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Hi there! Could you please spread words on your Tumblr about how people from other countries than the US can call Netflix too? I see people claiming they can only phone them from the USA but that's not true. At least from Germany you can call them as well. Check for a phone number on the bottom on their help page.

Here are all the numbers I was able to gather for everyone around the world to be able to call netflix and express their concern about the cancellation of sense8:

United States: 1 (866) 579-7172

Canada: 866-579-7115

Colombia: 01-800-755-0114

México: 01800-265-0161

España: 900866616

Argentina:  0800-444-2169

Panamá: +1 (408) 600-1721

Brazil: 0-800-086-4041

United Kingdom: 0800-096-6379

Germany: 0800-724-0963

France: +1-800-585-7265

Italy: 800-784-308

The Netherlands: 0800-022-5173

Australia: 1800-071-578

These numbers are really hard to get because netflix doesn’t let you on the website unless you reside in that country. This was all I was able to get. If I can. I’ll keep updating it or if anyone lives elsewhere and can reblog and provide the number for the customer service care in their country that’d also be amazing. I’ll be on a hunt to make a mass post.


Nock pepperbox musket

Manufactured by Henry Nock’s company in London c.~1800 - no serial number.
.44 ball, smoothbore manually indexed six-barrel cluster, self-priming flintlock.

A considerable upgrade on his 1779 seven-barreled volley gun, Nocks uses the revolving technology of American gunsmith Artemus Wheeler and adds to it a self-priming mechanism of his own design, which would later be the basis of Elisha Collier’s famous designs. This firearm would allow its user to fire a shot, lock the barrel cluster into its next position, cock the hammer, lower the frizzen and take another shot, up to six times in a row. It was a considerably faster rate of fire than any musket at the time.


Oh god. I just watched season 2. I am slain. I am dead. it was so good.

And they cancelled it.

So I called to leave feedback.

It was super easy. If you are a current customer and you click their help page to get their -1800 number AND there is a 6-digit number they will give you to speed you into a response. I told them I just finished Sense8. It was amazing. I was really sad they cancelled it. I would really, really like for them to reconsider that. The lady on the phone was very nice. They have a system for accepting feedback like that. They took my name and email so they could establish she had the correct account and also email me if the management decided to un-cancel the show and I could get an update by email. And they thanked me and I was done. It was super easy. I hate talking to people on the phone but damnit I wanted them to know I was bummed and I am a paying customer and I want more stuff as great as Sense8 for my money.

Apparently Calling is a really good way to ping management’s radar. They said they were getting a lot of calls about this show specifically but if there was anything I learned this year its the importance of speaking up.

Even if you hate chatting on the phone, if you liked the show, call. I can assure you it’s really quick and painless. Just say you loved the show and are really bummed it was cancelled, and would really like it if management reconsidered that decision. That’s it. it’s easy.

Anyway oh MY GOD. OH GOD it was amazing and I need more. and if they don’t film it for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY JMS + Wachowski’s please please please write me a comic book.

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Love when customers demand our corporate number..... it's 1800-storename. Enjoy the automated machine! And underpaid customer service reps in call centers who do not care about your issue and will never pass along your complaints

Three’s A Crowd pt. 2

Going without panties for the rest of the day was equal parts arousing and stressful. Knowing that one misstep, one off angle and someone would see just how lewd you were sent shivers down your spine. But speaking to both subordinates and superiors with this overwhelming feeling like they might know knocked the air out of your chest.

You had sent several vulgarity laced text messages to Gabriel, only receiving a smiley faces and a pic of your panties on his desk. You felt your heart stop as all the blood rushed to your face, your fingers racing over the keyboard as you prepared to cuss the cocky LA-native out, only to have a message notification from Jack appear on your screen. You sniffed at the message you had been writing to Gabe and opened the notification from Jack, smiling at the sight.

‘Dinner and tv @ 8 in my room?’

