18 55mm kit lens

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Your pictures are incredible! What kind of gear do you use? Camera, lenses, accessories?

Thank you so much!!

I use a Nikon D3100, with a 35mm 1.8, 55-200mm and the kit lens 18-55mm. Just the regular accessories, memory card, tripod and camera bag, that’s it.


A selection from my archives - (I’m having fun going through the photos :))

When I first started shooting I photographed during the day and processed almost exclusively in black and white. I also was using the kit lens (18-55mm) with my T2i rebel (rather than the 50mm f1.4 prime I use now mainly to shoot portraits at night) One of the things I loved capturing then was the individual man dwarfed by the city buildings.  

(The original files are much sharper and clearer - these are flickr medium size format and the resolution gets all messed up in sets on tumblr )