Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it’s all over but the shouting you’ll still be on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation are more than words. Learn how to apply them. You’ll need them throughout your life. God’s Word is an indispensable weapon. In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.
—  Ephesians 6:13‭-‬18
Søndag 18.6.17 kl 13.11 [Penetrator Chris]

Title: A Little Less Than a Thousand Miles [1.2K]
Requested by: @outofclutterfindsimplicity
Little fluff where Eva and Chris are watching movies or netflix in her bed and she just asks him if he wants to go to the Eid pre-party with her. :)

It was approximately three hours later after their rather…awkward encounter with the bewildered Miss Anne-Marit. Eva was pretty sure her mom looked absolutely everywhere except in their general direction before she muttered out a strange excuse about needing to go to work even though it was Sunday and nearly knocked the lamp right off the table in her hurry to grab her keys.

Eva wasn’t sure why he mom was so jittery, it wasn’t like she’d never had a boyfriend before. There was Jonas, who, sure, she didn’t get to meet, but this was just Chris

Eva studies the boy sitting beside her up and down to see if there was anything in particular that would have scared her off. It might have been the nakedness part, though, Eva’s confident it was definitely that.

They’re sitting on the couch in the living room, way too cramped together for a couple of people inhabiting such a large and spacious couch. Chris has his legs on the coffee table, crossed at the ankles and leaning back casually into the cushion behind him. Eva is curled up in his side, her head resting on his shoulder and her fingers tracing indistinct pattern on the exposed part of his stomach.

They were channel surfing the television in silence; Chris once in a while reaching up with his free hand that was curled around Eva’s shoulders to run his fingers through her hair.

The keyword here being: were. As in past tense. As in they had at one point during their co-inhabitation of the living room been channel surfing, until Chris had come across the pinnacle of modern day entertainment, as he’d put it, and put away the remote despite Eva’s many protests.

Yes, they were watching White Chicks on TV, and it wasn’t under any sort of duress.

“Chris, seriously,” she complains, as she’d been complaining consistently for the past twenty minutes or so.

Eva, seriously,” he mimics the usual cheeky grin on his face and the sparkle in his eye that Eva usually ended up getting absolutely mesmerized by. But definitely not today! “Come on, Eva. How can you not like this movie? It’s a masterpiece!” he motions to the TV with an indignant gesture.

“Besides the fact that I’m not a fan of the Wayans brother in general? What is actually the point of this movie?”

Chris looks genuinely bewildered by her statement. “It’s a couple of black guys, pretending to be Paris Hilton type white girls to infiltrate a ring of white collar criminals. That’s the point, Eva. It’s genius!”

“For a fuckboy whose call sign is Penetrator Chris, you really are such a nerd,” she says, but she has a small endeared smile on her face.

“But I’m your nerd,” he says teasingly in reply, grinning widely.

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abbykaye7  asked:

Ok since I'm such Gafou trash and I love trading headcanons with you may I please have 5, 6, 13, 18, 23, 24, 31, 35, and 37? (For the headcanon/au thingy) I know that's a lot to ask for but I adore your headcanons!!!❤️

5.  Who can’t sleep without the other?

Gaston can’t sleep without Lefou, because ever since they started living together and sleeping in the same bed, Lefou has become part of his sleep schedule, hugging him tight to his body every night. Without him there to snuggle and kiss as they fall asleep, it just feels weird. Also, Gaston gets nightmares sometimes, flashbacks of the war, and Lefou is the only one who can ground him again and help him fall back asleep; without Lefou there, he’ll just get up at 3 AM and wander around the house with coffee until the sun comes up, afraid of falling back asleep, having the same dreams, and waking up with no one to hold him. 

6.  Who makes the first move to cuddle?

Lefou. Gaston loves cuddling, but he isn’t always sure how to initiate it, so Lefou unburdens him by making the first move with a nudge or a kiss. 

13.  Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Lefou sleeps in Gaston’s, because he is smol and can fit. (but there are occurrences when Gaston is basically a cat like we discussed where he totally just rests his head in Lefou’s lap and purrs) 

18. Would they take a walk together in the snow?

Yes! Gaston hates the cold, a) because it’s fucking cold and b) because wearing all those layers covers up his magnificent biceps, but Lefou is always so enchanted by the snow, no matter how many times he’s seen it, that they have to take midnight walks, holding hands, in winter, Lefou tugging Gaston’s sleeve whenever the snow starts to fall. Sometimes, Lefou’s lips get so cold and blue while they’re out there that Gaston just has to kiss some warmth into them, which ends in them falling into a snowbank and making out until both of them are frozen

But Lefou’s still bitter about the one time Gaston made him into a snowman for fun then forgot about him…

“It was once!” 

