18 carrot


Heya all, remember this?

After procrastinating… a lot… since it was just a personal project, I now have more to show you - the Hexafusion Progresses. Braincase 18 - the fusion of 18 Carrot and Brainy Twilight, Setteen Flamecarrot, the fusion of Setta Flamowitz and 18 Carrot, and Steel Mind, the hybrid of Brainy Twilight and Setta Flamowitz.

Now I just have the hybrid of all three to plan, and then I can potentially do a special thing making a Hexafusion of other characters or something. Something to think about at least. ^^

A halloween fan pic done for my friend Brainy-Twilight in honor of the season and stuff! As the Headless Horse says, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!


Brainy: Why is she even chasing me?! I don’t have a head for her!

((Hahahahahahah, this is awesome, thank you Mune! I love it! and I love the name you chose for the Headless Horse! Baroness Von Jaquellanturne! It’s amazing!))

((Speaking of things I should have done earlier!

Last year, Brainy got a visit from Baroness Von Jaquellanturne, better known as the headless horse! She got quite the fright I can tell you that! But it turns out, the Baroness only wanted to commission her to make a new head for her. It took a while, but Brainy finally managed it! I hope she’s likes it!

Baroness Von Jaquellanturned belongs to @ask18carrot))