So my headteacher and director of sixth form had a meeting with me 10 minutes before my physics ISA (20% of my physics a-level) essentially telling me how shit I am and how I’m going to fail all my a-levels. They also threatened to kick me out. I’m just so done with that school. The pastoral care person for sixth form found me after the meeting to escort me to my exam (because my that point I was 10 minutes late) and she was really pissed at them for telling me all of that stuff before my exam especially as they don’t know anything that’s going on at home right now. She sat me down and said we’re going to prove them wrong. I don’t know I feel like they’re right and I am failing and I’m not going to improve. I couldn’t even talk to my mum about this because she had an MRI scan today and was really sick. I just don’t want to do this anymore, I want to die. I can’t cope.

Fire Emblem Fates Countdown Ask Meme

18. Which version to you intend to get?  If more than one, which do you intend to get/play first?
I actually got the special edition but I’m gonna play Conquest first and then Birthright!