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Hop on the Crazy Train Guys! Spoilers and Rampant Speculation, Ahoy!

Hey guys, are you ready to hop on the Crazy Train? Find your tinfoil hats as I leap from the “Oh, that might make sense” discovery decrypted from the 5.4 Datamining into full on Conpsiracy Theorist mode. Full disclosure, I realize A) how ridiculous all this sounds; B) the extreme unlikliehood of this being the ACTUAL storyline is… low. But if it were. It would be a-MAZ-ing!

This my new pet Master Theory of the (SWTOR) Universe. And the answer, is not 42, as Douglas Adams might have us believe, but in fact 7-18-1-22-5-19-20-15-14-5. You can pry this ridiculous headcanon from my cold dead hands.

Spoilers, and wild speculation that grasps at the thinnest and most fragile of canonical straws, below the “Read More”. Leave your suspension of disbelief behind, because it’ll just drag you down.

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yei! another milestone , jeez i can´t wait until Mark reach 20 mill so he does some stupid challenge again haha (the tasteful nudes)

btw meanwhile doing this i was watching the pole dance video and man i have not laught so hard, i miss the grumps in the channel :( hope to see them soon and congrats Mark! @markiplier

Why Do We Pray?
  • Why do we pray because it’s proof that we are Christians. Christians are in a relationship with God and in a relationship you talk to your spouse right? You don’t talk to them when something bad happens or when you need something, no you try to get every change you get to talk to them.
  • Why do we pray because we are insufficient in ourselves.  We can’t do things without Him and it’s not just the hard things, it’s the daily routines that we need Him to show up in.. If we don’t consistently fall on our face in prayer, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we consistently fall on our face in sin. It’s only on the power of God that we can overcome sin. We can’t overcome it by ourselves. God doesn’t need us but we need Him.
  • Why do we pray because Jesus tells us to. Luke 18:1 Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.
  • Why do we pray because it keeps us humble before God. Prayer reminds us that we are not in control, but God is, so pray is keeping us from pride.. If you thought you could do it all by ourselves then you probably wouldn’t pray.
  • Why do we pray because It’s a great privilege to come before God Almighty. Can you think of any greater honor than to have an audience with the One who rules over ALL creation? We have been invited to talk with the one who put the stars in place. We are invited to sit down with the One who knows all things. We have greatest privilege of it all.

June 18, 1977: Fleetwood Mac goes to No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Dreams’, the group’s first and only US No.1. 

My small pink 45 gold record of ‘Dreams’ hangs in my ocean apartment as we speak. It has hung in every house I have lived in since the day I first received it. When I pass by it, I reach out and touch it. It really was the beginning of the dream …” - Stevie Nicks

Masterlist *UPDATED*

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Who I Belong With


That Just Happened.

Should’ve Been Us

You’re So Frustrating


Just Go


Don’t Go.




I Was Made For Loving You: Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7, Pt.8, Pt.9, Pt.10,Pt.11, Pt.12, Pt.13, Pt.14, Pt.15, Pt.16, Pt.17, Pt.18, Pt.19, Pt.20*Final*

We Fight For UsPt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt.3, Pt. 4, Pt.5*Final*

Exo Meets Supernatural *Canceled*: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt.4

What If…: Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, If You Chose Kai, If You Chose Chanyeol

It’s You: Pt.1, Pt.2 , Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5 ,Pt.6


Who I Was: Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7*FINAL*

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 18.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16. - Part 17.

Character(s): Negan’s wives, Sherry, and Reader (cameo with Negan and Simon)
Sherry decides to befriend you. 
Word Count: 2,791
Author’s Note: My portrayal of the wives may seem out of character, so please be wary of that! However, I wonder what Sherry and the rest of the wives are up to? After last chapter, with the confession from both Negan and Simon, I can’t wait to develop their relationship even more. It’s going to be great! Enjoy! :-)

Sherry made a beeline straight to the wives’ lounge. She knew that the other women wouldn’t care, but their lives had gotten boring just sitting around and wasting away. They needed excitement and you were the perfect candidate to spice up their lives again. She was simply skeptical that a few other wives would get jealous.

Upon entering the lounge, she stepped inside and went straight for the bar. Amber was off to the side, sipping at a glass of alcohol while the other three girls were looking at magazines. On any normal day, Sherry would scoff and think to herself at how she got into this mess. Negan always kept his word on providing and taking care of them, but she and the rest of the wives noticed the instant change in his behavior. He never called for them anymore and rarely showed his face around the lounge.

