I am in the cliché stage of pregnancy

Nothing fits and my skin is bad and I miss my old body and my back hurts and I’m exhausted and my feet are cold and I get migraines and I always need to pee and I get out of breath standing up and my bed isn’t comfy and my tummy hurts and I’m hungry and nothing is tasty and I want to go home but I don’t know where home is.

Weekly Update

How far along? 18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: haven’t checked. Oops

Maternity clothes? But if both. Maternity anything emphasizes the belly though.

Stretch marks? Nothing new, but I can feel my tummy stretching so I hope I can about new ones.

Sleep: can’t get comfortable some nights. Belly sleeping kills my bladder in the morning :(

Best moment this week: Going down to Seattle for a night to see a jays game, I’m just going to full fill my chick fil a craving haha.

Movement: nope, unless I’m mistaking gas/indigestions for movements.

Food cravings: nothing recurring but with Seattle approaching chic fil a.

Food aversions: uncooked meats so hubby does the main cooking.

Morning sickness/nausea?: Nooe and I hope it doesn’t return.

Have you started to show yet: in maternity clothing yes, but I’m at the stage where you’d have to guess still.

Gender prediction: hopeful for a boy but would still be ecstatic if we’re a girl.

Happy or Moody most of the time: easily irritable, and quickly emotional but overall happy and excited.

Car seat help!!

Ok, so I’m getting frustrated. I was given a stroller/car seat combo from my sister that she never used. I’m trying to find a class or a decent YouTube tutorial on making sure my baby is strapped in correctly/I have an appropriate car seat. I called the local police because they can teach me how to install the seat properly but outside of that they aren’t much help. I know the basics of car seat safety, but I want to be an expert. This is my childs life I’m putting at risk when I put them in the car and I just really believe car seat safety is not something to take lightly. Does anyone know any tutorials or is anyone following me a car seat expert?

Edit: Yep as soon as I posted that I found a blog called car seat safety on here. In addition to being a first time mom I’m also a first time tumblr user! 😛 Still though I’d really appreciate any advice anyone’s got to give on this!
Baby movements

I’m starting to feel your flutters.
I’m starting to feel you move.
It’s so bizarre.
It used to be just me & my body .. I have always felt different things happening, I knew my body.
Now everything’s different, sometimes it’s not my body that I’m feeling - it’s yours. It excites me that your growing & thriving.
I hope your content.
I hope my body feels like your home not a house.
I hope you know I’m here.
I want you to feel safe.
I want you to know you were loved from the beginning, from before you were born, before I felt your first little flutters, before our I saw you at our first scan, before the pregnancy test turned positive …. I loved you when you were still part of my hopes and dreams.

*18 WEEKS*

hey guys, it’s been a while, life has been kinda shitting on me lately but here I am 18 weeks on testosterone

My legs are pretty hairy, more so on my calves but I’m getting more hair on my upper thighs!

I had some chin hair but I shaved it and now it’s growing a little on my chin to where you can see it if I’m facing ahead whereas before I had to raise my head a little bit. I also shaved my little bit of a mustache I had and it hasn’t grown back that much :/

My voice dropped a little more but it’s starting to even out and stay at about the same octave when I’m speaking. I do get really excited sometimes and it goes up and I’m trying to control that lol

My arms/shoulders are looking more defined and I’m losing a little more weight but I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to.

My hair kinda feels like it’s a different texture and I’ve always had a pretty manly hairline so it looks the same tbh

My muscles are also feeling stronger and getting more defined in my calves, but I’ve always had muscular thighs so they just look more toned.

And that’s it!