18 55

19.11.2017; 18:55

Z moją psychiką jest coraz gorzej. Coś z tyłu głowy mówi mi o złych rzeczach, ja sama robię złe rzeczy. Przestałam się starać, wszystko rzuciłam. Jestem beznadziejna… okropna, paskudna, wstrętna. Niby ważę mniej, niby jest okej, nikt mnie nie osądza, ale ja wiem, że ich zawodzę. Wszystkich zawodzę, jestem strasznie samolubna i egoistyczna. Nie poradzę sobie… Niech ktoś to ode mnie weźmie! Błagam… Już nie mogę
Edit: zaraz idę się zważyć, jeśli będę ważyć więcej… będzie kara
Edit2: Ważę mniej. Na szczęście

7 Indikator Kebahagiaan Menurut Al-Qur’an


Hati yg selalu bersyukur. Artinya selalu menerima apa adanya (qona'ah), sehingga tidak ada ambisi yang berlebihan, tidak ada stress, inilah nikmat bagi hati yang selalu bersyukur. (QS 13:28, 2:152, 16:18, 34:14, 55:13, 14:7)


Pasangan hidup yang sholeh. Pasangan hidup yang sholeh akan menciptakan suasana rumah dan keluarga yg sholeh pula. (QS 51:49, 17:32, 24:32, 24:26)


Anak yg sholeh/sholehah. Do'a anak yg sholeh kepada orang tuanya dijamin dikabulkan Allah SWT, berbahagialah orang tua yang memiliki anak sholeh/sholehah. (QS 17:23, 31:14, 46:15, 29:8, 25:74)


Lingkungan yg kondusif untuk iman kita. Rasulullah menganjurkan kita untuk selalu bergaul dengan orang-orang sholeh yang selalu mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mengingatkan bila kita salah. (QS 4:69, 51:55, 26:214, 5:2)


Harta yang halal. Bukan banyaknya harta tapi halalnya harta yang dimiliki. Harta yang halal akan menjauhkan setan dari hati. Hati menjadi bersih, suci dan kokoh sehingga memberi ketenangan dalam hidup. (QS 2:267, 43:36-37, 2:269, 2:155)


Semangat untuk memahami agama. Dengan belajar ilmu agama akan semakin cinta kepada agama dan semakin tinggi cintanya kepada Allah SWT dan Rasulnya. Cinta inilah yang akan memberi cahaya bagi hatinya. (QS 45:20, 3:138, 5:16, 4:174, 2:269)


Artinya umur yang semakin tua semakin sholeh, setiap detiknya diisi dengan amal ibadah. Semakin tua semakin rindu untuk bertemu dengan Sang Pencipta. Inilah semangat hidup orang2 yang barokah umurnya. (QS 2:96, 35:37, 36:68, 225).

اَلْحَمْدُاللّهِ رَ ب العَا لَمِيّن

Reminder: H-42 Ramadhan

sumber: Group WhatsApp Kantor

Symbiosis tower M18 “Hellcat” and the chassis of T-55

In the armored forces of Yugoslavia appeared a hybrid chassis of the Soviet T-55 tank, is supplied to Yugoslavia in the 60-ies of the Soviet Union, and the tower ACS M18 “Hellcat”, is supplied to Yugoslavia by the Americans in the late 1940’s and early 1950-ies. Any number of such machines, nor the cause of the loss of the Yugoslav T-55 tanks of its towers is not known. We only know that to set up such “hybrids” in 1995-97, and that at least one such tank was in the hands of the Croatian military.


Ruta 68, Salta, Argentina. por Leonardo Moyano
Por Flickr:

Rostelecom Cup 2017 fancams: Yuzuru Hanyu practice & 6-min

(Rostelecom Pt 2/3) Overall, good condition here with some really quality jumps executed. You can see him and the team finding answers, getting a better and better sense of the ice, clearly working to differentiate between the different ways to jump each type of quad, timing, et cetera. As always, the stroking was a treat. (He was always so fast right at the outset, that I lost him momentarily in the beginning every single day. Apologies.)

In other news, Yuzu says his body is in good condition upon his arrival at NHK, all the best \o/

Please do not reupload the videos to other platforms, and please link to the original video for shares and edits. - gladi

2017.10.19 – Day 1 Practice

0:40 Brian and Kikuchi-san tending to Pooh. Yuzu stretching.
2:09 Brian giving Yuzu advice and pats.