Sherry assumed it was because of business, but now that she realized the actual truth, she was a bit offended.

“Hey, Sherry.” Amber smiled, leaning against the bar once she stood from her seat. “Why does it look like you’ve seen a ghost? Is it Dwight? Is he okay?”

Sherry tightened her jaw. “No. Even worse.”

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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year 1, chapter 18 (May 2013).

Batman and Catwoman meet with the American President.

This scene illustrates the partnership between Bat and Cat. What I like is how Selina is essentially speaking for both of them. It shows Bruce’s trust in her and I like how quickly he shot down the President when he questioned her. They’re portrayed as equals and that’s the way it should be.


I got inspired by @hilaryduffs​ to make this since Rupert Grint’s birthday is coming closer! And he deserves this after his brilliant work in his TV shows Snatch and Sick Note. So I hope you’ll be doing this too. It will be fun! Gifs or/and pictures. If you do, use the hashtag #rgrintappreciationweek2017

August 18 - Day 1: Favourite role (TV or Movie).

August 19 - Day 2: Favourite quote(s).

August 20 - Day 3: Favourite acting performance (a specific scene).

August 21 - Day 4: Favourite moments from interviews.

August 22 - Day 5: Favourite pictures.

August 23 - Day 6: Favourite charity moments.

August 24 - Day 7: Birthday posts.


_Catholics are always intimidated into believing that we do things contrary to the Bible just because we are sometimes ignorant of what we do. The following will help you locate *WHERE* what we do in the Bible._

2 Mac. 12:38-45
Wisdom 3:1
Tobit 4:17

*2) USE OF IMAGES AND SACRAMENTS _(these remind us of what they stand for)_*
2 kings 3:20-21
Num. 21:8-9
Ex 25:17-22
Col 1:20, 2:14
John 12:32
Acts 19:11-12

2 Thes 2:15
2 cor 10:10-11
John 21:25
2 John 1:12
3 John 1:13

Rev 1:10
Acts 20:7
1 cor 16:1-2
John 20:1-22

John 21:15-17
Matt 16: 18-19
Acts 2:1-14

Gen 17:4
Jer 7:7
Num 12:14
Jn. 6:49
Mtt. 23:30
Lk. 1:73

Eph 4:11-13
1 Tim 5:17-25
1 Tim 3:1-7, 8-13

Is 35:8, 52:1
Zech 13:1-2
1 cor 3:15
Lk. 12:47-48, 58-59
Rev. 21:27
Heb 12:22-23
Job 14:13-17

Ex 30:33-37
Num 16:6-7
Lev. 16:12-13
Rev. 8:32

Lk. 1:28,
Lk. 1:42

2 kings 2:19-22
John 5:1-18
John 7:37

Prov. 15:8, 15:29
Job 42:8
James 5:16
Mtt 16:19

(these help to remind us of what they stand for)
2 kings 13:20-21

Mtt 16:19, 1-20

Acts 16:15 33
Acts 18:8
Mtt 28:19
Acts 10:47-48



This mod adds in new hairstyles and lightens the base game hairs (meaning that they will be more vibrant) b̶u̶t̶ ̶p̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶a̶i̶r̶ ̶(̶7̶,̶ ̶1̶9̶,̶ ̶2̶2̶,̶ ̶2̶7̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶3̶0̶)̶,̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶m̶u̶l̶t̶i̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶r̶m̶e̶r̶s̶,̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶g̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶h̶a̶i̶r̶s̶t̶y̶l̶e̶s̶.̶

No longer replaces hair, now just adds it!

I will eventually add more hairstyles, not quite sure when (quite frankly not sure what else to add besides some other short cuts), but I figured that I should try to give back to the modding community for once :)

Let me know if there are any bugs, and if you guys like this mod!

Installation instructions:

  • Download the mod
  • Extract the archive
  • Go to Stardew Valley/Content/Characters/Farmer
  • Replace the hairstyles.xml file with the provided

You might want to make a backup file of ‘Farmer’ just in case! But it should work.

[Available Here]

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anonymous asked:

hi, I'm a lesbian Christian. I have a very strong faith but the one thing I can't get over is how in the Bible marriage is only described as between a man and a woman. I'm very much looking forward to marrying my future wife, but what does God/the Bible think about it ? how does God still support me if I'm "not allowed" to marry a woman? thank you in advance♥️

Hey sapphic sis! Do I have news for you! There are gays in our very own Bible! Just mistranslated!

