilish grin, referring to a totally innocent and seemingly lovely couple sitting by the water. He could have been joking, then again he did love money. “Take it or leave it, you won’t get a much better deal”