You texted back a quick ‘affirmative’, grinning to yourself. At least someone knew how to play nice and she was pretty damn sure Jack would never steal her underwear. Although, you couldn’t help wonder how the boy scout might react to finding out you weren’t wearing any. You licked your lips slowly, a mischievous idea forming in your head. You glanced at your computer, the numbers 1800 blinking at you to let you know it was quitting time. You grinned wide, taking off towards your room so you could ‘prepare’.


Jack hit the panel to the side of his door, the frame sliding open to reveal you to one another. The wear was casual as far as you two were concerned when you hung out, but that didn’t mean shabby. Jack was dressed in a pair of his navy blue Overwatch PT sweatpants and a white tank top that you greatly appreciated. His muscular arms and shoulders were out, and the top dipped just low enough to show off his collarbone and a bit of his perfect pectorals. You just knew you would have to mark his creamy skin up.

He slid sideway, sweeping his arm in a playful gesture to ask you to come in. You chuckled as you gave him a half bow as you walked in. You immediately kicked off your running shoes, smirking as the door began to slide closed.

“Hey Y/N”, he greeted warmly, giving you an appreciative once over. “Got a shower in I see.”

You appreciated what a higher rank had given you, a private bathroom the most perfect blessing in disguise after a long day. Your hair was still damp, hanging in loose waves around your shoulders and back. You had worn your full Overwatch PT gear; the hoodie and the sweats. But what was underneath was the real treasure.

“So what’s the grub for tonight”, you asked nonchalantly, grabbing the commander by the hand and pulling him into the kitchen. Jack was still a farm boy through and through; fried potatoes, homemade breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and cheeses. While his meals weren’t fancy, they were hearty and delicious, especially after you taught the Indiana-native what spices could kick his meals up a notch. Although, it looked like the man had ordered out tonight, a bag of takeout resting on his counter.

“Picked up some takeout”, he said with that kind smile of his. You swore those baby blues of his sparkled whenever he smiled like that. “Sushi and noodles alright with you?”

“Oh definitely”, you said with a grin, hopping onto the opposite counter as he began to dig into the bag. This gave you the perfect angle to stare at the muscles in his back,  a slow perverse smile growing on your lips. You wanted to dig your nails into that skin and watch those pink marks pop up. Maybe dinner could wait. “Mind if I get comfortable?”

Warmth ran through you at his laughter, your hands resting on the zipper to your hoodie.

“Of course”, he said warmly, combing through the bag and pulling out each item. You blessed his heat as you jumped off the counter for a moment, unzipping the hoodie and wiggling out of your loose sweatpants. You folded them quickly, placing them on the counter and jumping back onto the the counter and crossing your legs with a slight arch of your back as you watched Jack separate everything. “You want tuna or sal–”


You loved the fact that he turned pink when he began to get aroused, the flush starting at his cheeks and the top of his ears. It seemed he really like your outfit. After jumping out of the shower you had thrown on a blue tank top that dipped down and showed off your cleavage and clung to your curves. The black short shorts you had worn clung to your round hip and thick thighs. Your body grew hot as Jack looked you up and down, your thighs clenching together as you saw a bulge begin to form in his pants. You opened your arms to him, smiling as you motioned him forward with your hands. He moved forward, his warm hands sliding over your waist and gently resting on your back, pressing you to him. Resting your arms against his shoulders, you leaned forward, pressing a soft, slow kiss against his lips.

“How about we work up an appetite first”, you asked against his lips, smiling as he gave a slight nod before picking you up off of the counter. Both of you laughed against each other’s lips as your legs wrapped around his waist as his hands holding your thighs. He carried you to the living room, you both still soaking in the softness of the other lips against their own. You squeaked as Jack dropped onto the couch, giggling against his lips as your hips fell into his, his bulge pressing against your barely covered mound. “Happy to see me?”

