18 in corset

Funny story, a woman recently told me my waist training was ” unnatural and creeped her out ” I had to stifle a giggle as she had these massive breast implants and multiple tattoos and dermal piercings. It’s so silly that even as tattoos and piercings become more popular people take one look at a corset and are..like almost offended on some deeply personal level. It’s all body modification, isnt that kind of the entire point to look unnatural?

Today I reached 500 followers. I’m so happy to know that so many people support me in my tight lacing. I figured I’d take this opportunity to explain why I began this style swing. Though I’m only sixteen, having a small waist was a goal of mine for a while before I went ahead and bought my first corset. It was actually after believe-innightmares (Nicole) told me about it.  Today’s society shapes girls into what they think is the appropriate size and style. Many people feel the need to be skinnier to fit that view and be accepted, and that shouldn’t be. People should feel comfortable in their own skin without the pressure of fitting into other peoples views. I wanted to break those rules that were brought on by society by making a statement that my body is mine regardless of what others see fit.  With my corsetry I believe I achieved that. I’ve had many reactions to my 18 inch corset (some bad) , but this never stopped me from wearing it. I love the way I look. I walk down the school hallway with pride and confidence. I understand that others do not see what I see. But the truth is they’re not supposed to.

Oh wow! Just found a whole set of lovely pictures from Wild Wild West Con that got lost in my e-mail, best surprise ever! <3

Photographer - James Debrauwere
Corset & Eyepatch- brute-force-studios
Collar & Wristcuffs - Me ( Amy Wilder )
MUAH & Styling - Me

one time i was thinking about how small violet’s waist is and i was like hm but how small is 18″ really? so then i whipped out a fabric tape measure and i realized 18″ is small as fUCK!!!! like how is she living?? and then i thought, that looks approximately the size of my dog (idk), and no lie violet chachki and my fat ass weenie dog have the same waist size so there’s that