#20. Criminal Prompts

1. “I purposely bumped into you to pick your pocket and steal your phone and wallet. But when I got far enough away from you to see my score, my own wallet and phone were missing. So, like, come back because we’re totally meant to be!”

2. “I was left to lock up at work when someone in a mask walked in waving a gun around, demanding the money in the register andddd– ‘Person A, is that you?!’”

3. “I witnessed you and you’re partner commit a crime and now they’re making you hold me hostage. You seem to want to protect me from them, is there any chance you can get me out of here???”

4. “You came out of nowhere and saved me from being mugged and we eventually start dating. Recently, I saw you out and about, but before I could call your name, I watched you happily meet up with the person who tried to mug me. What the hell is going on?”

5. “We were both hired to carry out a hit on the person that lives in this house and I’ve never not completed a job. Either you let me do this, or I take you out, too. And that’d be a shame because, fuck, you’re cute and your methods are pretty impressive…”

6. “We’re both thieves/murderers that the government are trying their hardest to identify. They haven’t connected us to each other yet; no one knows that we’re married and pass our time by planning what crime the other commits.”

7. “We met in prison/ a holding cell/ the back of a cop car and fell in love/ bonded.” Bonus: “Now we’re planning our escapes.”

8. “I’m a guard/cop and was tasked with keeping an eye on you until you’re processed, but you’re really hot and won’t stop flirting with me. I’m thinking about losing my job for you!?!?”

9. “You are undercover and had been assigned to eventually bring me in. Now that you’ve grown to know me, you aren’t sure they’ve got the right person. But you have a job to do so, what’s it gonna be? Do you trust me or them?”

10. “You’ve struggled you’re whole life and have never experienced luxury. I might be a criminal, but I seriously love you and I only want to give you the best. Nowadays, I do this for you.”

11. “I’m a bad person, but I am willing to change/ give up my lifestyle for you.”

12. “I will never change so you’re either with me or you’re against me.”

13. “We’ve been best friends literally since forever so it’s not much of a surprise that we both turned out so evil. Join me.”

14. “The cops are literally hunting us and it’d be best to split up, but I can’t leave you, not now. We’re going to have to have a stand off and shoot our way out of this. ’'Til death do us part, Baby.’ ”

15. “You woke up to me sneaking in the house covered in blood and with bags of money/jewelry in hand. But instead of freaking out, you’re telling me to undress so you can wash the blood out my clothes?! Remind me of your past again…”

17. “I’m a fighter, we both know this. And you never ask questions when I drop by after a bad fight. You just pour me a shot and get your first aid kit. God, I love you.”

18. “You hacked me and learned everything about me with the intent of stealing my identity, but now you feel bad because I literally have nothing.”

19. “We sort of have a kink for making love on a bed of stolen cash. I’m in the mood so what’s our next big score?”

20. “So look, I know you’re this infamous assassin/mafia boss/ thief and all, but I’m pregnant…. It’s time to retire, hon.”

20 Ways to Annoy Kim Seokjin

1. Show him his screen time on Not Today 

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2. Complain he takes up too much of the screen time on the video. 

3. When he starts screaming, out do his scream and carry on screaming even after he stops in annoyance. 

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4.Interrupt him, especially in the midst of his random stories. 

5. Whilst he’s talking, shut him up by stuffing food in his face.

6. Laugh like a maniac before he even starts his jokes. 

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7. Pay a kid to follow him around calling him appa. When he politely tells the kid off his back, get the kid to make a scene asking why his appa left his omma. 

8. Hide all the food. When he asks where all the food is point to Jungkook and say he stress ate it all. 

Scene playing out:

Jin: Maknae, we need to teach you a lesson on being considerate!

Kookie: Huh, hyung?

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9. Whilst he’s filming Eat Jin, secretly sneak up on him and make bunny ears behind his head whilst he’s filming. 

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10. Add extra hot spicy chilli powder to whatever he’ll be eating before filming Eat Jin.

11. Call him ajusshi. 

12. Sign him up to an over 50s and single website. 

13. Delete all his high scores on super mario. 

14. Dump all his super mario games in water. When he freaks out and asks you why you would even do such a thing, say Namjoon asked you to do it for a concept test.

15. When you challenge him to a staring quiz, shoot spritzer in his eyes. 

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16. Hide all his super Mario figures under Suga’s pillow.

17. Hide under his bed at night, when he’s just about to doze off jump out and scream wearing a Freddy Krueger mask.

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18. Hack into his phone and send Taehyung his fake amazon wishlist of BDSM items.