“Once is enough! I couldn’t feel my dick for six hours, asshole!” 

23.  Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? Who’s more afraid of losing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?

Gaston is now hyper-aware of everything he does, and is convinced he doesn’t deserve Lefou’s forgiveness after what he did. He’s trying to be a better person now, even though he frequently slips up and his cruel side flares up- Lefou is helping him work on it, and though Gaston keeps thinking he’s only messing their lives up, Lefou assures him that he’s fine (in my mind, Lefou is super self assured and confident, and he knows Gaston doesn’t really deserve him, but when someone so close to your heart is trying so hard, well…)

Lefou is more afraid of losing Gaston, though, because the fall was such a close call and it got Lefou thinking of how incredibly unfathomable it would be not to have Gaston with him anymore. 

24. Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?

Lefou is embarrassed when he has to wear his glasses, because he thinks it contributes even more to his “inferior image” beside his specimen of a boyfriend. Gaston cannot get enough of Lefou in them, though- they make his face look amazing, (not that it didn’t look amazing already) and they make his eyes adorably large. Gaston literally just wants to hug him until he squeals when he wears them, but above all else, they make Lefou look so elegantly studious, and it turns Gaston on beyond belief. 

“You look so smart with them on!” 

“I still don’t know how to spell your name, babe.”

“It’s all in the illusion, Lefou.” 

31.  Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?

Lefou is ticklish, Gaston is the tickle. Like, Gaston is seriously hardcore, man- when he tickles, he tickles. He will randomly tickle Lefou if Lefou is having a bad day, and though Lefou threatens to murder Gaston in cold blood if he doesn’t stop, he secretly looooves it. Gaston, for his part, can’t get enough of Lefou’s giggles. Places Lefou is ticklish? Feet and knees mostly, but sometimes behind the ears.

35. How do they sleep? What position(s) are the comfiest?

They usually fall asleep spooning each other, be it after a night of cuddling, a night of love-making, or just plain exhaustion. But cuddling aside, when they can’t be bothered, Lefou naturally sprawls all his limbs out and takes up fucking ¾ of the bed, snoring loudly and obnoxiously and hogging the covers. Gaston normally sleeps in fetal position, as he learned to do during the war to minimize the space he took up- only reason Lefou didn’t learn this was because in the war he got confined to a tent to himself after his comrades found out he was “different.” (but that’s a whole different war headcanon) 

37.  Who wakes the other up so they can be wrapped up in a hug again?

Honestly, both of them do this. Lefou sometimes gets really needy and wants to constantly feel Gaston’s arms around him, but then other times, Gaston just can’t believe he’s scored a man as wonderful as Lefou, and needs to be reminded that his boyfriend isn’t going anywhere through a hug in the middle of the night. 

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 19)

It was finally after school and Will was pretty excited to get home, do his homework, and then watch the new episode of Ghost King. As always, the school was incredibly hyped about it. Will was sure he was more excited since he would be watching his sorta-boyfriend on TV! Like, how cool was that?

After he had had dinner and had done his homework, Lee, Michael and him all sat down in the living just in time for Ghost King to start. Will was giggling through the new intro since the producers and editing department tweaked Lou’s video a bit, and had Nico talking about what he did.

It was cool but a little dorky now that Will knew that behind the voice modifier and the sweater was Nico.

All around though the intro was interesting and pretty damn cool. It started off with a grainy image of Nico, well Ghost King in his first episode when he had his back to the camera and was looking to his right at a chair that had fallen over during the episode. And the sound of a heartbeat, a steady heartbeat continued to play as images of his old episodes were flashing over the screen. Then Will heard him speak. “ I am the Ghost King. ” ,now it started to show small snippets from his old episodes, “ for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to communicate and see the dead,” The heartbeat started to get louder as the images stopped on a new one, it was Ghost King standing in the old cemetery on Poe Drive. The heartbeat started to get faster and eerie music began to play softly as the camera zoomed in slowly on Ghost King. “At first, it was enough that only I knew about the existence of spirits, but as time went on, I felt the need to show others the proof as well. To show them that there are indeed spirits among us. Many of you watching might already be fans, or maybe you’re simply watching it because you were curious. Well whatever your reasoning, just know that what you see is real. I take many precautions in order to show you the truth. So without further ado, you are watching Ghost King.” The camera is now straight on Ghost Kings, skeletal looking head. Then the heartbeat and eerie music stopped in favor of a woman screaming and a spirit seemingly swallowing the image of Ghost King till the screen went black and all the introductions were gone. Then there was Lou being interviewed and some of the staff as well, before they headed into the building.

