18 celsius

Paris When it Sizzles

by: mldrgrl
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Stella and Hank get off to a bad start on a weekend trip to Paris.  This is a full story that covers several Hank/Stella drabble requests, but I’m not going to tell you which ones.

Special thanks to @a-january-girl for fixing my French and going over all the little nuances to get the proper tone.  Also, her handwriting is really good, y’all!

Their weekend getaway had not started on a good foot.  Really, they had been fighting all week.  A series of little spats that finally gave way to a real argument the night before they left for Paris.  Needless to say, the train ride was uncomfortably silent.

In almost two years of living together, they’d had moments of getting on each others’ nerves.  Stella, who had always lived alone, found it quite difficult, at first, to find someone in the same space every time she turned around.  It was unfathomable to look at two toothbrushes in the holder at the sink or find strange things in the cupboards that she would never eat.  Little things like finding his underwear on the floor in the morning or spots of shaving cream in the sink or his scraps of paper with fragmented sentences lying about the house had aggravated her more than she’d originally let on.

Hank, on the other hand, found it harder to integrate himself into London than he did integrating himself with Stella.  The city bothered him more than she did, but sometimes it manifested itself into being annoyed with her.  If it was too cold during the day, he might pout about how she refused to put the thermostat past 18 celsius, making sure to be very condescending about about his use of celsius as though learning the conversion from fahrenheit earned him superiority.

They had been able to work their way past these small things.  Stella grew accustomed to his toiletries crowding hers in the medicine cabinet and Hank found a quiet, cozy pub to spend rainy days writing in, making friends with a few locals that he went out with on occasion.  

The one hurdle they’d never truly gotten over was their different views on acceptable displays of affection in public.  Stella was against them entirely, Hank was entirely for them.  They’d never found it possible to even meet in the middle.  Hank had to keep a lot of restraint most of the time and Stella had to try not to tense up so much when he put his arm around her when they went for a walk.

The spat that had caused the ripple effect through the rest of the week happened at Sunday brunch when Hank tried to take Stella’s hand while they were waiting for their table and she pulled it away from him.  He’d looked at her with an expression she’d never seen before, but that she’d read as ‘hold my hand, bitch,’ and folded her arms across her chest instead.  Brunch was very quiet.

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Request: Ed x Reader- Another day in the office (Mature-smut)

I had a Kink Challenge Request from the ever wonderful @jokesterwrites using Ed with the ‘Medical Play’ Kink. Now Im not well versed in this subject, or much to do with anything Medical but I hope its okay. I know how much y’all love the smut ;)

Content Warning- Mature, smut, kink, mild medical reference, medical fantasy, fantasy scenario, penetration, restraints

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Blanket Burrito

@atlerion request: Gladio with s/o that is really cold. Que teddy!Gladio. You decide how (n)sfw you wanna make it

Again, using my OC Aeyanna for this request! Just a short little thing.

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV. 

Pairing: Gladiolus Amicitia x Aeyanna

Note: Using Celcius, cuz me European lmao. 18C is ~64F

Rating: SFW

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Bah. Could Winter end already? Sure, it looked beautiful from a window – white fluffy stuff blanketing everything the eye could see. But Aeyanna may appreciate the aesthetic, but the actual dealing with it? No thank you. Because of her short stature, the cold bothered her a lot.

The moment the temperature dropped under 18 degrees Celsius, she grabbed the fleece blankets and the duvets out of storage and placed them in convenient spots for her to grab them. She had acquired quite a nice collection of blankets if she said so herself, and they all kept her warm in combination with her sweater dresses and beanies.

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YEaa it’s our coups sup! thanks for the love with the other sleepy!seventeen !!! enjoy coupppsss (since I’ve had this idea thing for a while I thought I should just do coups first…)


♡ omg wait it’s our leader ayo coups here’s the baton man

♡ i honestly believe that he’s someone that loves holding hands with u

♡ u two would be chillin in the living room watching running man or something and he’d have his head on ur lap and suddenly

♡ he’d just take one of ur hand and intertwine it with his

♡ ‘what u doin coups’

♡ 'admiring ur pretty fingers’

♡ then he’d give u that cheeky smile of his and starts on chanting 100 reasons why he loves ur hands

♡ he never get to finish them bcs u always stop him after his 5th reasons I mean UR HEART!!! IT’S NOT GOOD!!! TOO MUCH!!! CHEESY!!

♡ seungcheol is the type that rather seeks warmth from u rather than using his sweaters

♡ the ac in ur bedroom could be like at 18 degree Celsius so it’d obviously be really cold

♡ and u two would be fighting like




♡ u would win argument bcs u took the ac remote and hides it in a place uk seungcheol will never find

♡ 'istg y/n’

♡ he’s not gonna win anytime soon anyway so he’ll just give up (for now) and let u take the victory and will just lay on the bed like a dead man

♡ 'im dying y/n I’m getting frostbite pls help me pls give me warmth’

♡ u’d just stuck ur tongue at him I mean 'come on u can be more desperate’


♡ he would ended up getting too tired before he could finish his sentences

♡ and probably change his position so he could sleep even tho with the coldness

♡ and u’d just stand there like… seungcheol…

♡ u wouldn’t give up ur ac tho

♡ so u would just take the spot next to seungcheol and wrap ur arms around his waist and bury ur face into his shirt

♡ even tho u don’t see it seungcheol is actually still very much so awake and is smiling giddily

♡ in his head he’s like 'heheh now it’s warm… I don’t mind if the room is cold… bcs y/n would cuddle with me a lot…. hehehe’

♡ he’d wait for a while until he can feel ur steady soft breathing before turning around to face ur sleeping figure

♡ then he’d just stare at u sleeping so peacefully with that gentle smile on his face

♡ and he’d brush strands of hair away from ur face and softly caress ur cheeks

♡ then he’d sneakily take one of ur hand and holds it with his

♡ ur hands r always cold so when it touches his warm one it somehow always surprises him and manage to make him shiver every single time and 'so cold!!’