He rolled his eyes at you before his hand moved from your thighs to your ass, massaging the soft fullness gently before his hands dragged up your back. You whined against his lips, arching into him as your hands began to explore themselves. There was no rush in your touches, your fingers lightly stroking his face and chin before running over his neck. You hummed, pleased against his lips as he let out a soft growl when your hands touched the sensitive pulse point of his neck. You rubbed there purposefully, grinding your hips down against him until his hands dragged away from the sensitive spot on your back and grabbed your hips to still them.

“Hmmm”, you teased playfully before squeaking as he suddenly began to yank your shirt up, breaking your kiss as he pulled the shirt over your head. “Oh you have me at a disadvantage Jackie.”

Your hands pulled away from his neck and down his chest, your nails dragging against his skin, leaving pink-red marks until you got to his shirt. Your couldn’t help but sigh at the feel of those strong muscles under your hands, jumping and moaning as Jack began to litter kisses over your jaw and to your neck. You could barely focus, your fingers grazing the hems of his shirt before pulling his tank top up. You hated to feel his lips pull away from your sensitive skin, shivering hard as you finally evened the playing field. Your fingers and his lips found one another again, your hands massaging his chest and nipples, his mouth finding your own.

“Ah Jack”, you gasped as his tongue gently circled your hard bud, his other hand massaging the opposite side. His touch was firm yet gentle, your pleasure fried nerves aching delightfully under his touch. You felt him smile around the swell of your breast, increasing the speed at which his tongue and fingers moved, making your hips grind down needily into his. Your hand jumped pushing his hand hard against your bosom, feeling your wetness soak the crotch of your shorts. You couldn’t stand this, hated and loved him for the fact he could pull all of these sounds and reactions out of you just by kissing you. You needed him inside of you now. “Jack…Jack, fuck me?”

You whined through panting breath, the man taking his time to pull away, basking of the feel of your hand in his hair and scratching at his scalp. That drew a sigh from his lips, the farm boy pulling back from your tit with a slight pop. He grinned that too sweet grin of his, a look of desire in his gaze.

“Well since you asked so nicely”, he teased, his arm wrapping securely around your waist as he shifted forward on the couch.

A gasp tumbled from your lips, the hardness of his cock rubbing delightfully against your mound. He leaned forward with you, littering kisses against your breasts and collarbone, his free hand reaching out to grab his small box of condoms. You practically purred as he continued to lavish your skin in attention, you could feel the slightest smile in his actions. He pulled the small packet out, handing it, handing it off to you before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. You moaned, fingers shaking as you tore the pack open, wiggling back on his lap as his hands worked on loosening the tie on his pants. You hummed appreciatively as he freed himself, biting your lip eagerly.

You made quick work of sliding the condom over his dick, lifting off of his lap briefly and lining yourself up with him. Jack’s arm stayed wrapped around your back, his other hand digging into your hip as you lowered yourself onto him.

“Shit”, he breathed out as you reseated yourself onto his lap. You felt so full, your clit throbbing in delight as you began to bounce onto his lap.

You began to rock your hips slowly, feeling him throb as he filled you up. Jack had a delightful curve that rubbed at your walls and made you feel like you would explode from the pleasure of it all. The both of you set your pace slow and steady, Jack’s kisses and licks becoming a little more firm, turning into light nips at your neck and breasts and nipples. Your hands moved to his shoulders for leverage,  nails digging into his muscles as you felt heat begin to pool faster in the pit of your stomach.

“Jack”, you cried out, his hand dragging from your hip, the pad of his thumb finding your clit.

He knew exactly what he was doing, bringing you to your peak as your walls squeezed tighter around him. He began to bounce you faster on his lap, his thumb rolling in circles as his mouth found your breast again. Your head rolled back in joy, eyes squeezing shut tight as you tried to ride the waves as the knot in your stomach grew tighter and tighter. You forgot how to breathe for a moment, biting down hard on your bottom lip as you felt the end draw near.

“That’s it”, Jack panted against your skin, making your entire body sizzle at the thought of him watching you as you neared climax. “Go on.”