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Tae’s reaction

19. Before he has lunch after rehearsals, tell all the female staff serving food that if Jin asks for some extra food- it’s his hidden code sign for wanting to hook up with them. 

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Jin thinking: Why were they all so eager to serve me today? Why are they all looking at me still? 

Also Jin: Did that noona just wink?!

20. Ask if you can help him make dinner. When he eventually lets you, burn the food he’s cooking. 

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Run, little girl.

AN: I felt like I had to go all out with Jin aka the MLTB be the most annoying member of BTS. 


Detour to the Lizzie Borden House: Facts I picked up outside of the Buzzfeed Unsolved episode

→ Judging by the blood congealed around Mrs. Borden’s head and the contents of her stomach, Mrs. Borden was killed before Mr. Borden. They say she was first hacked on the left cheek (the attacker being right handed), and then made to be knealt on the ground and straddled by the murderer while hacked 18 more times.
→ Even though Lizzie Borden didn’t finish her high school education, she read a lot, and when she finished a book, she would sign her initials at the top corner of the book (her initials barely shown at bottom left of the photo). All the books in plastic were hers, and ironically the Edged Tools book is actually about gardening tools.
→ At some point, that Ouija board was brought to the house and left there. One night, someone brought it upstairs (to their rented bedroom) and it did not appear back downstairs. A few weeks/months later, the Ouija board was shipped back with a note saying “Make it stop.”
→ I’m pretty sure that doll in the chest is the one that terrified Ryan in the episode. (The room is so short idk how Shane Bigfoot Madej survived in there).
→ Yes that’s admin in Mrs. Borden’s death spot (with soccer cleat bruises on my thigh that my teammate so helpfully commented the day before that looked like bruises on a dead body :) (with the bruises being so dark and my legs so pale)).

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Bleach Life Hacks

Author’s Choice list. :)

You guys are probably familiar with those “Life Hacks” that are floating around - ways to fix common problems or ways to make hard jobs easier or just cool things somebody wants people to know. Well what if the Bleachverse had Bleach-specific life hacks - submitted by various Bleach characters? What might those be?

1. Life hack: Broken soul candy dispenser?? Just substitute an old Pez dispenser - it will work perfectly!

(submitted by Rukia)

2. Life hack: If you get locked out of your house, just transform into a soul reaper and then break down a wall.

(submitted by Ichigo)

3. Life hack: To make ice cream more delicious, put ALL THE THINGS on it!

(submitted by Matsumoto)

4. Life hack: Want to eat ice cream or cereal, but you don’t have any clean bowls? Just make a bowl out of kido!

(submitted by Hinamori)

5. Life hack: Don’t waste your time walking to get things. Use your shikai to grab things like an umbrella without moving!

(submitted by Gin)

6. Life hack: Can’t get a guy to fight you? Just injure his friend!

(submitted by Grimmow)

7. Life hack: Need a place to stay in the human world? Make up a story about how your whole family died and your house burned down!

(submitted by Rukia)

8. Life hack: Don’t pay outrageous heating or air-conditioning costs anymore! Instead - make friends with someone who has an ice zanpakuto, and someone who has a fire zanpakuto!

(submitted by Matsumoto)

9. Life hack: If you do not have time to visit a salon, you can cut your hair perfectly yourself using your zanpakuto.

(submitted by Byakuya)

10. Life hack: Broken zanpakuto? The answer is duct tape.

(submitted by Renji)

11. Life hack: If you are late to school, try flash step.

(submitted by Ichigo)

12. Life hack: Use your zanpakuto to store medication!!

(submitted by Ikkaku)

13. Life hack: An easy way to figure out what clothing size somebody else wears so that you can make them an outfit: be really good at guessing.

(submitted by Ulquiorra)

14. Life hack: Don’t trust people who wear glasses.

(submitted by Hinamori)

15. Life hack: Get rid of expired batteries, smelly garbage, or annoying dudes by throwing them into a caja negacion.

(submitted by Grimmjow)

16. Life hack: Always carry an extra cape.

(submitted by Ishida)

17. Life hack: Cell phone out of batteries? Butterflies can deliver messages!

(submitted by Hitsugaya)

18. Life hack: No butterflies around? Try kido!

(submitted by Isane)

19. Life hack: Never, ever bet against Ichigo.

(submitted by Aizen)

20. Life hack: To make fights better for you, *don’t* explain all of your powers to your enemy.

(submitted by Rose)