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  • Minuto 18: 55
  • Willy: Y una sandia.. Con pepitas de melon por ensima. ¿Sabes?
  • Vegetta: Pepitas de oro.
  • Willy: Pepitas de oro.
  • Vegetta: *Suspiro*
  • Willy y Vegetta: Vale.
  • Esto me mato!!
By the Fire

For the anon who requested Spencer Reid with 18 and 55 “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” “You did all of this for me?”

“My feet are about to fall off.” you whined, huddling into Spencer’s back, tugging slightly on his jacket like the motion might make the key turn in the lock quicker. “I call first shower!” Spencer laughed and you both fell into his apartment, the warm air smacking you in the face.

“Boots off, leave in the shoe bin.” He reminded you, brushing some of the snow from his hair before kneeling to unlace his boots. You laughed and leaned on the wall, kicking your soaked shoes off and into the bin he kept by the front door. You stood beside Spencer who was still struggling with his laces and smirked, running your fingers through your own hair, shaking your head and letting the snow fall from you to his exposed neck. Spencer yelped and almost toppled over, playfully swatting at your legs. “Go shower!”

“Fine! But I’m using all the hot water!” You grinned hanging your coat on a hook before skidding down the hallway to Spencer’s bedroom and his bathroom. Jumping into the shower and letting the hot water warm your freezing body. You took your time in the shower before hopping out and drying quickly. You tug through Spencer’s drawers finding a sweatshirt and a pair of extra pajamas bottoms you kept at his place.

You went to grab the comforter off the bed, planning on bringing it into the sitting room for extra warmth but the bed was bare. You frowned. That was odd, Spencer did laundry on Tuesday that was his thing. Today was Saturday.

“Spencer?” You called, shuffling down his hallway and back into the sitting room, “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” You froze in the entrance to the other room, mouth hanging open slightly.

“(Y/N)! That was a fast shower!” Spencer yelped standing up from his position on the ground, cheeks going slightly rosy, “I uh- it’s not.. Ready?” You shook your head coming forward and looking around in awe.

“Spence?” You whispered. While you were in the shower Spencer had started a small fire in the gas fireplace in the sitting room. He’d pulled all the blankets from his bed and even the extra ones from the closet into the middle of the floor making a large nest. The pillows were all stacked against the sofa making somewhere for you to lean on. He had the old record player that usually sat in the bottom of his closet out along with a stack of records that could easily have three inches of dust on them. There was a bottle of wine and a few empty glasses and Spencer was knelt in the middle of it all fiddling with the record player.

“(Y/N)?” He asked sounding worried, “Are you okay?” You laughed, nodding and coming around the sofa to really take it all in.

“You did all of this for me?” You asked, sitting down amongst the mess of blankets and putting Spencer’s hands from the machine to hold in your own.

“Of course.” Spencer grinned, squeezing your hands, “But I can’t get this stupid player to work. Last time I turned it on was probably years ago, and it still worked then, but I don’t know what the problem is, and I can’t find the directions.” You leaned over and cut him off with a quick kiss.

“Shush, Spence. It’s fine, it’s so much more then fine. It’s absolutely wonderful, and romantic, and lovely.” You grinned, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone. He grinned back at you and leaned in for another kiss.

“Sure?” He asked and you couldn’t help but laugh again.

“I’m sure. We can play music off my phone or something.” You promised, “Because as long as it’s us, it’s great. I love you.”

“I love you too.” You smiled and leaned in for one more long kiss before pulling back and ruffling Spencer’s hair.

“Now, open that bottle of wine.” Spencer chuckled and did what you asked and you grabbed your phone pulling up your music folder and hitting shuffle. You cuddled up by the fire for the rest of the night and talked and cuddled and stayed warm against the storm outside.

So today is the start of this long awaited week dedicated to one of my favourite ship ever ❤
I’m very pleased with what I did to be honest, there is still so much I want to change and make better, but overall I’m happy !
Also, I tried making the clothes and throne kind of historically accurate (from the same period, in the start of the 14th century)
So here it is.
It’s 18:55 here so I’m technically in time !!


In the snow

Yesterday it started snowing right before I had to head to class. It doesn’t snow very often here and when it does it usually doesn’t stick, so just in case I took my camera with me. By the time I left the uni it had turned into a proper snowstorm! Unfortunately it was already past 4 which means it was getting dark, but I decided to walk through the botanics for some photos anyway. I used long shutter speeds so I could keep my ISO low, allowing me to brighten them a bit in lightroom afterwards. I love this beautiful city, and even more so in the snow!
Shot in Glasgow, UK, with a Canon 600D and an 18-55mm lens.


APC-amphibious GMC T86, based on the M18 tank destroyer arrow
105 mm self-propelled howitzer of the T88
M18 “Superhellcat” with 90-mm gun M3 and the turret from the M36 “Jackson”
The T4 project – future armored М39
T65 flame tank, based on the M18 tank destroyer arrow
Armored Train “Kraina Express”
SO SAU 76 M18 in a number of other equipment. Visible specific grille
Croatian modification М18А2
Symbiosis tower M18 arrow and the chassis of T-55
The Taiwanese variant of the hybrid M18 arrow - Type 64

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