His voice was growing tighter, his thrusts harder as he egged you on. All at once, you inhaled sharply as you were thrown over the edge, your eyes flying open as you came.

“J-Jack”, you screamed, your walls clamping down hard on his shaft, nails actually digging into his skin. He wouldn’t ease up on your clit, still rolling in circles as your body twitched and burned. You were dying the sweetest death, your ears barely registering the sound of his door opening. “J-Jack oh pl-please please…ohhh my…g-g-Gabe?!”

You were still basking in the depth of orgasm when your eyes landed on the smirking facade of Gabriel Reyes. You tore your eyes tore away from his, squeezing shut as you tried to calm your body down, your brain pulled in two different directions. You felt Jack’s arm tighten around you as he came, grunting softly against your shoulder. The both of you sat panting for a moment until you heard the sound of Gabe’s husky chuckle and a slow clap of the hands.

“Looks like you two are having fun”, he teased as an abashed blush burned through you. “Up for an encore?”

((Since I got an ask for the first time the three of them are together, I’m going to use that to make the final part three!!))


Pair of Flintlock Pistols by Tow

Manufactured by John Tow of Griffin and Tow for the British East India Company c.early 1800′s - serial number 289492A.
.69 loose powder and ball, flintlock, bronze barrel and trigger guard as fit for Navy service.

Note the flared muzzles to accommodate reloading on a moving ship or dolphin.
Not a lobster though.

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To the anon that seemed to be struggling (plus anyone else): If you have no one to talk to about all this, Qlife has a phone number you can call and an online chat where you can connect with someone trained to help with lgbt issues. I've contacted them a few times and they're really nice

Thanks for the advice! Link to their website. That number is 1800 184 527.

Giant squid hanging over Rev. Moses Harvey’s bathtub

The squid that “attacked” the reverend and his companion in their dory was on the smaller end of how large adult giant squids (Architeuthis dux) can be, but was still massive. The mantle (body) of the squid is largely removed in this photograph; only the beak and tentacles remain.

In the late 1800s, an unusually large number of giant squid strandings occurred in Newfoundland and New Zealand. This may have been due to a change in the abyssal waters in those areas, or an increased population simply showing up more often, since sperm whales (their primary predators) were nearly hunted to extinction.

After this “attack” (more likely the flailing tentacles of a dying squid happening to hook onto a boat), Rev. Harvey, already keenly studying the natural history of St. John’s, Newfoundland, found ways to discern some of the habits and behaviors of giant squid, despite not being able to directly observe live specimens. It was through his published accounts that many naturalists in Britain and North America became acquainted with one of the giants of the deep sea.

Logy bay giant squid - 1873” from Wikipedia.en.

Every day it's something different. 🙃

Yesterday I had a lady call the store saying her drink was wrong so I offered her a refund, free drink, and a $4 off card next time she came in. I left not one but TWO noted for the supervisors in the morning explaining what happened and what to do. She was nice on the phone so I wanted her to leave here happy.

Today she came in before my shift, told the person on POS that she talked to me and wanted a refund and the $4 off card. Apparently, the dumbass on POS said the supervisor was on break and all they could do was give her a free drink. Bullshit, anyone could have refunded her. Only the shifts carry the $4 off cards but they can still refund.

So later today she calls and said they gave her the free drink but no card and no refund. At this point I’m upset with the midday staff like obviously she talked to me previously and I told her to tell them to give her a refund and card. Dumbasses.

Then she gets a little crazy on the phone. I told her I was here from 2pm-10pm every night for the next week and that if she or her husband who sometimes comes in can make it, I’ll take care of them personally and have them in and out within five minutes with a refund and TWO $4 off cards.

She said she was moving soon so it was hard to find time so I told her to call the 1800 number on the back of her card and the customer contact center could put the money back and an extra $25.

Instead she asked if I could call the customer center for her because she didn’t have time (meanwhile it’s already been 20 minutes she’s been on the phone with me) and that they ask a lot of questions like what store she went to, who she talked to and I told her I can provide the information for her and they could put money onto her card within ten minutes. No, she still wanted me to call. I told her I’d had to be her or her husband because of security reasons it has to be the card holder calling.

