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The Google Glass of Helmets Wins at SXSW 

SXSW’s sixth annual accelerator pitch event wrapped up on Sunday with over 500 companies applied, 18 finalists and 6 winners. Taking home the big win in the Wearables category this year was the Google Glass for motorcyclists, the Skully Helmet.

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Google is launching a new line of cameras for 180-degree VR video
Google is launching a new, more limited cinematic VR format that it hopes will be almost as accessible as regular YouTube videos. It’s called VR180, a collaboration between YouTube and Google’s Daydream VR division. Outside VR, they’ll appear as traditional flat videos, but you can watch them in 3D virtual reality through the YouTube app with a Google Cardboard, Daydream, or PlayStation VR headset. Read more

The Devil’s Playground: Part 3

Happy Easter everyone, today we conclude our tour of Hell’s Kitchen.

To the left is page 10 from issue 6 of Daredevil and shows poor Turk Barrett being put through the wringer. For fans not familiar with Turk, he’s a small time crook and regular at Josie’s Bar. While Turk has had his share of run ins with Daredevil, it never ends well and absolutely never ends with Turk’s pride intact. However, what Turk is best known for is his inability to keep his mouth shut and over the years that’s allowed DD to use Turk as an informant by applying just the right amount of stimulus in numerous and sometimes comical ways. Turk along with Josie and many others are just some of the colorful characters that make Daredevil’s Hell’s Kitchen such a fun place to visit.

On the right is page 9 from Daredevil:Father, issue 2. I liked putting these two pages side by side to show off the contrasting styles even though we’re in the same neighborhood and rooftops. The key to this scene is the transition that’s about to happen on the following page which is a flashback to Matt’s childhood. The effect I was shooting for would probably be best described in film terns as a match cut or a matching dissolve. In order to properly attain the effect for the match transition I needed something to visually connect or lock the two shots together, in this case it would be Daredevil and young Matt Murdock’s legs. At this point I had two choices, I could have ended this page on Daredevil’s booties and started the next on the matching shot of young Matt’s high top sneakers, but I believe the effect would have been lessen by the disconnect caused by the turn of the page. Because of this I opted to have both panels at the end of this page. There was another solution that would also have worked which would have been to begin the next page with DD and then cut to the panel of young Matt but I still feel the solution I chose was the stronger of the two because it teases the reader into turning the page, especially since the next page is a bit of a revelation.

Behind The Page

There’s two things to note about the Turk Barrett page. First it falls into the category of “What the $%#@ was I thinking???” I honestly don’t know what possessed me to draw the background from panel 1 twice when I could have had it copied digitally? This also would have been one of my favorite pages from the issue if not for a storytelling error that irks me to no end every time I see it. For some inexplicable reason on panels 5 and 6 I decided to move the camera 180° from where I had set it at the top of the scene. This is a horrific blunder on my part as it causes the viewer to visually bump within the scene whether they’re fully conscious of it or not. While there are occasions in which breaking the 180° rule can be used to great effect, this was absolutely not one of them.

Here’s a fun Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix fact as we get closer to launch date. Speaking of launch date, only 5 days left, are we ready to light this candle or what?!? When our amazing costume folk first sent me shots of young Matt Murdock I noticed something was missing. He wasn’t wearing the right kind of sneakers. I know this because when I was drawing Daredevil: Father I used John Romita, Jr.’s Man Without Fear version of young Matt as my template and he wore black high tops. So keep an eye out for that little EASTER EGG.

WHOA, see what I just did there!

Above, John Romita, Jr.’s young Matt Murdock. How gorgeous an establishing shot is that!


My suspect is my lover
The truth you’ve been hiding is driving my crazy
The terms of your sentence will depend on kissing me again, baby
I wanna know (don’t wanna know)

Inspired by this music video.

i think i broke the 180 camera rule but i’ll be damned before i own up to it *jumps out the window*

Welcome to Volume 2. Let’s discuss something else this time. What can we learn today???