180 flip

“Look now, I’m on the top of your world” Hanamaki took a deep breath. “Here I come!” He shouted as he took a step off the building’s ledge.

9.8 was Hanamaki’s acceleration

Flint flipping 180° over the cache. Imo it reveals that Flint’s goal in accepting Eleanor’s deal wasn’t as humanistic as he made it out to be. Sparing men and acquiring the fort without fighting for it was an advantage, but it wasn’t what compelled him into agreeing - he saw it imo as a means to drive a wedge between Billy and Silver, test Silver’s trust in him, test Madi, etc. And it’s why he was very willing to leave the fort and see what would go down, and risk all of them getting into danger. And of course once he saw Madi, he knew he had Silver’s trust. It was a crazy idea to take that hike to a beach the other side of the island, with just an escort of 6 soldiers, while you’ve got a hostile slave army
somewhere (Madi knew that) and an island overrun with pirates. Perhaps Eleanor’s weakness was that she became too trusting. She still had some instinctive mistrust and misgivings, but she was more trusting than the first two seasons, believing in reasonability and humanity and love in a far more idealistic way, not just Woodes but Max especially.

Perhaps some hope for humanity was restored for a moment when he believed the cache had actually arrived and Woodes was in Port Royal, enough to extend compassion to Eleanor and grieve over Madi. But the moment he realized Rackham told him the truth about Rogers not going to surrender anything and that the cache might not be coming at all (MQ), and they were going back to the fort, he knew he’d be in a pickle inside the fort, that if Woodes returned with a fleet he must have been gathering, his sole chance at putting up any resistance would require him to have that fort. Hence he tried to turn Eleanor, first on their way to the fort, before seeing the Spanish, by reminding her of her pirate past, and then again against Woodes personally. He fails, but I could easily see Flint taking Eleanor as a hostage in return if she had made it alive.

It’s also quite possible that Flint had hoped to re-acquire the cache after the fort’s surrender in case Eleanor’s end of the deal worked out. Eleanor still had to get the cache from the fort onto a ship and sail to Port Royal on a sloop with poor defenses. It would have been the easiest thing to hunt with the refitted and repaired Walrus.

Zoom. Is. Jay. 

I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. I should have seen a red flag waving desperately in my face when I realized I knew nothing about my “Brother from another Universe” (wish I never said that) besides his fascination with speed (as in, velocity!), science, and my homegirl Caitlin. He let us all believe that he was on our side and wanted to join the fight against Zoom… He betrayed us. He betrayed me. This one really stings. All of a sudden I’m Han Solo and my old friend Lando Clarissian has led me right to Darth Vader while charming his way into Leia’s heart… 

Man, I gotta keep it together – Caitlin and Barry are the people who I should be worried about. Caitlin’s 180 emotional flip from mourning Jay’s loss to realizing he’s a homicidal speed-obsessed liar might make her more numb, more cold… more like a KILLER. (She’s going to turn into Killer Frost, get it? I’m not being subtle here, people.) And Barry, he was already betrayed by a man he trusted – Harrison Wells. Turns out having super-speed also attracts speed-stealing lunatics to your side. Barry is never going to trust another person again! 

Okay, think Cisco. How can you help? Mom also says, when your friends are hurting – you need to hurt with them. You can’t fix their pain, you can’t run away from it – you just have to share it. And what says “I feel your pain” more than a giant chocolate chip cookie. If any situation calls for some emotional eating, this is definitely it! S.T.A.R. Labs has all the equipment necessary to bake one cutting-edge, ginormous, chewy, Betty Crocker is going to be jealous, double the chocolate chips cookie to end all cookies. Now, I am a man on a mission. Baking is so much better than wallowing. Cream the sugar and butter, a healthy pour of vanilla, baking soda, salt, flour, eggs, chocolate chips and voila! – I’m done. All that’s left is to wait for this behemoth to bake until golden brown. I have just enough time to nip out and grab some milk… 

Et tu, Harry? I got back from my milk run and who did I find face-deep in my cookie creation – Harrison Wells from Earth 2. He looked up, face and hands covered with cookie dough, like a guilty schoolboy. He didn’t even have the decency to wait for it to bake! Before he could move – SNAP! I took a photo of the scene of the crime. Now my only decision – do I use this photo to blackmail Harry or offer it to Barry and Caitlin for a good laugh? Either way, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. 1) JAY IS ZOOM! (Still not used to that.) 2) Always turn wallowing and self-pity into action. 3) Most importantly, never leave a baking cookie unguarded!

Season 3 theories for Piper’s 180 personality switch

These are all very solid and serious.

  • Piper was abducted by aliens. They replaced her with a doppelganger and did a terrible job.
  • The bedbug infestation was really a group of mind-controlling insects; they got to Piper (they’re in league with the cockroaches).
  • After the season 3 episode 4 scene we were all so happy that we died. Then went to hell.
  • Bad writing.
  • The writers read alxvse’s fanfiction, decided they couldn’t compete, and gave up.
  • Norma hexed Piper.
  • The writers were captured by the Piper-haters and forced to destroy her character development. Quick – launch a rescue mission. Don’t let them get to Alex, too.
  • Bad writing
  • Piper is still in the SHU. This is all her imagination.
  • Lolly was right. The NSA is inside the prison. They got to Piper.

(Kubra did too. That’s why she was so messed up.)

  • Suzanne’s fiction is real: Piper is stuck in an alternate dimension but hopefully Admiral Rodcocker is going to help her get back home.
  • Alex is actually a CIA agent, so is Piper. This is all part of a very confusing plan to bust someone on the inside. It’s not going well.
  • When looking around the prison, Piper found a helicopter and escaped with Alex. They sent back actors in wigs, one of whom was more convincing than the other. The new guards didn’t notice. Alex and Piper are currently on a beach in Cambodia with three guys in drag.
  • Piper was given a ‘Godfather’ script in drama class. She took it a bit too seriously.
  • Bad writing.