Well, this is awkward.

I’m back from holidays for 3 weeks now. And the girl from switchboard just asked me “how you doin’? You’re using make-up again. It’s striking A LOT.” So I babbled something about how I used to wake up 15 minutes before I had to leave the house - therefore lack of time, and that by now I try to get up earlier.

I’m wearing nice clothes today and people stared at me like they’re seeing a ghost when I met them on the hallway of the office. Considering the way he froze in place, I think one of the buying agents didn’t recognise me, maybe cos he’s never seen me with a ponytail before.

Actually, I was wondering when someone would open their mouth. Because a month ago I’ve been walking around like a meth addict. Like, literally. My skin was a catastrophe and I didn’t bother to cover it up, my hair was greasy no matter if freshly washed or not, I was bloated and miserable, not talking much, always leaving in the lunch breaks to hide in my car. I’m still wearing dirty clothes most of the days, though.

But you have to be blind to not see that something dramatically changed over the ~3 weeks I was away (2 weeks certified sick + 1 vacation). I’m talky, concentrated, relaxed. I lost weight due to my new eating habits. I take care of myself and my looks, started straightening my hair again.

Can’t really tell her it’s because I got my interest in life back thanks to medication, tho.