Throughout the whole episode the three brothers would jump, maybe occasionally scream, and laugh at the combined snark of Ghost King and Lou Ellen. The episode was great. But Will felt his heart drop when he saw Nico get injured by those scissors that were thrown at him by the poltergeist. He knew he gasped as his brothers winced. It was like he was more aware of everything Ghost King did, he thought he was already before finding out the identity of Ghost King, but oh how wrong he was. Every episode was replaying itself in his head, which one’s Nico got hurt in and how bad, and just exactly how he had lied about how he got his injuries.

It was….it was a bit overwhelming, and very worrying. Will was more aware of just how dangerous Nico’s job was. And it scared him. It scared him more than the ghosts themselves.

He gulped as he continued to watch the episode clutching the couch’s pillow to his chest.


“So he knows.” Reyna stated more than questioned.

Nico nodded as he plopped back on his bed and sighed. “Yup.” He responded making the ‘p’ pop. Jason sat beside him and patted his head.

“Well at least you know you don’t have to keep secrets from one another.” Jason supplied as he laid beside Nico and smiled at him.

Nico returned the smile and nodded before he sighed. “I almost ruined it though…”

Reyna now laid on the other side of Nico and raised one perfect brow at him. “What do you mean?” She asked as she started to play with his unruly mane.

“I….when he told me he knew…I…I almost shut down…I was really close to doing it. I just. I don’t know. I felt betrayed in a way. Like….like maybe he only liked me because he knew, you know?”

The other two nodded.

The dark haired teen inhaled slowly and exhaled a shaky breath.

“I could have ruined it so fast. But Will, he, he managed to calm me down and he managed to convince me that he really liked me….like me, me. If that makes sense.”

“It does.” Reyna reassured.

Their peaceful moment was ruined when Nico’s phone began to buzz continually on the night stand. Jason grabbed it for him and smirked teasingly.

“Well speak of the devil.”

“Seriously?” Nico asked as he scrambled to sit up and snatched his phone from Jason. Once he saw Will’s contact picture, it was him about to be attacked by a goose and screaming. He took it when they went to the zoo, for some odd reason they had geese running around. Anyways, once he saw the picture he immediately blushed.

He continued to stare until Reyna nudged him and laughed. “Well answer it.”

He nodded, still blushing and hurried to answer the phone. “Yes? I mean hello! Hey. Hi.”

Jason snickered at him which he and Reyna retaliated by hitting him with pillows.

Nico could hear Will laugh on the other end softly. “Well hey there. Whatcha up to, Angel?”

Now Nico was strong, in a lot of senses, but he was finding out he was absolutely weak to pet names.

He squeaked but regained his composure rather fast. “Uh, not much just hanging out at my house with Reyna and Jason.”

“Oh nice. I just finished watching Ghost King.” Nico could practically feel Will’s tension. He was obviously in front of others, that or he didn’t like the episode.

“Oh. Yeah? How’d….how’d you like it?” It felt weird to ask how someone liked his show since he knew they knew who he was. He chewed on his bottom lip as Reyna and Jason scooted closer to listen in.

“It was great! Very suspenseful. Worrying though.”


“Yeah. Since you know, Ghost King was sliced by, probably rusty scissors and could have gotten tetanus. And didn’t get medical attention right away.”

Oh. He was getting lectured. He was getting lectured by his boyfriend? Kinda-boyfriend? Yeah kinda-boyfriend. Nico rolled his eyes and smiled.

“I can practically hear you rolling your eyes at me.” Will remarked. Which made Nico laugh.

“Maybe because I was. I’m fine Will. Really.”

“Mmm probably. Hey is it okay if I come over?”

Nico felt a breath get caught in his throat and felt himself blush again. “Uh, sure.” He mumbled.

“Cool I’ll be there in 10 minutes. See ya then.”

After that Nico hung up and just sat there before he laughed. Reyna and Jason watched him, both clearly amused at his behavior.