3:15 On ice, stroking.
4:46 3A out of nowhere to begin practice
5:22 popped 4T (2T), takes off jacket, speaks with Brian

6:05 perfect 4T. nod in Brian’s direction
6:44 niice 4S

7:23 saved 4S
8:42 popped 4Lo (2Lo)
9:28 4Lo
10:32 going through motions for Lutz
10:53 aborted attempted (Misha too close?)
11:32 4Lz, heavy landing
12:34 popped Lutz (Intended? Nodded as if he checked what he wanted to check on landing)
13:08 speaking with Brian

13:40 marks Lutz through twizzles
14:20 Run-through (popped Lz, 4Lo, 3F tight landing, spin, marked StSq, 4S-turnout-3T, 4T turnout, 4T hand down, 3A2T rippon, 3A, skipped flying sit spin, partial ChSq, combination spin)

19:45 cooling down after RT
21:36 speaking with Brian, pointing at his blades/toe (re: Lz take off?)

23:45 Imitating Deniss pose in RT
24:12 sit-skating, putting gloves on, applauding Deniss
25:00 checking with Brian
26:00 perfect 4T+Lo+3S
27:10 perfect 3A (SP entry)

28:35 popped Lz, checking axis
29:35 popped Lz
30:27 popped Lz
31:00 Checking with Brian abt arms and shoulders movements into Lz

32:27 popped Lo (SP entry)
32:45 Annoyed at himself, gestures frustration (it’s cute! :P)
34:15 Popped lo (2lo), stretching a bit, does a “no, no” sign to Brian
34:50 Brian talks to him

35:23 marking Loop (SP) with twizzles
35:46 4Lo-turnout-hand down
36:42 perfect 4Lo (SP)
37:55 popped 4Lz (2Lz)
38:28 talking with Brian, squatting near Pooh, focusing

39:15 perfect 4Lz, Brian pat-pats his shoulder, then they speak
40:15 taking off gloves

40:31 4T+3T (rippon) (SP entry), turn out on 3T, huge 4T
41:30 sharp SEIMEI StSq
42:30 Brian telling him to cool down + start stroking
43.18 Bowing at end of practice, bowing to ice, patting it, going out.

2017.10.20 – Day 2 (SP) Practice

2:20 back-counter 3A out of nowhere
2:54 Chopin StSq to warm up
3:54 Brian break

4:50 3-turn sequence 3F
5:30 4S+3T
6:15 4T+Lo+3S
6:53 Brian break

8:06 3-turn sequence into 4T+3T (rippon), lovely transition out
9:43 popped Lz (1Lz)
10:11 Speaking w/ Brian, pointing to shoulder alignment

11:01 popped Lz
11:40 perfect 4Lz
12:15 back to Brian (Hi, gloves!)
12:35 checking video recording by Kikuchi-san
13:20 long-sleeves off, just to put jacket on

13:44 Stroking, stretches, sit-stroking
15:28 Twizzles marking 4Lz
16:06 Entry into back-counter 3A
16:31 Popped 4T (2T) out of nowhere
17:00 speaking with Brian

17:50 3-turn sequence 4T+3T (rippon)
18:55 popped Lo (1Lo)
19:02 checking axis with and shoulder movements with himself
19:23 beautiful 4Lo (in jacket no less :o)
19:42 Brian break

20:30 SE-popped 4Lo (1lo)
21:20 SE-popped 4Lo (3lo)
21:30 taking off jersey jacket by biting zipper. #Viral Yuzu

22:40 Run-through  (4Lo fall, Flying Camel Spin, Sit Spin // 3A, 4T-almost-hand-down-2T (2ft), skipped StSq, Combination Spin)

26:00 cool down after RT
26:40 4T, saved landing
27:04 talking with Brian

28:32 4t3t (rippon) well executed
29:28 Marking SE-4Lo with twizzles
29:40 Stroking to cool down.

