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Closing the front door and locking it behind you, your legs carried you over to the kitchen to set down the numerous grocery bags hanging from your arms. The night was closing in and dinner would need to be on the table soon or there would be hungry monsters at your heels. Of course you used the term “hungry monsters” lovingly, referring to your loving husband and son that greatly took after him. While you began your meal preparations, voices could be heard from just upstairs.

“Dad! That’s not- Math doesn’t work that way!”

An amused smile graced your lips as the image played before your eyes. Tom’s confused expression while your son furiously erased the penciled handwriting from the paper. The sound of footsteps walking down the stairs soon reached your ears and not long after, long arms wrapped around your waist as a kiss was pressed to your hair.

“Hello love.” That sweet voice never ceased to make your knees go weak.

Pausing your work, you turned your head so your lips would reach his in a soft kiss with a murmured response, “Hey handsome.”

Though his lips curled into a temporary smile, a heavy sigh left him. “I’m not sure we’re making any progress in there.”

Your hand rubbed his arm comfortingly as you leaned back against him, “I wouldn’t worry too much, Tom. How about we trade? You get started on dinner and I’ll go help him.”

With an agreeing nod, his arms retracted themselves from around you, but not without stealing one last kiss. After making your way up the stairs, you took your time to help your son, later rejoined by Tom after dinner.


Requested by @hiddlestonhour and I extended it since I took so long (>.<) Sorry!! Also that’s how I imagine it would go. More fantasy than realistic I suppose. I thought it was cute though. Anyway, let me know if you want on or off the tag list.

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I rewatched fmab and thought about Elicia befriending Selim and then enlisting when she’s 18. She resembles her dad a lot and carries a photo of him in her wallet ;A; The two of them hang out with Falman’s kids sometimes and are always walking around Central Headquarters even though they’re not supposed to.

Selim learns alchemy (from Ed?) but doesn’t apply to be a State Alchemist bc he’s been officially pronounced dead for 15 years already (lol how does that work) and he’s terrifying with a sword like his old man was. Sometimes suspicious eyes and teeth appear behind him. 

They’re both snarky lil shits that roast Roy on a daily basis it’s great


My opinion on the Shallura discourse:

Shiro is 25. That much is canon, that can’t change, blah blah yeah sure okay.
Allura has the mind and body of a teenager, supposedly. There’s no official age set, meaning that she can range from 17-19 in terms of the majority age of the paladins.

My parents married when my mother was 18 and my dad was 24. There’s six years difference between them. Personally, to me, this isn’t weird because I grew up knowing how old they were.

Shiro being 25 and (I’m assuming Allura is around 18-19 because of how she acts but that may also be because she’s a princess and is trained to be more mature) Allura being 18-19, this isn’t disturbing to me in the slightest. I will continue to ship Shallura because I love team mom and dad. I love that there’s a parental air to them.

But lets not forget that Allura was also in those pods for 10,000 YEARS. She, along with Coran, is the oldest amongst them all. Physically and mentally teenager, but in reality she is CENTURIES OLD.

Honestly, I could care less whether Shiro and Allura ended up together in canon or not. Allura is strong and independent, she doesn’t need Shiro to thrive and Shiro doesn’t need Allura to thrive either.

What would upset me is that there’s already so much cliché over “oh what if these two enemy races came together” that its sickening. Kallura (I hate to say) seems like a very unlikely pair, mainly because of their personalities. Keith is hot-headed, impulsive. He wants to do something, he will do it without second thought. Allura is much more strategy-prone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have impulses herself. This could cause clash, so much clash. It would be upsetting to see some of my favorite characters have ANOTHER frustrating discourse.

All ships are valid to me. I don’t really care what you ship because no matter what I say, people will continue to thrive and make wonderful fanart and fanfics simply for theirs or others’ enjoyment and satisfaction. Klance, Sheith, Shallura, Shance, Klunk, Hance, Kidge, Shidge, Pallura, Kallura, polydins, Heith: these are all valid. You may ship who you want, thats the freedom of shipping.

I will continue to ship Shallura. I’ve said my piece.