“He just lectured me.”

“He what?” Jason asked with a small chuckle.

“He lectured me about getting hurt during the episode, practically. Oh, he’s also coming over.”

Reyna shook her head and chuckled softly. “Good. You need to be more careful.”

“Not you too.” Nico whined. “Anyways, how’s Connor and Travis doing? Didn’t they just win some game last week?” Nico asked Reyna.

“They’re doing good. Scared the living daylights out of our Mom though when they came home. They were cheering as loudly as they could when they walked through the door after the game. They did win by the way.”

“Yeah I got that.”

Jason laughed and sighed. “Sometimes I have a hard time believing that you’re actually related to those two.”

“Trust me, so does a lot of people.” Reyna remarked with a laugh. “They only believe me when I explain that I was adopted.”

“Which is stupid.” Nico concluded as he turned on his TV and began to flip through the channels.

Reyna hummed in agreement. “Hey put it on Chopped.” She recommended and Nico was all too happy to oblige as Jason groaned and rolled his eyes. “We watch that all the time though!”

“Yeah because it’s a good show, now shush!” Nico insisted as he put on the food network.

________10 minutes later_______

“You are such a nerd. You got here exactly ten minutes later.” Nico teased as he walked with Will up to his room. They stopped to say high to Hazel, Bianca, and Persephone who invited Will to stay for dinner, which Will said he’d stay for but he had already eaten. Persephone was a bit upset but told him next time that he would have to come over and try her famous pasta. He accepted and made their way into his room.

Jason and Reyna teased the two a bit which made them both blush something fierce but stopped so they could hang out. Will made sure Nico was actually okay and then they were all watching The Monster Squad, an old 80’s movie while they waited for dinner to be ready.

They made small talk and Will made the mistake of mentioning the party that was coming up.

“So are you going to Connor and Travis’s party?” Will had casually asked Jason, and then immediately slapped a hand over his mouth and looked at Reyna.

“Oh I already knew about it.” She simply commented with a shrug.

Will was totally confused. “Wait you knew?”

“Of course I did. They invited Rachel who then accidentally told me. You know she’s not very good at keeping a secret, she told me in a riddle. I think she didn’t think I would figure it out. But I love riddles so it was pretty easy to find out.”

“And you’re not mad?” Will asked as he wrapped an arm around Nico and brought the Italian boy closer. He could see Nico blush but also smile. Which made Jason smile.

Reyna shrugged again. “I was at first but then I found out that they are throwing the party because they won last week’s home lacrosse game.”

“Which is weird since they only throw parties for like…the end of finals or something like that.” Nico mumbled as he leaned more on Will.

The dark haired female nodded. “Yeah, but if my hunch is correct, Connor convinced Travis to help him throw a party so Mitchell would go.”

“Wait, Mitchell? Don’t they hang out anyways? Why would he need to throw a party?” Jason asked.

“God you’re so slow.” Nico sighed. “Connor likes Mitchell. He has for a while now.”

Again Reyna nodded. “Yup.”

“Seriously? Okay but why throw a party?” Will asked.

“I think he’s doing it to impress him.” Reyna commented off handedly.

“Wow….how did you figure all this out?” Will asked as Jason nodded and asked, “And how are you so sure that Connor likes Mitchell?”

“Oh please. I’m his older sister, I know him. Plus, Travis may have let it slip. Well he more so hinted at it than anything.”

Will and Jason nodded slowly in understanding as Nico laughed at them.

Okay so maybe the party wouldn’t be all that bad. Will thought. “Well then, in that case. Wanna go to the party with me?” He asked Nico who flushed.

“Party’s aren’t really my thing.”

“They’re not mine either but I know for a fact that Lou is going to drag me there one way or another. It’d be better if I had a date.” He said with a wink.

“I guess that makes sense. Misery loves company.” Nico responded with a teasing smirk.

“That’s the spirit!” Will encouraged.

It was nice. This was nice. Thought Nico.

“Dinner’s ready!” Persephone yelled from downstairs.

Aaaannnnnnnnnd nice moment over.

Reyna and Jason groaned and looked at Nico pleasingly, as though he could get them out of it. He stood up and helped Will up before slapping Jason’s knee softly.

“Come on you big babies. Let’s go.”

