18 rounds

this kid was telling me her birthday’s in two days and when i asked her how old she would be she said 10 then she asked ME how old i am and i did my usual, age-old gimmick of asking “how old do you *think* i am?” bc i love to suffer/am always interested in hearing what always ends up being the same thing, continuously, and she just stood there for a second before being like “….hmm 🤔 14? 😯” sincerely and i just felt my soul ZOOM out of my body.. and she kept that expression as i explained that i’m 21… like.. complete surprise and disbelief.. am i technically the same size as my younger brother? who is 14? yes. but how could she know that.. how can i come across.. that young.. fucking destroyed by this 9 yr old in front of her 5 other family members.. didn’t need to decimate me like that but she did

“At 14.3 hands this horse is perfect for a small child or 4’ tall elf”
Me, a human adult, with a 14.0 hand horse: 👌