ID #89180

Name: Vivian
Age: 18
Country: USA

Yo! I’m an 18 year old ENTP female with many interests. I like to describe myself as a jack of all trades and master of none. I love watching movies and tv shows, cuddling/hugs, puns/dad jokes, reading books (mostly fiction but not always), fashion, psychology, and learning new things. I’m very curious about the world and I’m also a bit of a dreamer. I dont really care if we have interests in common but it would be cool if i could find a buddy with a somewhat similar personality and outlook on life. Contact me if youre interested! I prefer to communicate through email or text

Preferences: Prefer 18-25 but it doesnt really matter

What a beautiful day to remember that you don't owe your dad crap today no matter what anybody tells you if he's a worthless sack of cow crap👌🏻👌🏻

“McReyes is technically incest”

??? Are you okay?? Do you need a dictionary?? They’re not fucking related, holy shit. How is that incest? They’re coworkers.

speaking of Jedi cuddling y’all

I’ve been thinking a lot about the au where Knight!Luke ends up in charge of three teenaged Padawans, and given that both Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were creche-raised and im just saying

padawan cuddle pile. Ahsoka tends to want to be where Anakin is because even though he’s not that much older than her now, he’s still her master. HOWEVER. Obi-Wan is the one with the similar cultural background and Anakin is all ‘Don’t touch me’

(I’m thinking Anakin probably spent his entire post-slavery life exerting control like - everything is his. His own room, his own stuff, if it’s not yours its his, if it’s Obi-Wan’s it’s also his. Don’t touch him. He has the right to control who touches him now. He accidentally touch-starves himself. It makes him cranky and weird about being touched. He touch-starves himself even more. He comes to depend on Padme for touch, but barely ever sees her. Extremely touch starved is what Im saying.)

So it ends up that Ahsoka turns to Obi-Wan for more Temple-like interactions, including the padawan sleep piles. Normally that stuff stops after they become padawans, during which their masters probably slowly wean them of it when they’re away from the Temple. They both grew up communally, so Obi-Wan and Ahsoka effortlessly borrow back and forth and basically have no boundaries. Given a post-Temple world, they’re taking a lot of comfort from one another is what I’m saying. Ahsoka is totally being the little sister that Obi-Wan never had.

Anakin is exceptionally weirded out by all of this behavior. He also frowns a lot because yes, this is a much younger version of his Obi-Wan, but he’s never seen Obi-Wan let anyone close to him like this. Yes, alright, he might be really incredibly jealous. This isn’t his obi-wan, but Obi-Wan is still his, and this Togruta says that in the future she was his padawan so she’s also his, and he’s really not sure about this communal living thing (it reminds him of being a slave and not having anything of his own) but -

Anyway, the point is that when Anakin gets over himself, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan stick him in the middle of the padawan sleep pile and they all get a lot of excellent sleep in.

Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker thinks this is all very weird but the past was a different place back then, and they all seem happy about it, so it’s probably fine, right?

(it’s not like he’s sad to think about the fact that Vader hadn’t been able to touch another person for more than two decades, or Old Ben living out there alone in the desert by himself.)

Today is a very VERY special day for the twins Riptide and Fiery! Now that the twins have turned 18 well who knows whats in store for them!


Ill be posting a fic about the day they were born later today!

GUYS SPACE DAD IS COMING TO ORLANDO, FL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omfg! I’m dying right now! He’s coming to my favorite convention of the year and I’m gonna meet him 😍😘😵 COME ON VOLTRON FANS! Let’s get together at AFO and have ourselves a good time! Hopefully my two panels get picked up because if they do, you can look forward to: 1) Voltron Chat - with Keith and Lance (family friendly) 2) KLance Fanfic Theater - with Keith and Lance - and fan service! (18+ panel) HUSBDJXBWKD. SPACE DAD!

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#18. Borrowed

Dad!Chibs/Reader (platonic)

Background Reader/Juice

Sequel to #20. Diet

“Lass,” Chibs called, knocking softly on the door, “Can th’ stand-in-Da see th’ bride afore her weddin’?”

The doors opened and he took a look at his girl, all prettied up for her big day. When Y/N had first arrived in Charming, she had made a few new friends with a couple of the crow eaters that hung around, and ever since he’d met her, Chibs had protected and looked after her as if she were his own. Seeing her in her wedding gown though, hair braided back from her face, caused him to lose his breath as his heart swelled with pride.

“Oh, lass, y’look so fuckin’ gorgeous,” He sighed, twirling her in place. “I’m so damn happy fer ya.”

“Thanks, ‘Lip,” she said, starting to tear up.

“Oi, none o’ that. Dun’ wan’ ta ruin yer makeup a’fore you walk down th’ aisle te yer lad now, do ye?”

“How is he?” she asked, shakily, “He’s not having second thoughts or anything?”

“Shite no, love. Juicey-boy’s more hyped up than a kid in a candy store. An Hap’s been glarin’ holes in th’ boy’s head since he arrived. Juice’d have the whole west coast o’ Sons after his arse, if he even thought of steppin’ out on today.

