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I group my followers into 10 little circles and it almost never fails and I want you guys to see if it’s accurate or not so tag yourself with which one you fit into:

1. The Hamilton Circle (such pure blogs tbh)
2. The YouTuber Circle (usually Dan and Phil or Markiplier) I have so many phan blogs following me hello there
3. The Political Circle (usually have the words conservative, Texas, or anti blank pro blank in their username) have a lot of discourse
4. The Brandom Circle (yall are great)
5. The Edgy Circle (usually post pictures of Nazi flags but they’re usually pretty dormant hi guys)
6. The Emo Bands Circle (almost always twenty one pilots, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, etc.) (very similar to #2)
7. The Aesthetic Circle (you guys come out of nowhere I love you but how did you find this blog)
8. The Steven Universe Circle (bleeds into #9 a bit I’ve noticed)
9. The I’m Just Here For The Memes Circle (pretty self explanatory)
10. The 18+ Circle (yall are pretty chill but sometimes I’ll see one of you liked my post so I’ll go to your blog and BAM a penis)

If y'all don’t fit in any of these just tag yourself with 11 (miscellaneous)

so 18 seconds of flashing images didn’t do anything for me to be perfectly honest. 

what does interest me is the description that says Eggsy and Merlin need to… etc. I don’t care about return of harry (unless he’s evil, pleeeeeeaaaaasse let him be evil), but do we get more Merlin because that is intriguing. Is Merlin now arthur? is there a different arthur? are all the kingsman dead in the explosion that is hinted at? how is their relationship as trainer and student evolved.

also..is this real time? how much time has passed between one and two?

But picture this: Percy Jackson working at his mother bakery, he is a little sweaty because of the oven heat, his hair has flour on it, icing on his cheek and he is wearing a face full of concentration as he makes the birthday cake that was request for someone called Annabeth Chase. 

Haikyuu!! pairing ranking - Winter comiket 87 - December 2014

I got a request for Haikyuu pairings ranking and am terribly sorry for being so late posting it, but here you go. Again, the ranking is based on the circle number the pairings had for the recent comiket. Data taken from the catalog.
As per Japanese “rules”, first named is the top (seme). Brackets is their positions from comiket 85 last year up to now.

1. Kageyama x Hinata - 89 circles, 9.6% (1→1→1)
2. Oikawa x Iwaizumi - 55 circles, 5.9% (5→3→2)
3. Kuroo x Kenma - 53 circles, 5.7% (2→2→3)
4. Kageyama x Suga - 47 circles, 5.1% (7→ 6→ 4)
5. Asahi x Nishinoya - 42 circles, 4.5% (6→7→5)
6. Oikawa x Kageyama - 40 circles, 4.3% (4→4→6)
7. Kuroo x Tsukishima - 36 circles, 3.9% (47→55→7)
8. Bokuto x Akaashi - 32 circles, 3.4% (x→29→8)
8. Daichi x Suga - 32 circles, 3.4% (7→8→8)
10. Iwaizumi x Oikawa - 28 circles, 3.0% (3→5→10)

11. Tsukishima x Yamaguchi - 22 circles
12. Kuroo x Daichi - 18 circles  
13. Hinata x Kageyama, Tsukishima x Hinata - both 17 circles
15. Hinata uke - 16 circles
16. Yamaguchi x Tsukishima, Oikawa x Suga, Oikawa x Hinata - all 15 circles
19. Ukai x Takeda - 13 circles
20. Nishinoya x Asahi, Kenma x Hinata - both 12 circles

The rest not noted.

But what about Raleigh Samson’s crisis of faith? A man who dedicated his life to the Maker and His tenants. Do you think he ever looked at Guylain’s swinging corpse and asked the Maker why He’d let that happen? Do you think he watched all the tranquil in the Gallows and asked how He could let that happen? Was it truly His will to brand mages for simple offenses? Do you think he watched Meredith and wondered if the Maker guided her hand? Do you think he prayed in the Chantry, or at his bedside at night? Prayed for guidance, for strength, for an answer to all of the things that felt wrong in the Gallows?