30:55 Bows to the audience, to Brian + handshake, to the ice + patting

2017.10.20 – Day 2 SP 6-min warm-up

1:45 Entering rink, distracted while awaiting introduction, confirmed jump actions while waiting
2:50 Pat legs, introduction, followed by stroking
3:40 Perfect 3A, taking off jacket
4:42 Perfect 4T3T (rippon)
5:40 Perfect 4Lo
(you could have been perfect during SP, zu -.-)
6:50 Perfect 3A
7:10 entry into 4T (only marked jump)
7:40 marking some steps of StSq
8:15 going through whole entry for 4Lo (twizzle-marked the jump)
8:42 stroking
9:30 bowing to + touching ice

2017.10.21 – Day 3 (FS) Practice

0:00  Pooh arrives with its slaves
0:20 Clapping and waiting for first group to finish
1:00 Slaves working on Pooh, Yuzu lipsyncing to his own tune.
2:44 Practice starts, warming up, stroking
4:04 Warm-up 3A
4:33 4S, a bit tight
4:40 Jacket off, speaking with Brian

6:00 transition into 4T - 3A2T (rippon)
6:32 (hi, Matusoka-san, Nobu)
6:58 transition into 4T-Lo-3S
7:29 Brian, talking and drinking

8:16 4Lo, good but a bit heavy, not much flow out. Cute “stomping ice" moment after it
8:40 Brian, checking shoulder movements
9:02 patting ice where he stomped after 4Lo

9:11 4Lz, step out
9:47 checking with Brian

10:57 entry to 4Lz from the start, transition into Loop (popped to 2Lo)
11:43 speaking with Brian

12:22 stretching sweeping ice
13:08 From start, transition into 4Lz (popped into 1lz)
13:59 pointing to his head, gestures alignment to Brian (same as during practice on 19th)

14:48 popped 4Lz (1lz)
15:28 popped 4Lz (3Lz)
15:48 frustrated sign to his head

16:17 bending down, half-disappearing behind boards
17:22 4Lz, two hands down (fall), low parabole
18:06 speaking with Brian. (Hi Deniss!)

18:44 stroking
19:44 going through StSq
20:02 probably in the way of Deniss’ entry into a jump, apologizes to Lambiel afterwards

21:03 pat-pat his own head
21:20 final 3A
22:13 transition into 4S3T, followed by moves until 4T-lo (not enough speed to complete the combo)
23:49 entry to 4Lo
24:26 apologizes to Deniss

25:36 popped 4lz (1lz)
25:51 stretching shoulders, checking hip alignment
26:50 4Lz landed on toe, struck landing, stepped out
27:43 preparing for RT with Brian (quickly)

28:44 SEIMEI RT (4Lz low landing and turn-out, 4lo fall, 3f tight landing, skipped spin, marked stsq // 4s3t, 4tlo3s, 4t hand down, 3a2t rippon, 3a, skipped flying sit spin, marked chsq, final combination spin)

34:23 power stroking to cool down after RT
35:24 speaking with Brian
35:55 taking off long-sleeved layer
36:18 laughter, animated explaining, then pointing at his own head

38:19 transition and entry to 4lo (marked jump)
39:28 putting jacket on
40:14 stroking
42:28 marking Lo and then Lz
43:06 bowing
43:43 shaking hands with Brian, nodding, exiting rink
43:58 bowing to the ice, pats it

2017.10.21 – Day 3 FS 6-min warm-up

0:25 - Pooh surgery by Brian and Kikuchi-san
1:55 - Ooh’s and aah’s at renewed SEIMEI costume
2:50 - Entering the rink (major, major sparkles!)
3:30 - Presentation
3:40 - Stroking
4:23 - 3A
4:57 - 4S3T
5:30 - 4TLo3S
6:33 - 4Lo
7:51 - 4Lz (two-hands down, fall), applauding someone
8:51 - popped 4Lz (1Lz)
9:11 - Asking Brian if he should go for another try or not
9:40 - Intentional 1Lz


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“Dav Pilkey, author and illustrator of award-winning and well-loved series such as Captain Underpants and Dog Man, has been promoting literacy and creativity in children over the last two decades. Pilkey – who is dyslexic and has ADHD – has always encouraged kids to follow their dreams. And his laugh-out-loud illustrations have inspired even the most reluctant readers. 

The second episode of “Talk With an Author,” a Facebook Live series offering families the opportunity to ask their favorite children’s book authors questions, will focus on Pilkey helping children believe in themselves through his books while overcoming his own learning challenges.”

Here are 70 reasons why KakaVege is totally a thing

•Vegeta had to have chose to be naked when showing up in Gokus dreams after he died. No one takes your clothes when you die. Either that or Goku hallucinated Vegeta as naked.

•Vegeta somehow pieces together that Goku is Kakarot and immediately holds off a giant fight to wait for him.

