180 degree view


Blue Lake Retreat by Lake|Flato

Responding initially to the site’s steeply rising topography, a vertically structured house reveals itself as the obvious design for this lake house in Marble Falls, Texas. Leveraging the home’s tall stature, living spaces culminate at the top floor, set just above the tree line and providing nearly a 180 degree view of the lake beyond. The third floor north facing glazed wall offers unobstructed views of the lake, while punched openings give glimpses of the rugged hillside behind, showcasing the counterpointed landscapes. Emphasizing the site’s two uniquely juxtaposed landforms — water and rugged hillside — the third floor’s cantilevered deck reaches out toward the lake while a bridge anchors into the hillside, connecting the house to its surrounding landscape. Four separate bedroom retreats are tucked below on the lower two floors.

Strange Planet, by Pcoskun

This is another image I made while visiting this unique landscape in Northern Arizona. This scene is definitely much larger than it appears to be. The pool of ice below is nearly thirty feet across and perhaps forty feet below where I am standing. This is an extremely wide field of view and uses six horizontal frames stitched vertically for a near 180 degree field of view. The strong orange glow is coming from the city of page, miles away from this remote sandstone location. Every time I visit this place, I feel like I have been transported to another planet. Its strange and unique rock formations making it appear so extraterrestrial especially under the stars.

Feysand Velaris home

So I have this random idea in my head that as a present for Rhys and Feyre, Mor is going to commission a residence be carved for them from the mountains surrounding Velaris, perhaps opposite the House of Wind, near the coast. The private abode would be cut from the stone near the peak of the mountain, with near 180 degree views overlooking the city and open sea.

Their home would be one great room, completely open to the air. No windows, no railings, no balconies. No way in or out except flying. The design would be elegant, yet simple, the ceiling and pillars hand-carved with intricate patterns. The bathing area, surrounded by gossamer curtains that would rustle soft in the ocean breezes, would have an infinity edge tub hanging off the mountainside, not unlike Feyre’s bath at the Moonstone Palace.

There’d be a living area, where Rhys and Feyre would spend countless hours of their eternity together reading and cuddling before the fireplace. A small breakfast alcove would sit near the open wall, opposite Feyre’s painting nook. And a large skylight, positioned over the large bed, would allow Feyre and Rhys a wonderful view of the night sky, moonlight glowing softly upon them as they sleep.

Skat (Skatrunde) - Photo by German photographer Umbo, (Otto Umbehr) (1902-1980). Umbo is considered one of the most important Bauhaus photographers. The picture was taken in the end of 1935, when he was commissioned by the Berlin AEG to test a new ‘Himmelskamera’ (meteorological camera). This special camera was equipped with a fish-eye lens, generating pictures with 180-degrees-views.

LightSail’s first image, corrected for lens alterations.

LightSail’s cameras consist of two fish eye lenses, giving ground controllers a 180-degree view of the spacecraft’s sails.

However, this distorts the image, making straight lines curvy. James Canvin, a UK-based meteorologist and radio astronomer, took the spacecraft’s first post-sail deploy image and corrected the distortion it to a true-representation of the sails in space.

Without the curves given by the lens, it’s obvious to see that sails have been deployed but not fully tensioned. Based off of motor count data beamed back from the spacecraft, The Planetary Society expects to manually extend the four sail support booms, tensioning the sails to their full length.

The original image can be seen below:


SUMMER IS IN SINGAPORE, that means we could hang out o(^∀^o)

Obviously we chose to go to the Dreamworks exhibition (along with another exhibition + watching Minions), and we took some photos from it!
(Click on the photos for enlargement and captions)
The exhibition was really cool though, the best part was probably the 180 degrees dragon’s eye view of Berk, panoramic short film! c:
10/10 recommended for animation fans~

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