How many times do you think he prayed in Lowtown? Prayed during the withdrawal and the hunger and the fear. Do you think he prayed either for help or for the Maker to release him from his earthly misery? How many times do you think he tried to bargain with the Maker? Do you think there were days that he thought all of this pain and suffering were his punishment for challenging the Order? Do you think he lost his faith somewhere in Lowtown but continued to reach out every now and then? Did he reach out on the really hard days when hunger twisted up his guts in it’s sharp teeth? Maybe on the third day in a row he stood out in the sun with his hands out and never felt a single coin in them?

Do you think he prayed as General Samson when he saw his templars turning into abominations? Prayed that the Maker would judge them kindly and place the blame square on Samson’s shoulders? Do you think he prayed for relief of their pain? Pain he knew he placed there?

Do you think he ever doubted his course with Corypheus and asked the Maker to show him another way? Asked the Maker to stop him?

At what stage of his life did Raleigh Samson come to believe the Maker had forsaken him, or he had forsaken the Maker?

anonymous asked:

how do u draw eyes so well!!

Hi nony! I made a little tutorial for you! I hope it helps!!! Keep in mind that what I’m about to show you is my way of drawing and there are hundreds of other methods, I encourage you to try a lot of different styles and techniques to find what works best for you! Also, art is just a lot of practice, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it on the first go! Just keep drawing and you will see improvement! 

*side note I used a reference of a random eye I found on Google images, if you need references use them it is not cheating 

Step 1: I have been trying to draw from the inside out, to give my art more depth and structure. So I start with visualizing the actual eye ball as a circle.

Step 2: The pink thingy that sticks out of your eye (tear duct?)

Step 3: Find where the opposite edge of the eye would land in comparison  

Step 4: Take your time to outline the “outer” line of the eye and make sure you really look at the eye and get the shape just right. I tend to draw in a very linear way to keep the structure of my drawing stable.

Step 5: Draw in the water line (the “inner” line)

Step 6: Draw the eye crease and most of the time you can try to use the top part the circle as a guide.

Step 7: I needed to extend the top water line. 

Step 8: Top lashes. Eye lashes are more horizontal than they appear, beware!

Step 9: Bottom lashes

Step 10: Rough circle for the iris.

Step 11: Refine that circle!

Step 12: Pupil and the reflection

Step 13: Fill it in (this part is just practice, there is no easy way to draw the iris as far as I know)

Step 14: Look at the lowest point of the eyebrow and mark it.

Step 15: Outline the shape of the eyebrow.

Step 16: Start shading (DON’T BLEND IT WILL FLATTEN YOUR DRAWING, think of it as layering your shading)

Step 17: Shading of the lower part of the eye also goes along the circle.

Step 18: More shading!

Step 19: Shade the actual eye ball, show the roundness of the eyeball.

Step 20: Refine the shading a bit.

Step 21: Shade in the eyebrow

Step 22: Add hair to said eyebrow

Step 23: Fix up any things that bother you and TAH-DAH an eye!

Well I hope this helped you nony and anyone who needed it! And nony if you ever want to just chat about art just shoot me another ask, you can even come off anon if you like, I don’t bite!

Submitting again because I met a couple kickass ladies from all over, and I’m hopin to expand my local circle more.

18, going on 19, lesbian
From Vancouver, BC
😘 single af
Very eclectic in my tastes, especially music (but I absolutely LOVE metal). I’m a major fangirl, a dancer, and a performer in general. I also love tattoos and piercings and have plans to get many more.

I’m crazy about my kitties. I love to swim and curl up to watch movies and tv shows on Netflix. Love love LOVE the smell of burning candles and incense. I am pro-marijuana and enjoy drinking wine like a classy bitch 👌🏽

Tumblr: misfit-mermaid-blood.tumblr.com
Instagram: @crystalbaby44 Kik: nightkat44

Send me a message, I’m looking to meet new people and make friends and connections ;) let me know if you can handle my overly cuddly nature.