Answer was no. Okay so she’s not coming in because she has no time or won’t call the customer center DESIGNED TO HELP CUSTOMERS because she has no time but yet she has 20 minutes to call my store.

THEN she asks why I don’t just mail her the $4 off card. You know, from a MAJOR company that doesn’t have outgoing mail because everythings shipped via WAREHOUSE (by FedEx). I told her that’s not a thing and she should call the 1800 number if she’s not coming in.

THEN (yes more), she asks why don’t I just go on the register, find her order and refund her from there. AGAIN I explain it’s a security issue and I can’t just type her card number, I literally have to physically swipe her card. There’s NO WHERE to enter her card numbers.

After 30 long minutes I tell her to call back here Monday and talk to my boss who can help her (honestly my boss is just going to tell her exactly what I told her because there is no physical way to do it unless she comes to any of our stores or calls the number ) so I'ma let my boss deal with her.

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So I'm writing a historical fantasy that's set in the 1700s in something close to a frigate. I've been looking for videos and visuals on such ships but so far nothing has come up aside from tours that focus more on people talking than they do what's on the ship around them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You happen to have asked the right person, my friend. 

I’m going to start out with a wee homage, if I may, to the delightful old man who fed me all of his knowledge on 1700s-1800s ships. He was probably well over eighty, and hovering anxiously over the few visitors to the HMS Victory who were present on that day. I spent five hours asking him questions and there wasn’t one he couldn’t answer. So, all credit to this answer, barring any pictures, goes directly to him. 

That said, let’s get started. 

1. The Overview

Prior to the 18th Century, a ‘frigate’ wasn’t actually a type of ship. It was a blanket term used for a fast warship. In the 1700s, it became a class of its own; a warship designed to be able to out-manoeuvre the enemy whilst packing some decent firepower on deck. It was characterised by having square sails on each mast. In the earlier days of its construction, a frigate would carry up to sixty cannons across two decks (these ships were called ‘great frigates’) and they were the masters of the ‘broadside’ tactic in naval warfare (which is the practice of firing all guns on one side of the ship at the same time - a double broadside is firing both sides). 

By the time period you’re involved with, however, a frigate wasn’t such a grand vessel. It became a fifth-rate ship (in the British Royal Navy ratings, which are very complex so I won’t go into them in full here), which means that it would have had the following arsenal:

- No gun ports on the lower deck (as of around 1750, the Navy began to realise that having two decks of guns on a ship designed to move low in the water for speed was fairly pointless; opening the lower hatches let water in all too often)

- Between 26-30 12-pounder cannons on the upper deck (realistically, the closer to 1750 one goes, the more likely for 26 - the closer to 1800, the more likely number was 30). A 12 pounder cannon would take between 3-7 men to operate. 

- 6-pounder cannons on the forecastle and quarterdeck. These guns required two or three men to operate.

- 32 guns total; it really depended on the Captain’s choice as to whether he exchanged a couple of 12-pounders for strategically placed 6-pounders. When the broadside became more popular, the 12-pounders were a more common choice. The average reload time for a skilled and well-manned crew was between 60-90 seconds (60 seconds was considered masterful).

- A tonnage of between 850-1450. Some sources claim that 700 tonnes was manageable, but on the whole, for a well-gunned and manned ship, you’re looking at about the 1000 mark. 

- A minimum crew of 150 (this was considered extremely understaffed) and a maximum of 294. Ideal numbers were above the 250 mark. 

The primary purpose of a frigate during this era was disruption. Trade routes and landing passages would have been patrolled by them in order to maintain security. The idea of the frigate was to be a strong in-betweener; it was designed to be fast enough to out-manoeuvre larger vessels and strong enough to demolish smaller ones. 

