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speaking of Jedi cuddling y’all

I’ve been thinking a lot about the au where Knight!Luke ends up in charge of three teenaged Padawans, and given that both Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were creche-raised and im just saying

padawan cuddle pile. Ahsoka tends to want to be where Anakin is because even though he’s not that much older than her now, he’s still her master. HOWEVER. Obi-Wan is the one with the similar cultural background and Anakin is all ‘Don’t touch me’

(I’m thinking Anakin probably spent his entire post-slavery life exerting control like - everything is his. His own room, his own stuff, if it’s not yours its his, if it’s Obi-Wan’s it’s also his. Don’t touch him. He has the right to control who touches him now. He accidentally touch-starves himself. It makes him cranky and weird about being touched. He touch-starves himself even more. He comes to depend on Padme for touch, but barely ever sees her. Extremely touch starved is what Im saying.)

So it ends up that Ahsoka turns to Obi-Wan for more Temple-like interactions, including the padawan sleep piles. Normally that stuff stops after they become padawans, during which their masters probably slowly wean them of it when they’re away from the Temple. They both grew up communally, so Obi-Wan and Ahsoka effortlessly borrow back and forth and basically have no boundaries. Given a post-Temple world, they’re taking a lot of comfort from one another is what I’m saying. Ahsoka is totally being the little sister that Obi-Wan never had.

Anakin is exceptionally weirded out by all of this behavior. He also frowns a lot because yes, this is a much younger version of his Obi-Wan, but he’s never seen Obi-Wan let anyone close to him like this. Yes, alright, he might be really incredibly jealous. This isn’t his obi-wan, but Obi-Wan is still his, and this Togruta says that in the future she was his padawan so she’s also his, and he’s really not sure about this communal living thing (it reminds him of being a slave and not having anything of his own) but -

Anyway, the point is that when Anakin gets over himself, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan stick him in the middle of the padawan sleep pile and they all get a lot of excellent sleep in.

Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker thinks this is all very weird but the past was a different place back then, and they all seem happy about it, so it’s probably fine, right?

(it’s not like he’s sad to think about the fact that Vader hadn’t been able to touch another person for more than two decades, or Old Ben living out there alone in the desert by himself.)

So after watching this episode I realized another reason why I love B99 so much is because on other “team-is-a-family” shows you get the sense that the squad is a family but you don’t really have them acknowledging it much outside of fanfictions or Special Moments - it’s more of a fandom thing that you find in fics or in headcanons or something. 

But then with B99 you have Jake calling Holt “dad” after 18 episodes, saying that the nine nine is a family with “two black dads, two latina daughters, two white sons”, having Holt call Jake son, constantly bring up the family comparisons, and even now have Amy call Kevin and Holt “their” dads (because obviously they’re not just her dads, but hers and the squad’s dads) - and Amy says this even though she also has her own father, because she still sees Holt and Kevin as two more fathers in her life. And - it’s just so sweet because on other shows you’d have to twist and pull and rely purely on fandom to have even a simple family comparison sometimes and then on B99 they’re just casually throwing out these father/child statements and it’s just so very nice to see characters explicitly acknowledging how they see each other as family. 

GUYS SPACE DAD IS COMING TO ORLANDO, FL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omfg! I’m dying right now! He’s coming to my favorite convention of the year and I’m gonna meet him 😍😘😵 COME ON VOLTRON FANS! Let’s get together at AFO and have ourselves a good time! Hopefully my two panels get picked up because if they do, you can look forward to: 1) Voltron Chat - with Keith and Lance (family friendly) 2) KLance Fanfic Theater - with Keith and Lance - and fan service! (18+ panel) HUSBDJXBWKD. SPACE DAD!

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jean is 18 months.

My little baby, where has the time gone by ? I barely had time to blink that you are already a big girl, walking around the house, soon to be a big sister. I feel like, only a few days ago, you were born, you were, for the first time ever, discovering the life. A second after, you were already making your first smile, crawling for the first time. And now you are discovering the world on your two chunky legs, toddling to follow mommy like a baby duck.

You turned 18 months a few days ago, and you’re not a baby anymore. You’re not asking for mama’s arms every second, you don’t need to smell mama’s scent to feel confortable, you don’t need to feel mama’s lips on your forehead to fell asleep. You’re discovering that you have a dad who loves you as much as mommy, and that you can trust him as much as mama. You’re letting him play with you, cuddle you and watch after you. You don’t feel bad when mama leave the room, as long as daddy is with you. You’re discovering that the world isn’t just mama, that you can do things by yourself and that mama is just here to love and help you to become a big girl.

But you’re still my baby, my tiny baby, the one that didn’t want to come out and who now loves to be outside. Even if you still can’t sleep without mama or daddy, even if you still needs mama’s boobs to fell asleep and to wake you up in a good mood, even if you always look around you to be sure that mama is behind you, encouraging you to go, try and make things by your own, you’re growing so fast, and I feel like I’m not the center of your world anymore.

And sometimes, I miss being a teen without having the life of a little being in the hands, I miss sleeping full nights without being awakened by a crying baby who needs to be fed, I miss you as a newborn. And I regret a lot of things. I regret that your dads wasn’t with me for your birth, I regret that I’ve been unable to give birth to you without being opened in half, I regret that your dad missed a lot of your milestones. 

But be sure of one thing, I would not change, for anything in the world, my life with you. I’m so proud to see you grow and just be happy. I’m just proud to be your mama, and I couldn’t ask for a better family.

Je t’aime, plus que jamais tu ne pourras l’imaginer.


18 Reasons Why David Beckham Is Probably The Greatest Celeb Dad Of All Time

Yes, we know that David Beckham has oodles of money that means that he can fly his children to watch the Superbowl and treat them to every new must-have toy that’s released, but he’s one celeb dad who seems to put in the hours and make sure his brood of four are showered with more than just gifts. Judging by Instagram, anyway. 

He painstakingly sews dresses for his daughter’s dolls. By hand.

[Photo: Instagram/Victoria Beckham]

He takes charge while his wife works, happily sitting front row at Fashion Week shows with the four kids behaving beautifully. 

[Photo: Instagram/Victoria Beckham]

He’ll wear jewellery his children have made him. Bring on the pasta necklaces.

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

And he’s happy to play dress up with his little girl, too.

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham and Yahoo Style UK]

He’ll also have a tea party with her, because he’s man enough for that. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He defends his children against anything thrown their way. Remember the #dummygate incident? 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He’s always got time to read a bedtime story.

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He’s got tattoos in honour of all of his children…

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

… And even let Harper design one. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He’s always happy to post a mushy Instagram pic, declaring his love for his offspring…

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham and Yahoo Style UK]

…Or a snap of himself larking around with one of the four kids. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

A scoot around London with Harper is one of his favourite pastimes. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

As is a cycle ride with the four-year-old in LA. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He’s mastered the art of the plait for the sake of his daughter. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He shouts about his family’s achievements constantly, because he’s just so darn proud of them all.

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

He’s totally happy to don the same look as his 17-year-old son, Brooklyn. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

And his 11-year-old son, Cruz. 

[Photo: Instagram/David Beckham]

Basically, he’s #dadgoals. And he’s not bad on the eyes, either. 

[Photo: Instagram/Victoria Beckham]