So lemme tell you bout my boys David and Jonathan. (I'mma be getting most of my stuff from this site which does an awesome job at explaining it http://hoperemains.webs.com/samesexmarriage.htm but tbh you can find this stuff everywhere)

(here’s another one that’s a bit of an easier read

http://qspirit.net/david-jonathan-same-sex-love/ ) 

So 1 Samuel 18 gives us a pretty good idea of how in love these two idiots were. It says their souls were intertwined in the first verse. In 1 Samuel 20:41, when they reunited after they’d been separated, they literally cried and made out until David got a boner. (Most modern translations leave out the erection bit, but this is what the original text says). Then after Jonathan dies, David goes on about how broken up he is about it and says he preferred the love of Jonathan to that of any woman (since it was improper for men and women, especially of that standing, to be friends or speak to each other outside of a romantic/sexual context, we can assume this wasn’t just his way of saying “Bros before hoes”)

“But Sarah!” You say, “I know my Bible! David didn’t marry Jonathan! He married his sister Michal!” Look at you, knowing your Bible. I’m proud of you. But you fail to know context, my youngling. In that time period, the government wasn’t involved in marriage- it consisted of about two things: a promise and a u-haul. Even if a couple was only betrothed, unfaithfulness is a serious thing and the word for the splitting after that is the same as “divorce” in the original text (we can see an example of this in the story of Mary and Joseph). 

1 Samuel 18:3-4 shows David and Jonathan making a covenant and then getting naked so there’s that. Then David moves in with Jonathan and his fam. Still not convinced they were married? We actually have clarification in the original text, but modern translations mix up the words! Geez I wonder why! 1 Samuel 18:21 cites Saul telling David that once he marries Michal, he will be his “son in law through one of the two”. It’s assumed by the reader that this is referencing the almost-betrothal of David to yet another royal sibling, Mehab, who refused the marriage. Maybe she had a good gaydar or wasn’t gonna steal her brother’s man, idk. Except here’s the thing. The translation of the King James version completely makes up the words “one of”. It should read that David will be Saul’s “son in saw through two”. 👀👀👀☕☕☕ 

Yes, David had other wives, and children. Polygamy was very common back then, especially for a king such as he. But he never expressed the same love he did for Jonathan for any woman in scripture. 

This is just one of the several examples of same sex couples, one of the most notorious being the roman centurion and his bf, whom Jesus blessed. You can find more examples in those two links up top. It’s unfortunate that I don’t know of any cool biblical examples for us wlw, it’s one of the side effects of history forgetting genders besides male exist. Honestly though, are there really any good examples of couples in the Bible? Adam and Eve literally brought sin into the world, God told Sarah and Abraham were told they were gonna have kids and they basically went “lol u wild” and didn’t believe him so. It’s not like the God gave us great straight examples of what a biblical marriage is supposed to look like practically (song of solomon is just a bunch of gushing over each other). 

So what I mean to say is this: you are allowed to marry woman. God loves you whoever you marry, if you decide to marry at all. If you have more doubts, scroll through my apologetics tag or message me with your questions. I love you and so does God and I hope this helped and I hope you have a great day!! 

tl;dr David and Jonathan were super gay for each other and God put it in the Bible but homophobes messed it up but it doesn’t matter bc God Loves The Gays

Headcanons in The Legend of the Frost Stone

So, I have a few headcanons that I’m going to be using in the story, and I felt that I should probably explain them, so that everyone knows where they’re coming from, since some may seem off without explanation.

As far as ages go… (of course I also believe that the characters will age as the story goes on so this is as of 2017, before Season 3)
Lance: 18
Hunk: 18
Keith: 18
Pidge: 16
Shiro: 22
Allura: 197 (Earth equivalent: 20)
Coran: 450 (Earth equivalent: 45)

I also have height headcanons that may be important
Lance: 6'2"
Hunk: 6'1"
Keith: 5'3"
Pidge: 4'11"
Shiro: 6'6"
Allura: 5'5"
Coran: 5'9"

