Little Things - Columbus - 18.6.13

Harry looking at Louis during “I’m in love with you and all these little things…”

**Ok so this video of course only catches the end of it but from where i started it you can see Zayn tap Louis and then the camera shifts to the big screen and you can see Harry looking at him 

Top 112 LouisandHarry Moments During the TMH Tour

So a couple weeks ago, Kati and I were discussing our favorite moments from the TMH Tour and we were like ya know what - let’s compile the best HarryandLouis moments from the tour because so many people forget all the great stuff these two did. The moments may have been subtle and their interactions may have been more restricted, but that didn’t stop them from showing off just how in love and settled they are.  We thought we could do a top 20 moments hahahahahaaa… yeahhhh so anyway here are my top 112 moments in chronological order. In preparation for the WWAT, enjoy :)

fyi: Some of them have more than one moment linked, don’t miss any :)

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