•In Super, they hold hands when instant transmitting, when Vegeta could’ve easily put his hand on Gokus shoulder.

•After instant transmitting Vegeta avoids eye contact with literally everyone and looks extremely embarrassed.

•Whenever an evil saiyan comes to earth and calls Goku Kakarot he gets angry, but when Vegeta does it’s okay because it’s Vegeta’s name for him. Like almost a pet name.

Keep reading

Bucky’s Troublemaker

Originally posted by little--batman

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x civilian!Reader

Content/Warnings: Humor; fluff

Words: 527

A/N: The Bucky request for everyone, as promised! I had fun writing this one and am pleased with how it turned out. It was a request from anon: 

Could you maybe a do a Bucky Barnes x Reader with 18 (slightly modified) 55, and 63 where the reader steals a dog and calls Bucky? I just read these three prompts together and thought about how funny it would be.

I hope you guys enjoy!

You couldn’t believe this. Of all the outrageous situations you had gotten yourself into, this one took the cake. You hadn’t meant to steal someone’s dog - you really hadn’t - but it was wandering around with a lost look so you had decided to take it until you could get in contact with its owner. Then the police showed up, you were hiding in an alleyway, and your boyfriend Bucky had just thought you had went out to pick up some brownie mix - which would explain his confusion when you called him.

“Whatcha need, doll?” He asked upon picking up the phone.

“Bucky,” You whispered, “I think I’m in trouble.

“What?” His voice instantly changed, steeped with worry. “What’s the matter?”

I stole a dog,” You squeaked. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought it was lost, but I guess someone saw me take it because the police are here and I’m just super freaked out and hiding in an alley.”

It was a solid minute before Bucky had stopped laughing long enough to actually speak. “I’m on my way,” He wheezed after you told him where you were.

You scowled and hung up the phone, staring down at the golden retriever that looked all too happy considering the trouble he had caused. “This is all your fault,” You hissed, and he tilted his head, opening his mouth in a doggish grin to pant. “How do I get myself into these messes?”

The dog gave no reply. You huffed, sitting down against the wall beside the dog, who nudged your hand in hopes of a petting. “Oh, fine,” You mumbled, rubbing him between the ears. The dog thumped its tail happily, blissfully unaware of the pure chaos it had caused with its previously lost-looking expression. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you back to your owner soon. I didn’t mean to steal you.”

“So you’ve said,” Bucky said, causing you to jump as he walked down the alley towards you, amusement written clearly on his face. “Hey doll.”

“Hey Bucky,” You sighed. “Dog, meet Bucky. Bucky, this is Dog.”

Bucky chuckled and shook his head as the dog stared up at him inquisitively before going back to butting your hand with his muzzle. “You just love causing trouble, don’t you?

“I swear I don’t mean for things like this to happen,” You exclaimed. “Now you’ve got a convict for a girlfriend.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” He said, shaking his head and pulling you to his feet. “We’ll just take it back, said we found it wandering around. Problem solved.”

“Oh,” You mumbled. “Yeah, I guess that would have worked.”

He laughed and pressed an affectionate kiss to your hairline. “What would you do without me?”

“Be arrested, probably,” You said with a grin.

“That sounds like my troublemaker,” He said with a smile, lacing his fingers with yours. You whistled for the dog, who obediently fell to following after the two of you. Bucky glanced back at the golden retriever with a crooked smile. “It is a cute dog, though. Maybe we should get one.”

“Are you kidding?” You asked with a snort. “Tony would have a stroke.”


Stephi @ramonasphotos @stephiramona and I posted last week that we wanted to challenge all of you out in tumblrtopia to try something different, to give Abstract photography a go.. So each month we will set out a new and exciting challenge, this month is oil on water!

In my photo, I used my partners ties as the colorful background, you can use ANYTHING! paper, fabric, well anything colorful. I use a 9x13 pyrex baking dish, or a glass flan pan.. The thing you need is distance between whatever you are using for the color and your water and oil (i add a drop of washing up dish liquid to the oil and water, it breaks up the oil a bit, but that is up to you). I use my 18/55 kit lens to shoot these, it allows me to get pretty close.. stir up the water and shoot away!

I have added a video that shows this process.. I don’t follow all of these things, I tend to wing it..

OK, so now it’s YOUR turn.. please add #abstract challenge as one of your first 5 tags and you can also tag Stephi and I to your post..