The process of firing a cannon was fairly lengthy. The cannons themselves would be tied with rope so that the kickback wouldn’t propel them through the other side of the ship, but there would be enough give to allow them to wheel in and out of place. To load a cannon:

1. Young sailors, often boys, would run from the powder room to the gun deck. These boys were called powder monkeys. 

2. The gunners would then stuff powder bags down the barrel of the cannon. A careful gunner would ramrod these into place before putting the ball inside, as it ensured that the powder properly compacted and didn’t limit firing range. 

3. The ball would be rolled into the barrel and the gunner would then ramrod it. 

4. The gunners would then roll the cannon forwards and aim accordingly. 

5. Once aim was taken, the fuse would be lit and the cannon would fire. Stepping back was very wise at this point, as a broken foot (or face, those things really do jump) would be catastrophic. 

6. The barrel would be swabbed for any remaining embers. Putting gunpowder into an unswabbed cannon would be asking for death.

7. Rinse and repeat. Again, doing this in 60 seconds would be considered the height of cannon-fire skill. 

2. The Layout

This is the most accurate visual anatomy I could find for you. The missing parts from this diagram are the prow and bowsprit (the forward-facing frontal mast) and the masts themselves (from front to back: the foremast, the main mast and the mizzen mast). 

The spar deck is another name for the upper deck, which reaches from stern to stem. 

The gun deck was used exclusively for cannons and the Captain’s cabin. If the ship was running high on manpower, the crew might also have hammocks in here to create more sleeping space. On smaller frigates, this deck wouldn’t be used for guns (they would be situated on the upper deck, forecastle and quarterdeck) but would still be referred to as the gun deck. 

The berth deck was where the crew ‘lived’. They slept and ate here and would likely have often referred to it as the ‘galley’. 

The orlop is where things get stowed; cargo, food, ammunition, weaponry and gunpowder would be kept here. It was a frigate’s weak point, because the powder room would be located here. A hit in the right place would not only cripple the vessel, but blow it to pieces. 

The hold was also used for storage. The problem with the hold on a frigate was that it often got damp (if not all out soaking wet), so perishable goods were no real use there. A risky Captain might try to store gunpowder there in order to outwit his enemies if they tried to fire at his powder room, but wet powder is no use to anyone. This part of the ship usually stank (not that the rest of it would be pleasant).

3. Life on a Frigate

Serving on a frigate was a desirable post for aspiring (or strong-stomached) seafaring gents because of the type of work they would be doing. Patrols often yielded additional riches from trade routes and sinking enemy vessels, and there was almost always an unofficial share spread out to the crew.

Otherwise, life on a frigate wasn’t very glamorous. The space would have been cramped even if the crew was at minimum and there were several unpleasant Navy rules that limited alcohol consumption and gambling.

Misbehaviour at sea met with harsh punishments. Flogging was the most common, but there were also other punishments such as being covered in tar and feathers, being thrown overboard attached to a rope or being ‘keel-hauled’, which was to be thrown overboard with the rope and the ship would be turned so that the poor fellow was dragged underneath the ship itself.

Eating was one of the risky businesses of being at sea. The primary diet of seamen was biscuits, cheese, fish and salted meats, all of which would go stale or sour over time. A portion of maggots or weevils with your biscuits wasn’t uncommon. The cook would more than likely be an invalid veteran or a man who could no longer serve as anything else, so the quality was also questionable.

Vermin would be rife on ships. They would hop on board at the docks and then raid the food. They spread disease and parasites whilst on board. The threat of illness from rats wasn’t the only threat; the lack of vitamin C in the diet could cause scurvy, and if a seaman was unfortunate enough to be wounded, infection and gangrene were likely after the cramped and unsanitary conditions of the medical bay.

All in all, the promise of the life at sea was more grim than most expected. In fact, it reached such unpopularity that men being ‘press-ganged’ into becoming sailors became increasingly common. The pay wasn’t great in the Navy (in fact it was more profitable to sail on a Merchant vessel), but the promise of extra booty was the supposed incentive.