For races/country of origin
Lance: Born in Cuba, moved to US at age 16 to attend the Garrison. Mother: Cuban, Father: ¼ Brazilian, ¾ Altean. Result; Lance: 3/8 Altean, 5/8 Cuban
Hunk: Born in the Samoas (not to be confused with the American Somoas), moved to US at age 16 to attend the Garrison. Mother: 7/8 Samoan, 1/8 Filipino, Father: Samoan. Result; Hunk: 15/16 Samoan, 1/16 Filipino.
Keith: Born in Texas. Mother: Galra, Father, ¼ American, ½ Japanese, ¼ Korean. Result; Keith: ½ Galra, ¼ Japanese, 1/8 Korean, 1/8 American.
Pidge: Born in Canada, moved to US at age 14 to attend Garrison (posed as a 16yr old). Mother: ½ Canadian, ½ French, Father: Canadian. Result; Pidge: ¼ French, ¾ Canadian.
Shiro: Born in Japan, moved to Denmark at age 3, moved to US at age 18 to attend Garrison. Mother: 1/8 Icelandic, 7/8 Danish, Father: ½ Japanese, ½ unknown (it’s a special secret, for now). Result; Shiro: 1/16 Icelandic, 15/16 Danish, ¼ Japanese, ¼ unknown.

I h/c Lance having a twin, his name is Logan
I h/c Matt and Pidge as twins
I h/c Shiro with a twin, named Sven (b/c of Sven and also because Sven apparently had a twin in the original)
Lance’s dad is somewhere in space, because he left when Lance was 2 in order to protect him and his mother from people targeting his dad. His dad is named “Pedro” to humans, but his alien name is Dujfiem.

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Hei. Can i request a drabble from the Frebruary prompt with Klaus Mikaelson using numbers 1, 18, 39 and 37? . Missed you. Hope you doing good😘😘😘😘

Klaus Mikaelson - Banished

Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” You were sick of just being driven around, not knowing where you were going, not knowing what was going to happen next. You understood you had to run, you had to get out of New Orleans, but you still thought you had to get a say in what your future brought. Not this whole ‘Just listen to me, I’ve done this before and I know what I’m doing’ crap that Klaus was giving you now.

“Oh, no, love… you’re upset, you’re shaken and besides… this is my car. I drive. End of discussion.” He rummaged a bit through some junk between your seats. “But you do seem upset about what happened. It’s not a given we’ve left the city for good, Y/N. We just have to leave it behind for now.”

Which was easy for him to say, or so you thought. “You’re immortal. A few years mean nothing to you. For me, it can mean I’ll have to leave for my entire life. So yes, I’m upset. New Orleans is all I’ve ever known and now I have to leave because someone’s after you.” And by extension you. You never regretted picking Klaus’ side, but you hated that it lead you here.

Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.” He handed you a soda he had fished out from somewhere and even though you were pretty sure just a drink, even if it was something stronger than this, wasn’t going to solve anything, you did take it. “And yes, sweetheart… I know this might feel different for you than it feels for me, but the choice was to die in New Orleans or to live and run with me. I take it you do rather live your life a bit longer than you do now.” He did park the car at the side of the road, even when he wasn’t planning on letting you take the wheel. Apparently he did understand that how you were feeling wasn’t going to be solved with a can of soda and a nice explanation.

You opened the can and started to take a few sips, more to try not to cry than because you really needed a drink. You looked away. Somehow you didn’t want Klaus to see your tears. He found it far too easy to leave New Orleans for a while. You didn’t want him to think you were weak for having a hard time leaving behind a place. Even when it was the place you grew up in, where you had make memories with your families, from your first love…

Don’t cry, love…” He had noticed. Of course he had noticed. He had probably noticed it before you even started to cry, with his supernatural senses. “I’m not good with crying women, after all.” Still, he tried to calm you down, stroking your hair, making you look at him so he could wipe away the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs. “Everything will be fine, Y/N. My family is still back there. They will not rest until they have made New Orleans a safe place for us to return to. That is a promise I will make you, here and now.”

You tried to force a smile on your face, hoping you could believe him. You wanted to go back. You didn’t want to run for years, even when that would be easy for Klaus. “Thank you. I just hope I won’t need a walker by the time they manage. Not because I don’t trust them… but your idea of soon might be different from mine.”

He smiled, slightly. “Even we can want something rather today than tomorrow, love.” He still had his hand on your chin from when he turned your face towards them. “Even things we know we shouldn’t want to have.” He sighed, as if he was battling himself to continue speaking. “Like I have now. Can I kiss you?”

That… was a twist you hadn’t expected. And you didn’t know if you wanted it. Not now. Not now you were vulnerable, crying, not sure where your life was going to end. It just didn’t feel like the right timing, so you shook your head. “If you would have asked me two days ago, I probably would have kissed you back before you had finished that question, but now? I don’t know, Klaus. Not now…”