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I Like The Way It Hurts

Summary: 2012!Phan: After breaking up with Phil, Dan has been sleeping with pretty much every woman or man in sight and Phil has had about enough of it.

Genre: Smut/Angst 

Word Count: 2565

Beta: @annincalou

Warnings: Lots of sex, non descriptive hetero sex, possessive/jealous!Phil, dom!Phil, dirty talk, daddy kink (cause I’m a filthy sinner), rimming, use of the words whore, slut, etc, unprotected sex, and that’s about it. Enjoy folks.

A/N: I haven’t written a fic in 5ever, but here we go because I’m feeling angsty have some 2012!Phan angsty smut. It’s kind of crap cause I wrote it really fast but oh well. Enjoy, guys! 

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kinktober 13/18: rimming  + daddy: operant conditioning (reinforcement)[grindelgraves]
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Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Original Percival Graves/Gellert Grindelwald
Additional Tags: Kinktober 2017, Daddy Kink, Rimming, Dom/sub Undertones, Begging, Humiliation, Under-negotiated Kink, Anal Sex, Anal Play
Series: Part 9 of Kinktober 2017

“Please,” Graves says. When Grindelwald looks up, Graves has half his face pressed into the pillow. His cheeks are bright red, flushed almost as deeply as the little hole that keeps begging to be touched. “Please–”

Grindelwald grins. “And you said nothing good could ever come from my mouth.”

Finally written at @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins​ ‘s urging! Hope this lets you have a great morning!