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More madness damn it. Otabek&Yuri: 6, 13, 18

6. Their vices (physical or emotional)

Yuri: Being demanding up until the point of being manipulative. “You do this for me OR ELSE.” Receipts: making a competition out of winning Victor over in Hasetsu. Guilt tripping Otabek into helping him with the exhibition skate. Purposefully acting spoiled. Later in life: using his good looks to get what he wants, which translates into him teasing Otabek all the damn time. A wiggle of the hip here, a little bite of the lip there. Being a bit of an exhibitionist and feigning innocence.

Otabek: Using his stoic demeanor to distance himself from uncomfortable situations. Before getting together: secretly ogling Yuri and storing those images in his mind to get off on. At some point he does this quite often and it’s starting to concern him but not enough to stop. Basically thinking about fucking Yuri. A lot.

13. What gets them flustered

Already answered!

18. Things they’ll never admit

Already answered!

Thank you for asking!! :D

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Daemon, Anankedaemon

Also called corruptors of fate, anankedaemons embody death by curses - the wards on an ancient tomb, a malediction spoken by a spiteful witch, or a treasure that brings death to its owner. These mercenary fiends sell their services to whatever evil being gives them an opportunity to bring suffering and death to mortals.

Anankedaemons stand slightly shorter than humans, but are powerfully muscled beneath their greasy rolls of fat and loose yellow skin. Their faces resemble canine skulls with a boar’s tusks, bloodshot eyeballs in their gaping sockets. Despite their corpulence, anankedaemons are deceptively dextrous and nimble, moving almost with a blur of motion. A strong odor of brimstone surrounds anankedaemons, and when they attack, their victims may hear the faint sound of rolling dice coming from nowhere.

Anankedaemons live to spread misfortune and despair, inflicting curses on all they come across. Corruptors of fate have a strong mercenary streak, selling their services to other fiends or evil spellcasters, especially favoring masters on the Material Plane. Anankedaemons are commonly found in armies of demons or devils, but even these allies find them repulsive and give them a wide berth. Lone anankedaemons may gather minions immune to their curse, such as lacridaemons, cacodaemons, or the weaker undead.

Temerdaemons, embodying all forms of misfortune and accidental tragedy, often bully anankedaemons into doing their bidding. Corruptors of fate who faithfully serve the more powerful fiends and learn from them may be transformed into temerdaemons themselves by the Four Horsemen or daemonic harbingers.

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If you're still doing it: JJ 1,2,4,6,13,18

ok so i know this is old as fuck but imma still answer it bc i do these ask things like once every 5 years

Headcanons for JJ

1. Their physical weak spots

  • is horribly uncoordinated when it comes to small hand movements. yeah he can do the JJ style shit but you ask him to open a letter he’s gonna rip it. he sucks at video games and his handwriting is shit

2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

  • I mean the show kinda answers this for us. He’s got anxiety and his confidence is mostly faked. 
  • He can never tell when people are laughing with him or at him. 
  • Also tends to respond to banter with things that are too personal, too mean, or just not appropriate. 

4.  Best places to kiss on their body

  • his tramp stamp

6. Their vices (physical or emotional)

  • Keeps up-to-date with all the nasty gossip surrounding the other skaters
  • Sleeps with his fans (and marries one)
  • Probably dabbles in some backstage drugs w/ his band-mates once he retires from ice-skating 

13. What gets them flustered

  • Compliments. Just any compliment.
  • Someone being rough with him, even if it’s just like shoving him while walking past or smth

18. Things they’ll never admit

  • this boy has no filter he would admit anything
  • but realistically that he’s lonely or that he hates himself 
You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 18)

“Okay. Start at the beginning.” Reyna started in a surprisingly steady voice as her, Nico, and Jason walked to their next classes, which were all near each other and a bit far away so they had time to talk about Nico’s confession.

The Italian had his eyes glued to the floor, his ears, neck, and face were completely red, and he was pouting. He looked like an angry tomato. At least Jason thought so. “It was at lunch…..and uh,….well we…..I gave him the cookies I made for him…….and well……I confessed…or he confessed…..honestly it’s all a blur right now……..and then we kissed…….there was some talking after that…..and uh….more…..k-kissing…definitely some cuddling….” Nico mumbled, and if possible his blush darkened significantly with each word he stammered out.

Reyna’s eyes widened as well as Jason’s, but then her eyes narrowed in suspicion. “What did you talk about Nico?”

And Jason knew for sure him and Reyna both caught the gulp and how Nico seemed to tense.

“That’s…..can we talk about that after school?” The dark haired teen declared. Now looking more serious, his blush even died down.