♡ his grip on ur hand will tighten and he’d kiss ur hand as if his kiss could make ur hand less cold

♡ while he’s doing so he’d keep his eyes on u and like it’d be in those kdramas when the male protagonist kisses the female protagonist’s hand while staring intently at her and everything went into slow mo

♡ 'i love you a lot’

♡ he’s tired and sleepy and really fatigued but the fact that he can rarely see this sleeping state of u wins over him so he can’t help but to stare at u for another 10 minutes

♡ he doesn’t say he does that a lot

♡ have I mentioned he like stealing kisses as well????

♡ when seungcheol is sleepy he tends to crave for more kisses

♡ u realised this after that one time when u two were hanging out in Seventeen’s dorm and he kept kissing u out of nowhere

♡ and he’s strangely being babyish

♡ 'seungcheol there’s kids around’

♡ 'hnngnmgn who cares’

♡ and even tho uk he’s this really big baby that loves affection uk he’s not usually this much clingy when he’s his usual self

♡ when he ended up falling on ur shoulder with a book on his lap few mins later u realised he’s just sleepy all this time

♡ so whenever seungcheol visits ur apartment and he comes with a huge grin and that puppy eyes of his while childishly asking u to give him a rlly long kiss u always figured out that today shall be another lazy day

♡ seungcheol doesn’t say it but ur kisses are always comforting so that why he made a rule (for himself) that he should deserve 100000000 kisses after his hard work

♡ besides ur surprised face whenever he suddenly kisses u always makes him feel so happy and proud

♡ seungcheol just rlly love to tease u tbh … even when he’s sleepy.

Finally the winter is here! It is -18 Celsius degrees outside and all the trees are covered in snow. The view is so lovely.. :) Better yet the snow brings us much more light since the sun is up only for 4-5 hours per day at the moment.

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So let's say that Namjoon & his girlfriend are coincidentally paired up with each other on We Got Married (without the show's knowledge.) Now that they are "pretending" to be a couple on the show - would Namjoon be up for doing skinskip with her elsewhere in public when they aren't filming WGM & just claim that they're doing fanservice but are really just testing out what it would be like to date publicly.

Here you go! ^-^ -Avery

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Steve can’t sleep if the room temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)- his body just literally cannot do it. Due to being in the ice for so long he’s very sensitive to heat and his body won’t allow him to sleep in warm or moderate temperatures, no matter how exhausted he is.

And in case you were wondering, yes, 66 degrees is too much.

This public swimming pool in Kaiserslautern is called the Waschmühle, locals abbreviate it to Wesch. It’s name comes from a mill that was built here at the end of the 19th century, which utilized the power of the creek’s water to run a laundry mill. At the change of the century, the newly established swimming club of Kaiserslautern had the idea to build a public pool at this location. Sponsors helped to realize the idea. Construction began in 1906; it officially opened in 1908. The pool originally got its fresh water from Eselsbach creek. Next to the big basin, a drawn-out wing of wooden changing cabins was built in art nouveau style. The pool was divided into a men’s section in the west and a ladies’ section in the east. The pool is the oldest of its kind in Germany. It’s not heated. Today, it gets its water from deep wells - water temp is 18-20 Celsius, on hot days, it can reach 24 degrees. Swimmers can jump from a 10-meter diving platform or slide down the water slides. There’s a baby pool for toddlers, a playhouse, swings, ping pong tables, 2 beach volleyball fields, and a soccer field. There also is a kiosk for food and drink. Admission is €2 for adults, and €1 for students, service members, and children 6-15. It’s the biggest one-basin outdoor swimming pool in Europe. 

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These boys wear pants and long sleeves when it's 90 in Chicago but go shirtless on the beach when its 64. Wtf?

(32 and 18 in Celsius) They’re immune to weather.


If I have to dry up, if I have to be trampled on then at least by you
It’s enough if I’m next to a beautiful flower, I just want to be beside you
A painful short life it will never change
Just loving loving you…

Hanakotoba by The GazettE


So yeah, we cosplay inspired by Gnomon or well fic series stupid terrorist boys by Luchia13. We both have liked this series so far (though I prefer subjolras xD) and since we have lot of feels for Les Mis so why pull this version too :D

We were freezing during last weekend while photoshooting. It was -13-18 celsius outside and we didn’t really have any other places to go shooting than outside but I’m proud of us and happy that we got photos we could publish~

Enjolras - emery-dragonfly

Grantaire - willgrahamwearingboxers

Photos by nenna