4. Summary

So, in short, you’re looking at a fast ship with rotting sailors and some decent firepower.

http://phrontistery.info/nautical.html This is a great list of nautical language that your sailors could use, if you’re looking to be authentic.

http://www.history.navy.mil/trivia/trivia03.htm You’ll find some general words and tools here for that ‘real feel’.

http://www.ageofsail.net/aostermi.asp And here’s some more terminology and nitty-gritty details.

I hope that helps! It feels a bit brief (I know, I know) but that’s the general overview of what you’re looking at. If you need more intricate detail about anything, please do message me and we’ll talk ships.

Good luck!


Wizarding Families: The Potters

As one of the most distinguished names in British Wizarding history, it’s hard to believe that the Potter family has been one of the smallest Pureblooded families for almost a century. Scuttling precariously upon the edges of extinction, the family’s numbers have dwindled due to various misfortunes, and until 2002, had only one member to its name - Harry Potter. But the ancient family’s mysterious history has more to its name than our favourite wizarding hero. 

The Potters’ initial foundations lie in Godric’s Hollow, situated in the West Country of England. The details of their arrival are unclear, however the earliest records of the Potter name in Godric’s Hollow date back to 1252, making them one of the oldest existing English wizarding names. Oddly though, succeeding the 1650’s - for a reason that is yet to be disclosed - the family secluded itself from the community. They built a large manor house upon the sheltered fields of Gloucestershire, concealing themselves from the wizarding community, their children often considered ‘reserved’ by their peers. 

Gladys Athwyn, a Hogwarts classmate of Leander Potter in 1762 - a keen diary writer - writes: “Transfiguration essay due Wednesday. Have not yet reclaimed my quill of which I lent to Leander Potter. Struggling to repossess; the Potters are rarely seen anywhere but lessons.“ 

What was the reason behind the Potters strange behaviour? What secrets forced them to resort to concealing themselves from a community in which they were so welcomed? Records on the Potter’s antics for the next 300 years are oddly limited, however we can gather that their numbers diminished rapidly. This was for a mixture of reasons - the abundance of females being born, whose name traditionally changed to their husbands’ in their succeeding marriage; the family also suffered a high mortality rate and fertility issues, which predominantly targeted male members.
By the 1800s their numbers were reduced to just 6, which presumably forced them to resurface amongst the community. The Potters’ youngest son - Claude - kindled with Drishti Shafiq, a member of the Pureblood Shafiq family, who had just emigrated from India.
The couple soon married and produced 4 sons; Winthrop, Lance, Giffard and the youngest, Harshall - who was to be Harry Potter’s great grandfather. 

The Shafiqs sustained such a impenetrable bond with the Potters that they moved into their Manor House in Gloucestershire. They also integrated well within the wizarding community, and were even included in Cantankerus Nott’s Sacred 28 Pureblood Families; however this was not to last, as the name dissipated in the 1940’s. 

As for the Potters, the eldest 3 sons of Claude and Drishti Potter died childless. However their youngest son - Harshall - bore 1 son during his late 40s, who was named Charlus. 

In his later years, Charlus and wife, Dorea Potter, continued the latest family tradition of producing only 1 son - James Potter - in 1960. Whether James Potter and bride Lily Potter (nee Evans) intended to continue the Potter tradition further we may never know, as they were most tragically murdered soon after the birth of their only son, Harry Potter.

The more recent Potter history is general knowledge, as the emergence of their son in the 1990s brought international acclaim. According to reports in the early 2000’s, Harry Potter managed to reclaim various family artefacts, unfortunately however, many were targeted by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and minions in their search to murder James Potter’s son.
This included a large part of the Potter vault and the destruction of the 400-year-old Potter manor house. 

Despite this however, it must be noted that against all odds - two Wizarding Wars, seclusion and murder, the Potter line prevails today. With Harry and Ginny Potter (nee Weasley) making an obvious break in the Potter tradition - which managed to last for almost 60 years - with 3 children of their own. James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna Potter are  persistent reminders that despite endless tragedy, contentment can still live on. 