“Was it something bad?” Jason asked cautiously as he placed a comforting albeit protective hand on the smaller teen’s shoulder. It felt so small and thin beneath his hand.

Reyna crossed her arms in that intimidating way but Jason and Nico both knew it was her protective stance, specifically when it came to Nico.

Nico didn’t even flinch under their gazes, didn’t shrink away like most would, but it’s not like either of them expected him to. Nico di Angelo could out stubborn a bull if he ever wanted to. “I’m not going to lie….at first I thought it was but, I… I’m certain it’s not now…just that it might complicate things….important things that we will discuss at my house after school. Persephone is going to make that weird organic macaroni again so..uh be prepared and bring extra spices? But yeah we’ll talk about it then.” Nico concluded as he walked away from the shivering Juniors he called friends and walked into his class.

The two stood there absorbing what he said, mainly about what he wanted to talk about but also when he mentioned Persephone cooking. That made them shudder.

“I’ll bring garlic salt like last time if you bring the cayane pepper again.” Jason suggested to Reyna who merely nodded as her response and they both went to their classes.


“Okay I want details and I want them now!” Lou declared as her and Will waved goodbye to Cecil who also demanded to know the gossip after school.

Will snapped the bracelet he was wearing over and over again. He almost always had to do something with his hands, whether he be nervous or just bored. This was out of nervousness.

“Like I said. We kissed, and we’re dating. Well gonna date. I wanna take him out a couple of times before we make it official.”

Lou rolled her eyes and snorted. “What, are you gonna ask his dad for permission to date him?”

When she received no reply, Lou turned to look at her blond friend who was an impressive shade of red and quit messing with his bracelet.

“Oh.” She breathed out. “You’re really gonna do that?”

Will gulped and laughed sheepishly as he nodded. “Too cheesy? I wanted to do it because Nico said his dad is pretty old fashioned about stuff, like technology mainly, like sure he has a Mac and an IPhone and stuff and he can work them, but he is cruddy at using social media. Like seriously any kind of social media. He called Tumblr, “Tumble,” and Twitter, “Twattar.” Oh God and Facebook became BookFace or Book of Faces. When Nico was helping him make a Facebook along with his sisters, Hades asked him, no joke, “What would I do with a book full of faces? Do I know the faces? What if I don’t know the faces Nico?” I’m not kidding. And I just thought that he would appreciate me asking for Nico’s hand…….not like MARRIAGE!!! We’re too young. Oh goodness we are sooooo too young for that I mean in dating. Hand in dating. Yeeaaahhhhhhhhh.“

Will rambled on and on. Seriously, it was like the boy suffered from word vomit when he over thought or was nervous. It was kinda cute, like now. Lou couldn’t help but laugh, which made Will stop rambling and pout.

“Are you laughing at me Ms. Ellen?”

“Of course not Mr. Solace, I was laughing at….well yeah you but not because of what you were saying. Because you are just too darn cute!” She replied while she pinched Will’s cheeks and cooed.

The blond swatted her hands away and pouted once more as he rubbed his cheeks. That hurt!

“Soooo….it is a good idea?”

“I think he would appreciate it, I think Nico would as well. He’s kinda old fashioned too. Somewhat. I mean he has an old record player, isn’t that crazy? And he doesn’t have an iPod! He has one of those CD players that you clip to your jeans, also a Walkman like who has those anymore?”

“I think it’s cute. He also has an original game boy, game boy color- a pink one, a dreamcast, a GameCube, a Nintendo 64 and all kinds of old gaming systems it’s wild.”

“So what you’re saying is his house is a retro gold mine.”

Will chuckled and nodded. “Basically.”

“Oh hey! Are you going to go to the Stolls party this weekend? I heard it’s going to top the last one.” Lou excitedly explained.

“I heard that one was really crazy, but I don’t know. I’m not really the partying type, Lou, you know that. Also does Reyna know? I’m sure she would be pissed if she knew.”

Lou waved her hand in a dismissive manner. “Don’t worry, she has no idea. Apparently she is hanging out at Nico’s. I guess it’s like their monthly movie night or something.”

Or something. Will thought. It probably was to help out with the whole Ghost King thing, which honestly Will was still not over. Or perhaps it really was a movie night. He really didn’t know.

“Dude you should totally come to the party. I heard they hired Leo’s cousin who is a professional fire-breathing. It’s going to be lit!”

