18 Genius Ways To Use Leftovers From A Barbecue

1. Slice up grilled steak and turn it into a summer-appropriate poutine.

Recipe here.

2. Make breakfast pastries by soaking hotdog and hamburger buns in syrup and lightly baking.

Sprinkle with sliced almonds for a salty crunch. Recipe here.

3. Turn corn on the cob into crispy pan-fried fritters.

Simply coat the corn in seasoning and fry in a pan. here.

4. Crumble up burger meat, and mix with ketchup and worchestershire sauce for a reinvented sloppy joe sandwich.

Breathe life into your leftover burger. Recipe here.

5. Eggplant can be cooked into a brilliant shakshuka recipe for brunch.

Shakshuka what yo mama gave ya. Recipe here.

6. Put grilled onions into a bacon brie sandwich for a gourmet lunch.

Because leftover onions can sometimes taste funky when eaten on their own. Recipe here.

7. Don’t let pulled pork go dry; stuff it into a meat-layered grilled cheese.

Recipe here.

8. Cornbread can be turned into croutons simply by cutting cubes and baking for 10 minutes.

Throw these in soup or salad for an added crunch. Recipe here.

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The recovery room

Both daughters are on the mend from medical procedures. 21 had her wisdom teeth removed last week under a general anesthetic. And this morning 18 had her tonsils hacked out.

Both on the mend. 

Thank God for health insurance…

anonymous asked:

Kendall made on Instagram post Jill was hacked 18 mins ago.

Thanks for letting me know.. I knew something was fishy

These 18 Annoying Things Will Be So Much Better After You See This. I'm Trying #3 Right Away.

These 18 Annoying Things Will Be So Much Better After You See This. I’m Trying #3 Right Away.

Sometimes we make life harder on ourselves. Disorganization and laziness can lead to a lot of chores going by the wayside. Thankfully, with a little creativity, there are simple ways that we can cut through the clutter of our lives. “Life hacks” are priceless because 1.) they’re usually free and 2.) they make annoying or difficult tasks much easier. These 18 new life hacks are great because…

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08/18【福岡】LIFE HACK(未来を変える経済セミナー)

  こんな事を、思った事がありませんか? 「毎日同じ事の繰り返しで、楽しい事がなくなった」 「10個上の先輩が、自分の10年後になるのが不安」 「今は雇われてるけど、出来るならいずれ起業してみたい」 「雇用機会が減り、将来の経済力に大きな不安がある」 「未来に制限がないなら、自立して自由に自分らしく生きたい」 ある時、同じ悩みや憤りを感じてる人がこんなに居る事を知ってしまいました。 「人生を変えたいけど、どうしていいかわからない…」 いい本を紹介してくれる人も居ないし、セミナーは敷居が高い。ちょっと前向きな場所に行くと、変な投資話や勧誘ばかり…。だから我慢して大人として、上手に生きていくしかないって思ってる人は、沢山居るのではないでしょうか?…

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#LegDay & yes #LegDayDone , knees were tweaked all week but was able to do presses and hacks, 18 plates on the Hack and the gym was empty and just a few hardcore stragglers like myself were up at the #WTFHour hitting it hard

If you saw the monsters that shake things up in the AM like Steve, Paul & @mrcockrell2u then you may get inspired to raise your game too

The only limits that are on you are the ones that you create , so keep your mind open and magic happens

#BeastMode #fitfam #sundayfunday #NoExcuses #NodaysOff #TrainDifferent #putinthework #NoLimitations #itsyourset #health #fitness #EarlyAMTraining #EarlyAmCrew

You Can Pull Off These 18 Crazy, But Practical, Hacks By Just Using Coca Cola

For an interesting kids science experiment, soak a baby tooth in Coke. After two weeks, pull it out and see just how much has dissolved from the sugar.

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Travellers at Baiter Park and Canford Heath

Council urged to stop travellers accessing car park at Baiter Park after group of 18 caravans arrive “HACKED off” residents have backed calls for preventative measures after the latest traveller invasion of 18 caravans at Baiter Park in Poole. The number of caravans and motorhomes has grown since the weekend when 10 set up camp at the council car park, close to people’s homes. Jeff Morley,…

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