“But, tha’s no’ why I’m here; I’ve got som’thin fer ya.” He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out his rosary, still holding your hand, he turned your palm over so he could place it around your wrist. “Heard you’d not yet figured out yer ‘somethin’ borrowed’, so I figured I’d lend a hand, if you’d do me th’ honor?”

“Oh, Chibby…”

“Nah,” he scoffed, pulling you to him and wrapping you up in a bear hug, ever careful of your dress and hair. “What’d I say? None o’ that. Now, we’ve got a weddin’ to get to. Ya ready?”

“Born ready.”

“Tha’s m’ girl.”

Family is more than blood, and right here was all the proof in the world to Filip Telford.

@a-daydreamers-stories and @red-w00dy, pretty much the two people who keep my distracted ass on any sort of track when it comes to writing. I love you both! <3


hope you like, anon!!

(Side note; I got a little carried away with the bed time stories bc I’m a dweeb, so this could just be the pevensies as young kids in general, but I hope you like it nonnie J)



·     Quietest baby in the world

·     His parents were so surprised

·     Like they were quite young and they were so nervous that he was going to be so loud

·     But he was probably the quietest

·     And when Susan was born he became a big brother so naturally and Mr and Mrs. Pevensie thought it was the cutest

·     He looked after Susan really well for a two year old

·     He was the toddler who needed to always be helping and fixing things for the adults

·     It was endearing

·     But also really annoying

·     And potentially dangerous because he always liked to try to fix things involving electricity

·     He had one bear as a toy and he would. Never. Let. It. Go.

·     It was the mangiest thing but he still loved it for years.

·     He. Loved. Pirate. Stories.

·     Ofc, obviously as a young kid he ADORED Arthurian legends and things like that because from a very young age Peter LOVED knights.

·     But, pirate stories. He had to have the pirate stories.




·     She was a Cryer and a screamer as an infant.

·     Her parents were so used to quiet little Peter but then BOOM there’s Susan

·     (She really didn’t have a problem making herself heard)

·     She was sick a lot as a child, so it wasn’t really her fault.

·     She was the kind of older sister who wanted siblings who she could dress up and boss around

·     Her and Peter obvs got on really well when they were really young, because it was just the two of them

·     But when the younger two came along

·     Susan loved taking the lead, and Peter was often still trying to fix things

·     She sucked her thumb for a while

·     Peter gently weaned her off it

·     She loved Shirley Barber.

·     She loved fairy princess stories and Shirley Barber’s illustrations were just. She adored them.

·     She loved any stories were there were knights and pretty dresses

·     But she also loved things like Xenia; warrior princess because she loved the idea of being a warrior and a princess at the same time

·     And of course her parents encouraged that idea.


·     Cried A LOT

·     Like more than a newborn actually should

·     It wasn’t that he was sick, he was just a crier.

·     Susan loved using her old baby clothes to put him.

·     Peter tried to teach him to fix things.

·     But he just wanted to play with the matches and the magnifying glass

·     His parents both had heart attacks at this

·     Turned out he just liked playing with the light

·     So his dad gave 18 month old Ed a torch and that was that

·     Was a little very jealous when Lucy came home from the hospital

·     He loves being adored obvs

·     So he was scared his parents would forget him

·     Of course they didn’t, and Peter was always very encouraging and he always had something to do

·     But my son is a very salty child ok

·     He. Loved. Detective. Stories (this is actually canon oh well)

·     He loved reading about mysteries and solving crimes

·     At first his parents thought it was a bit morbid because he was so young

·     But eventually they were like ‘eh why not’



·     Absolute sweetheart as a newborn

·     So quiet and so well behaved

·     Only cried when Ed pulled faces at her

·     Loved her toy bunny with all her heart

·     Actually enjoyed playing dress up with Susan

·     Went on solo adventures by herself in the garden

·     Always scared her parents when she did this

·     She just loved being in her own world

·     She loved making up stories in her head

·     LOVED blowing bubbles

·     Always ran around chasing them when the other three blew them

·     One of the only things that brought Ed joy was detective stories watching Lucy chase after them on chubby legs

·     He thought it was adorable

·     She clung to Peter as a 2 year old

·     Would never leave his side

·     He loved it

·     Would never listen to Susan when she told Lucy to stay out of her room


·     She loved them all

·     They were her favourites for bed time

·     She’d always ask for one and Ed would always roll his eyes bc he’d want some Sherlock

·     Her favourite was Cinderella

·     She just loved the idea of all the magic and being protected

·     Susan secretly loved them too

·     She also sucked her thumb

·     But again, Peter and this time, Susan, coaxed her out of that habit. 

I can’t believe I went 18 years eating my dad’s cooking and not thinking anything of it until I moved out of home and slowly realised he has no idea how to cook and this is not a real meal.