Will groaned. “Please never say that again.”

Lou smirked devilishly. “What lit? It’s going to be so lit! Like I don’t think anything could be as lit and this lit party!” She mocked with wild hand gestures.

Will continuely made faces and groans as she kept talking until he dissolved into giggles. “I’ll consider it if you stop saying lit.”


“That doesn’t mean I’m going to go!”

“It practically does, Solace.”

“You’re impossible.”

“Awww I love you too!”

Why did Will get the feeling that the party was a bad idea?

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Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.
—  Ephesians 6:13-18 (NIV)
Extras! Age overview

Overview of ages:

As suggested by @holly-wee, this will give you a general gist of the ages of the main characters as APA progresses ^^ It serves as a recap too! Thank you for your suggestion hun (´ヮ`)♡

Yuuri: Age 10-12 (Chap 1-2), 15-18 (Chap 3-5), 18-19 (Chap 6-13), 23 (Chap 14-)

Victor: Age 22-23 (Chap 6-13), 27 (Chap 14-)

Yurio: Age 15-16 (Chap 3-5), 17-18 (Chap 6-13), 21 (Chap 14-)

Phichit, Leo: Ages 18-19 (Chap 6-13), 23 (Chap 14-)

Current Ages of minor characters as of Chapter 16: (Will be updated whenever necessary!)

Vincent: 58
Minami: 21
Guang-Hong: 22
Emil: 25
Seung gil lee: 27
Isabella: 25
Mila: 26
Georgi: 23
Yuuko: 23

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13, 18, 6, 27, 19

6. describe your experience having sex for the first time– i mean i was nervous at first which i think is normal? especially when you’re trans?? but it turned out okay! my partner was trans too and i was like… in love with him at the time so it was a really good experience. out of all the people i could have lost my virginity to i’m glad it was him.

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one– i mean i realized when i was like 8 so idk. i guess the general southern conservative christian “all gays are bad and wrong and going to hell” stuff

18. one person you would “go straight” for– i really don’t know. being trans and gay is weird (at least in my experience) because like… for a long time the idea of being with (cis) women made me feel dysphoric? and it still sort of does… idk like i obviously think you should do whatever makes you feel happy and right in your skin and i know my relationship with gender isn’t universal but it’s difficult for me to imagine being afab and happy with it. that’s a mindset i’ve tried really hard to put behind me and for the most part i think i have but i really can’t think of anyone at the moment that i would go straight for. i mean if it happens it happens, i’m certainly open to the possibility

19.  video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?- DEFINITELY video game gay i spent so much time earlier today just watching footage of the new crash bandicoot remastered trilogy and busting consecutive nuts at the graphics

27. a piece of advice for young/baby gays– it’s okay! i know it’s scary at first, and i’d be lying if i said it ever completely stops being scary. but being lgbt is honestly a fucking gift, and fuck anyone else who says otherwise. it comes at a huge price, but we have a perspective and stories to share that nobody else on earth can.

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Ready for some random questions? 6, 13-18, 24, 31 and 42 and another for your choice for your pretty quizzie :3!

Sorry this took me so long.  Yesterday was bad and I basically wrote an essay here.  I really appreciate being asked questions.  Thank you for being interested in me and mine.

6: What is their opinion of the Seekers of Truth?

In the beginning Kiaya was quite scared of Seekers.  She didn’t do well in the Circle and shortly before Kirkwall exploded, she was broken out in a manner of speaking. (There’s a story there.)  But she never really came across one until Cassandra walking in to her cell.  Kiaya always tries to give people the benefited of the doubt and she and Cass quickly became very close friends.  Kiaya was always asking questions and she came to believe in Cassandra’s dream of what the Seekers could be, although she always had her doubts.

13: Which factors play a significant role for them to recruit people for the Inquisition?

This is a bit two fold, when it comes to the Inquisition she is very practical and she looks to requite useful and talented people.  

When it comes to her companions it’s a bit more complicated. When she was younger, she always saw the best in people, and this has burned her badly in the past.  She does have 5 people who she considers family (Only one of which actually is) from her time before the Inquisition.  When she starts to meet her companions she starts to trust people again and she finds herself opening up to new people.  And she sees good in all of them and they see good in her.

14: Which advisor did they listen to more often?

It was pretty even.  Kiaya always tried to think things through and use each adviser to the best advantage.  When it comes to a close call she found herself using Leliana most often.  (She and Cullen actually fought about it once. Making up was great.)