[Pictured Claude and Drishti’s 4 sons in the 1880’s. The youngest son on the far right is Harshall Potter - Harry Potter’s great-grandfather.]

Dog Food Connoisseur

Customer walks up in a huff, carrying a bag of cans.

Customer: “These are supposed to be venison and they’re not! They’re beef!”

Coworker: *looks at packaging* “I see that it says venison on the packaging, what was the issue?”

Customer: “I opened a can up and it was beef! Not venison!”

Coworker: “I see that the second ingredient is beef broth so maybe that was the source of the smell. Either way, you’re still welcome to swap it out for something else if you’d like or get a refund.”

Customer: “It wasn’t the smell I could just tell!”

We process the return. The customer makes our manager dial the company’s 1800 number so he can complain to them. After he leaves, my coworker turns to my manager.

Coworker: “Ten bucks says he ate it.”

Rest in peace, I’m sorry that you were so sad. Suicide is a terrible tragedy that affects everyone, that shakes the world to it’s core and leaves behind questions that only the sufferer could understand. And the fact that one of the funniest people on this planet was broken behind his humor, it goes to show that you can never be sure of anyone. You can be the funniest person in the room and the saddest all at once. I hope you’ve found the peace you needed while you were here.
Suicide is a silent epidemic. Be kind to everyone.. You never know how they are suffering.

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

If you are feeling suicidal, call this number: 1800 273 8255. I love you.

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Hello, I have sort of a silly question for you. I don't quite understand how zoos with captive breeding programs actually help preserve species -- when animals are born in captivity, don't they have to stay in captivity? What use is that to biodiversity and conservation? Their genes are present in the world, sure, but not in any meaningful or connected way to their ecosystem?

No way, this is a really good question, and my answer will be super long, so I will put a break here. There will be examples (happy and sad examples) and lots of links because this matters and I want to answer your question as well as I can without having to dedicate a whole semester explaining the process of, the repercussions of, and benefits of these kinds of programs.

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Protective Talsiman Chart (Sid Pa Ho). Himalayan. 1800s.

The central figure is a yellow tortoise, emanation of the bodhisattva Manjushri, lying on the back with the head pointed upward and the four limbs extended at the sides holding staves with impaled corpses. In the center of the round flat belly is a small circle of nine variously coloured squares containing the 9 magic numbers (me wa gu). Surrounding that, on a dark blue background are the 8 trigrams (par kha ge) of Chinese origin. The outer circle in various colours, representing the elements, contains the 12 animal figures of the 60 Year Cycle; surrounded by flames.

Below the central figure are two smaller mandala circles containing protection wheels - the left also on the belly of a tortoise. Both contain mantras and verses to bring about good fortune. Between the two are the symbols of the planets - also representing the days of the week; sun, moon, eye, hand, kila, arrowhead, sheaf and black bird head. 

For Sydneysiders needing assistance to get out

The NSW government has requested that people not use emergency numbers unless absolutely necessary.

If you require assistance getting out of the city, or have questions or something to report, the NSW police have set up this phone number:

1800 227 228

Source: NSW Police

I know some folks from Facebook follow me here, so I’m going to repost my status for those who’re affected by Marci’s passing.

With the news going around regarding Marci, please look after yourselves. If you need to talk to someone, you can call Headspace on 1800 650 890. There is also the Kids HelpLine which caters to up to 25 year olds, and their number is 1800 55 1800. There is the Nurse on Call (1300 606 024), LifeLine (13 11 14), and the Australian Center for Grief and Bereavement (1300 664 786). If you’re in school, please consider speaking to your school’s counselor and if you need time away it’s okay to take it. Space is important. If you see a psych professional regularly, consider booking to see them and to talk about what’s happened. And I’m here if you’d like to talk to me. Please take care.
I wasn’t close to you, but I will miss seeing you around at cons and meets. You meant a lot to a lot of people.