18 55 kit lens


Stephi @ramonasphotos @stephiramona and I posted last week that we wanted to challenge all of you out in tumblrtopia to try something different, to give Abstract photography a go.. So each month we will set out a new and exciting challenge, this month is oil on water!

In my photo, I used my partners ties as the colorful background, you can use ANYTHING! paper, fabric, well anything colorful. I use a 9x13 pyrex baking dish, or a glass flan pan.. The thing you need is distance between whatever you are using for the color and your water and oil (i add a drop of washing up dish liquid to the oil and water, it breaks up the oil a bit, but that is up to you). I use my 18/55 kit lens to shoot these, it allows me to get pretty close.. stir up the water and shoot away!

I have added a video that shows this process.. I don’t follow all of these things, I tend to wing it..

OK, so now it’s YOUR turn.. please add #abstract challenge as one of your first 5 tags and you can also tag Stephi and I to your post..

I want to make a toast, to all of you, my followers and all the people I follow. Thanks for all the encouragements, kindness and fun you’ve given me the past few weeks! Thanks for sharing your work, ideas, thoughts and ambitions. It still amazes me everyday how creative and skilled everybody is. This thanks was long overdue, but not less sincere.

A big thanks to all the people who liked and reblogged my work.
Special thanks to optichron for reblogging almost everything to his blog opticalgallery :-)
And can’t forget the photo-blogs, thanks beautifullyframed, biutifulpics, camera-raw, imiging, lensblr-network and last but not least luxlit for reblogging some of my work, really appreciate it!

I do enjoy photographing so much. I think I like nature photography the most (as far as you can speak of  real ‘nature’ in the Netherlands ;-)).
Doesn’t mean I won’t try or do other things as well. But I love walking in nature and shooting things, well, only with my camera.

And as much as I loved my Samsung NX20 (it really is a great camera), I thought that it was time for something new. So I made a deal at the shop for my NX20 and got myself a Nikon D7100. And I know it’s not about the equipment, but for me it was about options. Now I have a much greater choice in lenses, which Samsung seriously lacked. For now I got the 18-55 kit lens and the 55-200 zoom, both not super, but good enough and very affordable. And I’m kinda hoping Santa will bring me the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 :-)
I got it last tuesday, so I’m still getting used to it (it’s heavy ;)), but I’m already loving it. Went on a walk in the centre of Rotterdam on wednesday afternoon, so expect some shots from that in the coming days.

Anyways, hope you all have some wonderful days, see ya around.


Random Ranty Reviews:  Taken with an 18-55 Canon Kit lens, which, though it could be a little cleaner on the detail, is still a very good lens in by book, especially for the price! The sharpness error was really just poor focusing on my part, so, especially for beginners, don’t feel the need to buy expensive lenses until you have really tried out all the possibilities with the ones you have!

“The weather outside is frightful" 

Winter 2014



Im giving away my NIKON D3000 with an 18-55 vr kit lens, and nikon 50mm 1.8f D lens. A must have remote control, and i also have a few nd filters, polarizing filter, and a tripod.

  • its barely been used
  • i dont trust selling it on ebay or any other site except here
  • i will ship internationally 
  • yes its for free

i will pick a winner with a random name generator once this reaches around 500+ notes. When that happens i will then give more details.


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Thank you, and good luck! :)

I recently bought an xt1 and I tested it out for a food magazine shoot I had 2 days ago using the 18-55 kit… I think this setup is descent enough to replace my previous system for editorial work (not a 100% convinced yet, but I’m getting there). The 18-55 is tack sharp for a kit lens in my opinion. I think it will perform well too for some interior work (its a little bit short though on the wide end). I’ll test this setup too for portraits in some upcoming shoots I have to see how it performs. I’m already seeing people selling their 18-55. Why???

Wish I could get my hands on the new 56 1.2 and see how it performs compared to some of my portrait lenses.

Erin Learns about Balloon Glows

Hey Everyone! Erin here! Recently I took my camera to the St. Louis Balloon Glow, held every year in Forest Park as part of their Great Forest Park Balloon Race.I knew the event was a popular one in the Lou but had no idea how friggin packed it was going to be! 

Photographers much more talented than I were having issues finding a place to set up shop. Armed with my tripod, two lenses (my standard 18-55 kit lens and my 50mm fixed lense) and my boyfriend in tow I was determined to get a good shot. 

Setting up the tripod so far away was a disaster. It felt unwieldy and I haven’t quite nailed using the remote shutter to get the shots I wanted. IT felt like I was hitting the release at the wrong time, and many of my images came out blurry (deleted them before I decided to write this post. Oops!). 

Disheartened, I decided to cash in my dreams of being a photographer and decided to enjoy the balloon glow in the moment. For funsies, I put my tripod away and walk among the balloons with my camera set to 3200 ISO. Every couple of minutes, a horn would sound and the hot air balloons would light up…that’s my chance! 

A lot of them weren’t winners by any stretch of the imagination - blurry, too much noise, didn’t hit the shutter fast enough to capture what I wanted. My composition also leaves something to be desired. Although I’d like to say I have a natural eye for composing shots the sad truth is often times I’m close to what I’m envisioning but can’t execute. The Glow was good practice in lining up objects and practicing the rule of thirds. I did manage to get some neat stuff like this flame: 

In the end I learned two important lessons: 

1) I’m better on the go than tied down by a tripod. I know, I know, eventually I’ll have to learn how to master it - but leads me to my next point 

2) Having fun is more important than setting up the “right” shot. The first half of my night was ruined because I wasn’t having fun. I wasn’t there to get paid to take pictures, I wasn’t there to torture myself, and I wasn’t there to torture my boyfriend by making him listen to me swearing at the camera every other second. I ended up having a really nice night once I cut loose and decided that if I got a great picture, fine, and if I didn’t, well, I’m still an amateur and there’s always lessons to learn. 

Oh, and it was also Talk Like a Pirate Day.