15: What does your Inquisitor think about the Grey Wardens? Did they choose to banish the order?

Kiaya always respected and admired the Grey Wardens. She took the fight at Adamant Fortress very badly.  And she didn’t banish the order.  She has firsthand knowledge of being deceived and betrayed.  The deaths of Adamant haunted her for the rest of her life.

16: Did your Inquisitor let the Inquisition remain or did they disband it?

Honestly I can’t answer that yet.  I haven’t actually played Trespasser so I don’t know what she will do.  I will let you know.

17: How did they solve the dispute between Empress Celene, Ambassador Briala and Grand Duke Gaspard?

I have played this a few times but I believe that Kiaya would support Celene but she struggled with it.  She can see the immediate assistance that Gaspard would offer, from a ‘hey we are at war’ point of view.  However, she believes that Gaspard would not welcome peace time, which she is really hoping for, and the future would be more stable with Celene on the throne.

18: What does your Inquisitor think about “the Game”? Would they participate in it? Did they enjoy the time at the Winter Palace?

She hates it. Although she learned at a very young age how to hold her own.  The whole thing makes her skin crawl.  She relied heavily on Josephine & Vivienne for guidance though.

24 Who do they take with them on their journeys?

In my head cannon, her group travels mostly together.  I could never get to like the idea of traveling with only 3 others,  It seems weird to me.  That being said, Kiaya most often travels with Varric, Dorian & Cassandra.  But in the world I adjusted in my head.  Most of the group travels with her. Vivienne is the exceptions.  She is most useful dealing with nobles at Skyhold.

31: Have they been to Val Royeaux before? What was their first impression of the city?

Before the Inquisition Kiaya had only been to Val Royeaux once before and it was only the harbor. She never got off the boat.  She found the city intimidating, so many people all around her, she hates crowds.  When her enters for the first time with the Inquisition she is no less intimidated.  And her views of the city where not improved by watching a Templar strike a Revered Mother.

42: Which bed does your Inquisitor sleep in at night (if they ever sleep)?

She goes for Comfort over style.  When she’s not falling asleep on the couch in her room, she prefers sleeping in a simple bed, the Free Marches Bed or the Orleisan III are her favourites.

33: Which place at Skyhold does your Inquisitor spend the most time at?

She loves exploring all of the nooks and crannies of Skyhold.  She likes to find somewhere to hid away from people.  And She absolutely loves Cullen’s loft, and climbing out the hole and sitting on the roof.

 I love Kiaya, she is a lot of me, which is weird cause I don’t love myself.


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6, 13, 18???

6. Your primary spouse choice is unvavailable. Pick a replacement.
LIBRA Definitely, I would totally marry him if I didnt always heckin marry Chrom shhfbf

13. Overrated character.
Uhhh Tharja? I never liked her character in the first place, when I first got Noire I was like wtf…
Also her stalker habits and like obsession, makes me not want to pair her up with anyone. (Especially with how Noire ends up) I mean I think shes pretty…? But her personality is horrid.

18.Worst couple you’ve ever put together.
Frederick and Cordelia. The absolute worst. My first mistake when I first played Awakening was pair those two up, worst support ever.

Ty for the ask!!

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Okay so that thing ask you questions thing Uhh.. 6, 13, 18, 21, and 24 (I'm sorry that's a lot of questions I'm sorry) But also, most importantly, 50 (K, bai... sorry to of bothered you I'm annoying and weird sorry)

Oh no it’s okay, no worries <3 

6:” If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake? ”
Um… Well I think th-that’s just a part of b-being human ya know?

13: What is the most scared you’ve ever been in your life?
Well… I think that it was when I broke my arm

18: If you could take a drug and change one aspect of your personality, which would you choose? 
I’d be more confident… And um, less anxious.

21: If you were given your choice of three wishes, what would they be? (You can’t wish for more wishes, more genies, etc.)
I would wish everyone was happy, that all three of us could stay together and last…. To go to the redwoods.

24: When have you felt most alone?
…….At the top of a tree on a sunny day

50: Are you okay?
O-of course, alw-ways am…


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6, 13, 18

6. describe your personality in 3 words or less 


13. any siblings?

1 older brother on my mother’s side. 1 older brother, 1 younger brother, and 2 older sisters on my father’s side.

18. favorite tv show?

Don’t have one atm, I don’t really watch tv too much.